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Today we will talk about the film "Universalsoldier". Actors and roles are presented below. Speech about the film in 1992, which combines the genres of action movies, dramas and science fiction. Directed by Roland Emmerich.


universal soldiers actors
We will discuss the plot of the film "Universal Soldier". The actors are presented below. The picture tells how the dead soldiers are enlivened and used as a detachment. The group's goal is the fight against terrorism. The detachment consists of zombie soldiers. Warriors shoot Veronica Roberts - news correspondent. The journalist pursues a soldier under the number GR13. Her ally becomes GR44.

Key players

Luke Devro and Andrew Scott are the heroes of the movie "The Universal Soldier". Actors Jean-Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren performed these roles. Let's talk more about them.

Van Damme was born in the territory of the Belgianthe municipality of Sint-Agata Berchem. Occurs from the family of a flower saleswoman and an accountant. In Brussels he created his own sports school. The desire to play in the cinema made the future actor leave a prosperous business and go across the ocean - to America. He managed to work as a salesman in a store, a bouncer in a restaurant and a chauffeur. Constantly participated in the screen test. He starred in the movie "Do not give up and do not give up." After the success of the tape participated in the films "Bloody Sport", "Cyborg" and many others.

Dolph Lundgren is an actor who is popular throughoutworld. He was born in 1957, on November 3, in Stockholm. Dolph is the son of scientist-engineers. I was going to follow his father's steps - to become a chemical engineer. According to the actor, one day he accidentally came upon a book devoted to karate. She was incredibly interested. I signed up for a karate school. More seriously took up the study of Japanese martial art. At the age of fourteen he received a black belt. At seventeen - won the championship in Sweden. A year later reached the next peak. The future actor was awarded the title of Champion of Europe.

Ellie Walker played Veronica Roberts.

Other heroes

universal soldier actors and roles
Colonel Perry and Dr. Gregor - two memorable characters in the movie "Universal Soldier." Actors Ed O "Ross and D. Orbach performed these roles, and the second one will be discussed separately.

Jerry Orbach is an American film actor who was born in 1935, on October 20, in New York. He passed away in 2004, on December 28th.

Joanne Baron played Brenda. The soldier GR-76 and Whitsey also appear in the film "Universal Soldier". Actors R. Muller and Jack Moore performed these roles. Joseph Malone played Hugh. Eric Norris played the role of GR-61. S.Re played GR-61. L. Rippi played the role of Woodward.

Thomas Rosales Jr. played Wagner. This actor was born in El Paso.

Drew Snyder played the role of Charles.

John Storey played Clark.

Robert Trebor played the role of the owner of the motel.

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