How to draw a lightning with a pencil and using a computer editor?

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Often children who do not yet know how to portraypaper is what they want, they ask parents to do it. What if the child asks for a thunderstorm? First of all, he wants to see on the paper sheet a lightning and menacing heavy clouds. This article will teach you how to draw a lightning, a cloud, a thunderstorm with a pencil.

Drawing a cloud with a simple pencil

First, prepare the workplace. Take a blank sheet of paper and a simple pencil (better sharpened).

how to draw a lightning
In the middle of the sheet, sketch outline of the oval - thisthe future storm cloud. If you can not draw the oval on your own, do it this way. Vertical and horizontal lines divide the sheet in half, you will get a cross. Now round this figure, there will be an oval. Now on the borders of the silhouette accurately depict the edges of the cloud. They should resemble lamb. The distance between the roundness of the cloud is about one centimeter. You will have a voluminous storm cloud.

How to draw a lightning bolt?

Now that the cloud is ready, it's timeto depict the lightning emerging from it. This is easy to do - from the bottom of the cloud put on the paper a few broken lines (for sure everyone knows how the lightning looks). Now next to each of the lines, draw along a parallel line, so that their ends converge at the bottom. You will have a great, lightning-pleasing baby. Now it's time to complete the picture - decorate the cloud. This can be done with the help of light wavy and semicircular lines inside the cloud. Now you and your child know how to draw a lightning with a pencil. If you want, add color or darker shading in the drawing with a simple pencil.

to draw in stages with a pencil
Such a lightning and a cloud can become both a separate drawing and an element of an interesting landscape.

How to draw a zipper on a computer?

Many people tried to catch a lightning bolt in the frame, butit is not very easy to do this. Photos of thunder and lightning look mysterious, mesmerizing and very beautiful. It is possible to draw a lightning with the help of the most ordinary "Photoshop". How to do it?

  • First you need to find a photo for the basics. The sky on it should be gloomy, gray, well, if there are heavy clouds. Open the photo through the Photoshop editor.
  • Create a new layer.
  • Open the "Tools". Select the Rectangular Area button. With this tool, select a wide area on the new layer.
  • Fill this area with a gradient. Do it neatly, as the fill is an important step in the work. From how you make a fill gradient, the appearance of the future lightning depends.

lightning in the sky

  • In the "Filter" menu, find the "Rendering" submenu. There click on the button named "Clouds with overlapping".
  • Then in the "Images" - "Correction" menu, click the "Invert" button. After completing this action, you will get a lightning bolt of white color.
  • Move the flags to appear, watching the lightning change.

We continue to draw lightning in the editor

Lightning in the sky, drawn with the help of the editor, looks quite like real. We continue to learn how to draw it.

  • Again go to the "Images" menu, click the "Color Background" button. Then click the "Toning" button. Try different variations of colors, suitable for you.
  • Hold down the Ctrl + T keys on the keyboard and reduce the zipper to the desired size, while holding down the Shift key. This will preserve the proportions.
  • Change the mode to "Replace with light".
  • Find the "Clarifier" tool. With its help you need to illuminate the place where the lightning is directed. Point the instrument at the desired location and drag it with your mouse. Do not release the mouse button.

Now you know how to draw a lightning with a simple pencil on paper, and also learned how to paint a thunderstorm with the help of a computer editor. This is very interesting for both children and adults.

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