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Chanson is considered one of the directions mostclose to the people. Pavel Borodin is one of the little-known, but very promising artists. He achieved success as an arranger, but decided to start his own solo career in order to be able to perform before the fans.


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The performer was born in the Samara region, namelyin the city of Kuibyshev in late May 1968. Since childhood, the changeable nature of his zodiacal sign (Gemini) has inclined him to composing music, then to performing it. The only thing he was loyal to is music. Perhaps this was influenced by the artist's family - his father is the best trumpet player in the city. Since childhood, Paul was raised as his father's future successor, but he decided to follow another creative path - he began to build his own career, not using ties and the glory of an eminent parent.

The first instrument was drums - he was from twofor years kept wands in hands. At the age of seven, he enrolled in a music school, where he learned to play the trumpet (he followed in the footsteps of his father). At the age of 15 Pavel Borodin continued his studies at the school, after which he became the conductor of the folk orchestra. However, the most favorite instrument for him is still the drums, which did not really appeal to his father. He dealt with the best drummers of the city in order to hone their skills.

The first steps in creativity

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At the age of 17 Pavel Borodin got a jobin Kuibyshev Philharmonic, but he worked there in the ensemble "Diva Color" he did not last long - the youth was taken into the army. Urgent service he spent in a military orchestra. After the army, the young musician decided to try himself on the professional stage. His first job was the production center "Blue Bird" (his main project was the VIA with the same name), which at that time was run by Robert and Michael Swamp.

Later Pavel Borodin took part in the recordingplates of the group "Lyceum", where he performed as one of the soloists. His dream was helped to realize the Swamp, it happened in 1991. Later he performed with famous bands and performers, among which you can especially highlight Yuri Loza and, of course, VIA "Blue Bird". Later, he professionally engaged in arranging in Moscow studios "R-sound" and "Fish Sound".

Solo project and VIA "April"

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So, we learned how Paul succeeded in achieving successBorodin. His biography proves that it is possible to become recognizable in the musical environment, if one relies on professional qualities and diligence. At the beginning of the two thousandth actor realized that it was time for him to grow as a professional and creative personality, that's why he opens his own studio and at the same time prepares material for his own solo albums. He completely does all the work himself - he writes words and music, composes compositions and arranges.

However, without musicians, he could not haveto be concerts. Therefore Pavel Borodin (photo above) gathered the ensemble "April", which included the best musicians of Samara. Today, the web is distributed by his album "Stolen Love", which received high marks not only from men, but also from women. Representatives of the fair sex compare Paul with another famous chanson - Stas Mikhailov.

The first samples of his work were mostlyamateur - he recorded songs and put them on the Internet to the public. After a while, Pavel's work received an unexpected response - on his composition, fans began to make their own clips. In response, the performer began to work more actively and prepare new compositions.

What the performer is doing now

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At present, the collective "April" is concertson the Samara region and is preparing a new concert program. Pavel Borodin is a performer who independently writes songs for himself, so most of the time, free from performances, the musicians spend in the studio. One of the last tracks that were brought down in the studio was "When you're gone". This song has a rich history. Her Paul wrote 20 years ago, but for a long time there was no time to make a better studio version.

Also VIA "April" more than once played in national teamsconcerts, which organized in Samara radio "Chanson". The collective has its listeners and fans. At many venues, they have been gathering full rooms for years. This is due to the fact that there are no thieves in his compositions, they listen easily and are suitable for different situations.

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