We will solve the "Little Red Riding Hood": who wrote the fairy tale

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The famous fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood knowsabsolutely everyone else from early childhood. The instructive story of a little girl with whom an exciting adventure is taking place, intrigues more and more with each page of the book, dragging into a whirlpool of interesting events.

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All of us with pleasure read or listened (inperformance of mothers and grandmothers) the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood". Who wrote it, however, not everyone knows. It turns out that the true founder of the fairy tale is not easy to find.

The most popular version: the authorship of Charles Perrault

red cap who wrote a fairy tale
When children and adults hear the question: "Little Red Riding Hood" - who wrote a fairy tale? "Then the famous Charles Perrault immediately comes to mind. But is this really so?

Charles never mentioned himself asthe writer of fairy tales. His pen belonged to works, sustained in more serious genres. Fairy tales were written by his son Pierre. However, he had an unenviable reputation, and, perhaps, it was this that influenced the fact that the books were signed by his father's name. This was also promoted by commercial benefits - the works of the more famous author were sold out much faster. But Charles Perrault was a famous, rich and influential man of his era.

So it turns out that Charles Perrault did not write "RedIt's hard to answer who wrote, but you can not completely deny the authorship of Charles, he also has his own version, which exists to this day, in which the fairy tale ends tragically, but the world community decided that it would be more acceptable to leave Pierre's version, with a happy ending.

And in fact...

So who is the author really? "Little Red Riding Hood" was passed from mouth to mouth by many generations of different peoples and is an oral folk art. So everything is unexpected and simple.

The original version of the tale is differentcruelty and manifestation of cannibalism. For obvious reasons, this tale was redone, and this was first made by Charles Perrault. More acceptable for the child's psyche version quickly found their fans and became one of the favorites.

Of course, the version of Perrault is also different from that,which the Slavic peoples know. Turgenev, whose translation of the tale is the most popular, brought his own corrections, removed some scenes and transformed the tale so that it was most understandable for the kids.

The Tale of the Brothers Grimm

Many authors copied the "Little Red Riding Hood". Who wrote - it's hard to answer unequivocally. Known is one version of the Brothers Grimm.

In fact, the style of Grimm was somewhat different,than the one to which we are accustomed. A lot of everyday details and cruel scenes are missing in the usual fairy tales. Murder, violence and other elements, impermissible for children, we will not meet in "Little Red Riding Hood". However, in the original of the Brothers Grimm, they are present in full.

In Russian translations, Little Red Riding Hood carries a noble, innocent image of childish immediacy. What is essentially different from its original image.

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What does the tale teach?

Determine the true morals of the tale of RedThe cap is quite difficult. We are used to think that a fairy tale teaches that it is necessary to obey your parents and be careful with strangers. But there are other motives in other versions.

Charles Perrault wanted to convey to the reader thatshould be a serious person, observe the rules of decency. He condemned the windiness and frivolity. And also warned young girls about the need to be afraid of all kinds of seducers.

Everyone knows and likes the Red Riding Hood. Who wrote this tale - no longer matters. For us, there is now the only, most popular and acceptable version. There are no amoral scenes in it, and everything ends well. It is this option that is good - the best for any child.

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