"From the cradle to the grave." Actors, a summary of the film

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Today we will talk about the film "From Cradle tograves ". Represented in it actors. "From the cradle to the grave" - ​​an American thriller, created by Andrzej Bartkovyak. The world premiere took place in 2003.


actors from cradle to grave
First, we discuss the plot of the picture,the actors who played it were represented. "From the cradle to the grave" is a film whose main character is Tony Faith. Together with his gang, he kidnaps a batch of diamonds that turn out to be synthetic plutonium. As a result, they have an enemy, Yao Lin. The latter takes the diamonds and abducts Fait's daughter. This leads to a partnership between the protagonist and Su-intelligence agent. An exciting adventure begins, whose goal is to return her daughter, as well as diamonds, before Lin sells them to terrorists.

Key players

Next are the actors who starred. "From the cradle to the grave" is a film in which the main actors are Su and Anthony Faith. Jet Li and DMX embodied these images. Let's talk more about the first one.

Jet Li is a Singaporean film actor. He received Hong Kong in the category "Best Actor" for his part in the film "Generals", where he appeared in the image of the general. He was born in Beijing in 1963, on April 26. He was the youngest of two brothers and the same number of sisters. When the boy was two years old, his father died. I went to school at the age of 8. In his class was the eldest. Teachers liked him. Often helped to conduct lessons in physical education. After the first class of the future actor for the summer with other students sent to a sports camp. There he set about studying Wushu. Later admitted that the section got by accident. Only Li was strongly advised to continue to learn wushu in the future. His training became daily. After several stages of selection, he became a participant of the national championship for Wushu, won the "Best Master" award. He was released from school and most of the time he began to spend in the gym, honing his skills.

Anthony Anderson turned into Tommy.

Other heroes

the film's actors from the cradle to the grave
The following are the supporting roles of the second planactors. "From the cradle to the grave" is a film in which there is a character called Sona. Kelly Hu performed this role. Tom Arnold appeared in the picture as Archie. The actors of the film "From the cradle to the grave": M. Dakaskos and G. Union played Yao Lin and Darius. Michael Jays played the role of Odion. Drag-On reincarnated in Mills. Paige Hurd played Vanessa. Paolo Seganti played the role of Christophe. Johnny Nguyen appeared in the film as Yao Ling. M. Klebba embodied the image of the leader announcing battles.

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