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Like most other Russian actors,for Sergei Gorobchenko, the way to the cinema passed through the theater. But, unlike the artists who knew from childhood what they wanted to be, Sergei hesitated for a long time and looked for himself. Actor Sergei Gorobchenko, whose biography will be briefly outlined in this article, fell in love with many television viewers. Now he does not represent his life without a scene and cameras.

biography of Sergey Gorobchenko

The childhood of the artist and the choice of profession

The future actor saw the light in 1972, on July 29, inthe city of Severouralsk, in the family of ordinary workers. At school I studied at "4", I liked sports more, I was engaged in volleyball. I attended a music school, but under the strict control of my parents, since I had no desire to go there myself.

After graduation at school, Sergei wanted to tie uphis student life with the Moscow Energy Institute, but then decided to hand over the documents to the Mining Institute (St. Petersburg). I studied there for a year and a half and realized that I was not doing my own thing, I remembered an unloved music school and madly wanted to go back to the stage.

sergey gorobchenko biography

Biography of Sergei Gorobchenko: on the road to success

The mining institute Sergey has thrown and with shine has handed overentrance exam at LGITMIK, after reading a dramatic excerpt from Leo Tolstoy's "Anna Karenina." In parallel with his studies, Gorobchenko studied music and tried to record his first music album, but there was not enough money to live, let alone develop. And then he went to work as a dancer in one of the nightclubs in St. Petersburg. Biography Sergei Gorobchenko in the movie did not start right after the institute, for a while he worked only on the stage of the theater, first to them. Akimov, then the Lenkom. In his first movie, he immediately won a major role - he played the salesman of Anton Gorokhov's shoes in "Bootmaker". Then there was a role in Kamenskaya. But the real success came to him later.

Biography of Sergei Gorobchenko: people's favorite Petya Rama

The actor did not immediately decide to accept the offerstarring in "Boomer", but when I read the script, I realized that the movie would be worthwhile. And the hard work began from morning till night. During the filming of the "Boomer" Gorobchenko decided to leave the "Lenkom", because he felt that he could not work on two fronts in full force. He chose a movie and was not mistaken. For the role of bandit Petit Rama, the actor was nominated for the Best Male Role Award.

Sergei Gorobchenko: biography of the universal actor

actor sergey gorobchenko biography

It seemed that Sergei grew up with the role of bandit, andall of his subsequent work the viewer will compare with this success. But he used to live here and now, and even such a big victory easily left behind. Today, the actor selflessly works for the joy of his fans in a variety of roles - from a young policeman on a motor scooter in the movie "Moscow. Central District "to the Moscow gigolo in the eponymous film. The creative biography of Sergey Gorobchenko was replenished with roles such as private detective Bob Utochkin in the film "The Enamored Agent. Do not give up hope, maestro! ", Choreographer in" Gypsy girl with an exit ", producer in" Kvartirantke ", Mitya Karamazov in" Brothers Karamazov "by Dostoevsky. And this is not the whole list.

Biography of Sergei Gorobchenko: personal life

In the second year of the institute, the actor marriedclassmate Alexandra Florinskaya, but soon they parted. For a while Sergei was alone, but in 2008 he met a new love for Pauline Nevzorov, with whom he lives in a marriage to the present. The actor has four sons: Gleb - from the first marriage, Alexander, Peter, Ivan - from the second. Today the actor works a lot, loves his profession and is ready to please his fans with new successes.

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