How to draw a horse with a simple pencil

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If you like to draw with a pencil, butthe results, alas, are not impressive, then in this case it is necessary to be guided by step-by-step instructions. Detailed advice will tell you where to start and in what technique to draw is preferable. Of course, it will take practice. If you do not know how to draw a horse with a pencil, but there is a desire to learn, then in any case, follow the instructions below. It will help to create if not a true masterpiece, then certainly quite a decent picture. So, let's move from theory to practice.


We will draw a horse in motion toThe best way to show the muscles of this noble animal. It will be somewhat more complicated than the standard image of a horse. But this practice is much more effective. How to draw a horse in pencil step by step? We begin with the development of the sketch. He will help us outline the contours and proportions of the animal. We begin with the drawing of the ovals of the neck and the body itself. On the front, we represent an approximately equilateral triangle. Then follows a smooth transition to the oblong cylinder. He will later become the body of a horse. The croup is drawn in the form of a semicircle. At the bottom it can not be connected to the cylinder, since there will be a hind leg. The initial sketch is ready. You can move on.

How to draw a horse

Individual details

How to draw a horse in motion? To do this, we begin to depict the neck and upper muscles of the animal's hind legs. Everything must be powerful enough that the horse does not turn out to be too thin. Draw a neck wide and sinewy. To the beginning of the muzzle, it should somewhat narrow. The croup rises a little above the back. The neck line should not reach the bottom of the triangle somewhat. The left corner of this figure will move into the raised front leg. The other limb will remain straight. Lower parts of the legs will be painted later. Mark a line of slightly raised tail. Remember that it should not turn out short.

How to draw a horse in pencil

Finish drawing

We represent all the remaining parts of the animal's body. Before the final is not so far away. You
already practically answered the question of howdraw a horse with an ordinary pencil. Remember the main points. The muzzle of this animal has rounded convex cheeks and a finer finish. Hind legs bend in the opposite direction. The belly of the horse is bulging. The lower parts of the legs are much thinner than the upper ones. If you notice that the proportions somewhere are not quite right, then they can easily be adjusted with the eraser. Therefore, sketches are best done without strong pressure and with a hard pencil.

How to draw a horse in pencil step by step

How to draw a realistic horse? Of course, with the help of volume and shadows. This is done in separate strokes. The lower abdomen, the inner surface of the legs should turn out to be more dark. Also outline the cheekbones and croup better. The tail should be long and smooth, the end is uneven. Do not forget to reward your horse with large and expressive eyes, as well as small sharp ears. Pay attention to the muscles. How to draw a horse in motion correctly? Just select individual muscles from both sides with more saturated strokes. Then the muscles turn out to be quite tense and pronounced.

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