What is known Ilya Grigorenko? Biography of one of the sexiest participants of the project "Dom-2"

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On the project "Dom-2" the population changes often, butthe most interesting characters sometimes linger. This process resembles the sifting of gold, when the public leaves only real nuggets afloat. Ilya Grigorenko can be considered as such? The guy's biography is full of interesting details, but the main question remains: is it worth someone's attention? Why do they want to look at a guy? Is he so handsome? Interesting? What is the relationship with the girls?

Ilya Grigorenko biography

Model for the public

Each participant of the project has something to hook oneven at the casting. Ilya Grigorenko managed to do it. "House-2" he first visited in February 2014, but four months later the project left. This is a tall guy at 180 cm weighing 78 kg. Parameters are model. His native city is St. Petersburg. The young man came to the project at the age of 19, having a model school behind him. He walked purposefully to Tanya Kirilyuk, and immediately stated that the difference in his age did not bother him. Grigorenko tells stories from his biography when he met with girls 10 years older. In the card, the guy told that he does not like studying and prefer sports to higher education. In particular, Grigorenko is fond of hockey and American football.

Ilya Grigorenko house 2

On the project

A typical representative of the golden youth is IlyaGrigorenko. The biography of this guy can be called his spoiled female attention. On the project, he quickly entered the list of the most popular guys and made a sensation among the girls. Himself Grigorenko considers himself open, but in no case is not arrogant. The guy likes to get acquainted with the girls, but does not object to the initiative coming from them. He does not know how to get rid of the opposite sex, says that it is embarrassing for him to do it. Why did he aspire to "victory" over Tanya Kirilyuk? The answer is simple: Ilya considers her an effective girl, bright and therefore attractive. I want to see such a person nearby, but the atmosphere is extreme on the project, and I want to conquer there. In ordinary life, Grigorenko never met girls.

About visits

Where invites the girls Ilya Grigorenko?The biography of the guy on the project was enriched with many interesting visits, but Ilya would like to start serious relations on Krestovsky Island. In St. Petersburg this place seems to him the most beautiful. Grigorenko lives on Petrogradka, but dreams of moving. On the first date he would gladly go with the girl to feed the swans on the pond.

Appearance for a guy is not important, although notIt is excluded that he is cunning, because he chooses cute girls. Of serious hobbies, she remembers only two: one girl was with him before the project and one - at the show. Over the years, he has not changed his attitude to love. If the feeling is real, then nothing is impossible. Ideal girl Ilya, of course, adjusted as he grew up.

Ilya Grigorenko's girls

About relationships

How has Ilya Grigorenko changed?"House-2" helped him to realize himself as a man, although the hero can still judge life as a boy. For example, he is crazy about the red-headed vampire from the Twilight saga. For Grigorenko, the brightness of the girl, her sparkle is important. Always there should be a subject for conversation. Leading the project guy is also attracted, then the relationship they have friendly. In difficult situations, Olga Buzova helps out. Fans of the guy note the similarity of his mother and her chosen one. Ilya himself noted that the characters of his beloved women are similar. But is it a happy sign? Will Ilya Grigorenko be happy with Tanya? The biography of the girl is quite shocking. Kiriluk manages to spread photos in the style of "nude", rest on the islands and even rush to Ilya with his fists. Parents respected the son's passion and did not say anything against it. Dad, however, spoke of the potential daughter-in-law negatively, but did not impose his will. A long time to endure a dubious girl Grigorenko's family did not have to, the couple broke up.

Parents of the guy are quite wealthy people;father works abroad. There is information that Grigorenko's parents are now divorced. In the family there is also Sister Polina. Ilya is a calm and balanced person. He achieves the set goals, although he thinks somewhat down to earth. His dreams so far are mostly material: Ilya wants a yacht, a lot of money and a beautiful girl. While he is actively going to the dream, before the project worked as a model, participated in the show in Milan. After parting with Kirilyuk Ilya began to build relationships with Alena Ashmarina, who, by the way, is also older than a guy, and almost for 10 years. After a while, the couple left the project. A few weeks of the stormy romance behind the perimeter, and Ilya returned to "Dom-2", saying that it was over. True, there are suspicions that this is a PR, because Ashmarin returned after. Young people again came together and even drove into separate apartments, then to part with the scandal. From time to time they met with other people. Ilya seriously became interested in Alexandra Gozias and was with her in relations until November 2015. It turned out that Alain Ashmarin was waiting for him around the perimeter, which actively communicates with the boy's relatives.

how old is Ilya Grigorenko

About girls in general

Youth is not a hindrance to relations.And the girls who are interested in how many years Ilya Grigorenko think so. The guy in fact planned to marry till 25 years though the father advises him to refuse plans and to have a good time while there is an opportunity. Many girls on the project Ilya like, and his hot relationship with Kiriluk often interrupted due to quarrels. Then Ilya pays attention to other beautiful ladies. For a while, Grigorenko admired the beauty of Catherine Holtzman, then sympathized with Anna Kudimova. Ilya was always giving out advances, but then he always returned to his Tanya. Is this windiness or is it still love? Ilya Grigorenko's girls are beautiful and bright, but always a little difficult for him. For example, in the autumn of 2014, a married couple was interested in the married Alian Gobozov, who at that time was preparing for a divorce with her husband Alexander. Flirting was mutual, but soon Ilya backed up, confessing that he hurried with sympathy and in love counted the friendship. Alena Ashmarina also has a little daughter, which, however, does not prevent the pair from building a relationship.

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