"Sportloto-82": actors and roles. Another sparked comedy by Gaidai

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Merry movie L. Gaidai about how greedy people were chasing a winning lotto ticket, which they do not even own, went to the Soviet screens in 1982 and immediately won the audience. Sparkiness, lightness, truthfulness - these are the main merits of the comedy "Sportloto-82". The actors who played in this film - who they are and what roles did they get? Let's understand.

"Sportloto-82": actors - the main actors

82 sports actors
The role of good-natured and sincere Kostya Gaydaientrusted the Soviet actor of Lithuanian origin Algis Arlauskas. For spectators this young man was already well-known for the roles of Sergei in "Take care of women" and Volodya Cheremin in "The Young Fleet's Jung".

Kostya is a clearly expressed positive hero and, probably, the only person who unselfishly helps the real winner of the "lucky" ticket to get his money.

In the role of the winner of the lottery actressSvetlana Amanova. Her heroine Tatiana refers to her winnings as a fun adventure. And sometimes it becomes absolutely all the same to her whether she will get the money from Sportloto-82.

the film actors sportloto 82
Actors, embodied on the screens images of crooks andspeculators - this is well known to all Mikhail Pugovkin and Mikhail Kokshenov. It is the characters of these actors - San Sanych Murashko and Stepan - who are building all sorts of machinations around Tatyana, trying to get her winnings.

The actors of the movie "Sportloto 82": episodes

A small role went to the film Nina Grebeshkova ("12 chairs", "Can not be"), which played aunt Kostya from Yuzhnogorsk - Claudia Antonovna.

His talent flashed and Borislav Brondukov incomedy "Sportloto-82": actors Brondukov and Louise Mosendz played the owners of the camp "Eagle's Shelter", who also help Kostik, Tatyana and her fiancé Paul find the ill-fated lottery ticket.

Actor Denis Kmit acted as the groom of the main character, on account of which he participated in only 4 films: "Gypsy" (1967), "Sportloto-82", "Ka-ka-do" (1992) and "Turn of the key" (1999).

Also in the episodes were cast such actors as Andrei Tolshin, Sergei Filippov and others.

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