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Today we will tell you who Yegor Sesarev is. His biography will be discussed in detail later. It's about starting a performer and a musician. He said about himself at the contest "New Wave". He became the owner of the spectator prize. The country saw him as a participant in the TV show "The Voice".


Egor Sesarev
Yegor Sesarev was born in Norilsk. His music interested him since childhood. He studied at the art school. Chose the game on an electric guitar. After graduation I went to St. Petersburg. I entered the Humanities Institute of Trade Unions. I chose the faculty of sound engineering.

Musical groups

Yegor Sesarev has created in the student's periodthe first music group. The staff was called True Jazz. This project has achieved fame in St. Petersburg. Our hero, together with his friends, musicians were often invited to various venues. They played the compositions of Ray Charles and Elvis Presley. Yegor Sesarev participated in various projects during the student's period. Among them is the "Atmosphere" show. Acted on the traditional holidays of graduates, who are called "Scarlet Sails".


Egor Sesarev biography
Yegor Sesarev in 2010 took part in thecompetition "New Wave". The final of this event was held in Jurmala. It was there that our hero went after the qualifying rounds. The musician got to the finals and became the winner of the audience's sympathy prize. A successful performance helped our hero to establish himself on the big stage. Domestic celebrities from the music world appreciated the young performer. After the contest "New Wave" the artist continued his work. He released the first clip for the song With You. On the Internet this work deserved approval. This position allowed the song to easily be on the radio and television. Before arriving in Russia, rock bands One Republic announced a contest, which was supposed to determine the musician, who was opening the band. The victory was won by our hero.

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