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Biography of Alena Sviridova is still interested inmany fans. Around the singer full of rumors about the "interesting" situation and a new marriage. The article contains only true information about the star of the Russian stage.

Biography of alyona sviridova

Alena Sviridova: biography

Famous singer was born on August 141962. Her native city is Kerch (the Republic of Crimea). In the Sviridov family there were never any artists. My father worked as a military pilot, and my mother worked at a local radio station. Soon the family moved to the Krasnodar Territory. But even there the Sviridovs did not stay long. By the nature of their father's activities, they had to go to Minsk.

Alena Sviridova, whose biography is today by usis considered, spent the whole summer with my grandmother in the sunny Crimea. She went to school in Minsk. In the same place, our heroine entered the university, having chosen the music and pedagogical faculty. In parallel with her studies, Alena was in charge of the vocal studio.

Alena Sviridova biography


When did the general public learn about whosinger Alena Sviridova? Her biography as a solo artist began after graduation. The girl recorded several songs and started their broadcast on Minsk radio. The listeners were delighted with her works. Many even began to say that a new star appeared on the stage - Alena Sviridova. Biography, the year of birth and the marital status of the singer - all this aroused great interest.

Later the songs, broadcast on the radio,the basis of the author's repertoire. Variety performance gave Alena incredible pleasure. But she was always ready to try herself in a new field. Soon she had the opportunity. At first our heroine got the post of accompanist. Then she was invited to work as an actress in the Drama Theater. Gorky. The director approved Alain for the role of Alkmen in the production of Moliere's "Amphitryon." Sviridov gained fame in narrow circles, as well as a stable income. However, she did not intend to stop there. The girl dreamed of a big stage.


Biography of Alena Sviridova as a professionalThe artist started in 1993. It was then that the debut album was recorded. This was done with the help of producer Yuri Ripyakh, who noticed Sviridova's talent and invited her to Moscow. In the capital, she had no acquaintances or friends. To join Russian show business Alena was helped by the writer-satirist Arkady Arkanov.

Singer Alena Sviridova biography

The beginning singer from Minsk spoke onfestival "Song-93". She sang the song "It's Just Winter's End." The star jury appreciated the external and vocal data of the girl. Biography of Alena Sviridova indicates that she participated in many competitions and did not remain unnoticed.

After the release of the clip "Pink Flamingo"our heroine woke up famous. On the street people of different ages approached her and asked for an autograph. At these moments, Alena understood what popularity meant.

In 1998, the singer took part in the filmingmusical "Bureau of Happiness". Her colleagues on the court were Gurchenko and Mikhailov. At the same time, a new video for their joint song with Valery Leontiev appeared on the screens.

In the period from 1998 to 2002, our heroine continued to write songs, act in clips and go on tour. Not everyone knows that she twice visited the cover of the magazine Playboy.

Career development

In 2002, Sviridova collaborated with AndreyMakarevich. In the duet they released a compilation of songs of their own compositions, as well as remixes for world hits. In the same year, Alena was enrolled in the Writers' Union of Russia.

Once our heroine decided to try herself innew sphere. It's about television. She was appointed the host show "Harem", which was filmed in Kenya. The President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, also noted the merits of Sviridovo. Thanks to this, the singer quickly received Russian citizenship.

2004 was a landmark year for Alena. After all, it was then she was awarded the title of "Honored Artist of the Russian Federation". The corresponding award was presented by the Minister of Culture Alexander Sokolov.

Sviridova continued to engage in creativity. In early 2008 she toured the country with a large-scale musical show. The listeners were satisfied. Even the avid critics could not say anything bad about the organization of the show.

Recently Alena Sviridova participated in the program "One to One", where she demonstrated her parodic talent. Each issue she surprised the star jury and her devoted fans.

Personal life

Biography of Alena Sviridova indicates that the singer was married 4 times. The first her husband was Sergei Sviridov. Strong marriage did not work out. In memory of her husband, Alena left his name and a joint child. Now the son Vasily is already an adult. He lives in Canada with his father.

In 1998, the singer married the American Ambassador Henry Peacock. They adored each other. But their happiness did not last long. Most likely, the reason for the divorce was different mentality.

Since 2003, Sviridova lived with a young mannequinDmitry Miroshnichenko. They both did not want to formalize relations. In 2004 the couple had a son Grigory. The young father was shining with happiness. But in 2007 Dmitry and Alena parted ways, keeping friendly relations.

Alena sviridova biography year of birth

And again the wedding

In 2012, Sviridova presented the publicnew chevalier. He was an Armenian businessman David Vardanyan. Despite the difference of 14 years (he is younger), they managed to build a strong relationship. Not so long ago they officially married. Only friends and relatives from both sides attended the celebration. The singer deliberately did not devote to this print media, especially the yellow press.

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