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It's no secret that today AnastasiaMelnikova is a successful woman, who is in demand not only in the acting profession, but also in politics. However, the path to fame was thorny, however, like all people of creative professions. However, she managed to overcome all life's difficulties and become what she became.

Years of Youth

Anastasia Melnikova

The future celebrity was born in Leningrad on October 28, 1971. Her parents were talented doctors: the father is a surgeon, and the mother is a gynecologist-oncologist. It would seem that Nastya continues the dynasty.

So who is she - Anastasia Melnikova, biographywhich was not at all what her parents wanted? They hoped that their daughter would also treat people. However, in the years of her youth, the girl dreamed of the profession of a ballerina. Subsequently, many years later, in 1995, she managed to realize her dream, but only on the stage of the set: she will play in the film "Mania of Giselle".

So, Anastasia Melnikova.Her biography is notable in the first place because her parents did not object to their daughter practicing ballet. At the age of 5, the girl was taken to a famous example of the Mariinsky Theater Nonne Yastrebova, who refused to develop Nastya's talent because of the "wrong pelvis", despite the fact that she had it.

Admission to a theatrical high school

After receiving the certificate of completion of secondaryschool Anastasia Melnikova files documents for the acting department of the Leningrad Institute of Theater, Music and Cinema. She successfully passes the exams and becomes a student. Teachers, who worked with the course of Benjamin Filshtinsky, where Anastasia Melnikova got to, noted that the girl definitely has a talent for acting. After graduation, she worked for some time in the troupe of the theater named after VF Komissarzhevskaya, and then decided to leave for the US and for some time left her native country. In America, Anastasia Melnikova earned by acting in musicals on Broadway.

Actress Anastasia Melnikova

Personal life

Upon returning to her homeland, Anastasia Melnikova is engaged in the arrangement of her personal life. She becomes the wife of the honored cultural figure Vyacheslav Telny.

It should be noted that the husband did not want Anastasia Melnikova to spend much time shooting in the movies, and preferred that the actress deal exclusively with domestic affairs.

"Everything happens according to the standard scenario of life:at first women are loved as they are, and after official marriage the man begins to dictate his conditions. One of them sounded as follows: "Either I, or work", - notes actress Anastasia Melnikova. The spouse did everything possible to ensure that she was not offered roles. And in the end she resigned herself. Anastasia avoided family quarrels in every way, because she, in her own words, had a conservative understanding of what a "social cell" was. She believed that you need to sacrifice everything for the sake of the family. She began to pay more attention to housekeeping, sat down for a thesis on the theme of American musicals. So three years passed, and she suddenly realized that their marriage would sooner or later fall apart, so she herself offered Telnov to part.

Successes in the actor's field

Anastasia Melnikova biography

After the divorce, Nastya decided to reach the heightsin the career of the film actress. Work in the series "Cops", where she brilliantly played investigator Abdulova, made her a celebrity. Initially it was planned that the role of Anastasia would be episodic, but the demonstrated talent of the actress convinced the writers that the "female storyline" should be developed. For a few episodes the viewer began to understand that the collective of "cops" without investigator Abdulova was incomplete. Filming in this series and in "The Streets of Broken Lights" stretched out for several years.

It should be noted that Anastasia Melnikova, whose filmography has dozens of roles in the cinema, once admitted: she does not imagine life without her profession.

For a dream, it takes only 4 hours, everything elsetime she tours, plays in the theater and is shot in the movies. Even his daughter Masha Anastasia gave birth, participating in the series "Opera. Chronicles of the slaughter department. " After the birth, she hurried to continue shooting, as the actress herself claims. Information about who is the father of her offspring, the artist does not want to report yet.

Today the work schedule of Anastasia MelnikovaIt is painted by minutes. She is involved in the paintings "The Secret Commission" (the role of the investigator), "Sonka the Golden Hand" (the role of the convict), "The Case of Kukotsky" (the role of Irina Ivanovna Eliseeva).

Anastasia Melnikova

Work in politics

Today Anastasia Melnikova, private lifewhich has not yet formed, because the heart of the actress is free, actively participates in the political life of her native city. For two and a half years she has been a member of the Legislative Assembly of the northern capital, representing the party "United Russia" in the city parliament. She also serves as assistant to the head of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science.

Rumors about the wealth of the actress are greatly exaggerated

It's not the first year that Russian media have been writing thatactress Anastasia Melnikova is incredibly rich. As if she owned the family diamonds that she inherited, and the owner of luxury residential apartments in St. Petersburg.

Anastasia Melnikova personal life

To such information, the actress treats with humorand irony. According to her, she does not possess any rich inheritance, in spite of the fact that she does have some family jewelry. She is used to earning her own living and does not depend on anyone. As Melnikova says, she herself is able to provide a worthy future for her daughter. There are rumors that she allegedly has her own legal office. In response, the actress officially stated that this is a pure lie. Yes, she has her own lawyer, since she is not competent in financial matters.

In general, Anastasia does not like to talk aboutmoney. She does not sign any financial documents until the lawyer examines it. She bought her spacious apartments exclusively with her own money, which she received for her work in the cinema and entertainments. In this life, in her opinion, one needs to rely only on herself.

In 2007, a talented actress was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Now the meaning of her existence Anastasia Melnikova sees in caring for her mother and daughter, because she understands that only these two people can really love her.

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