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Varia Tretyakova is well remembered by the audienceteleproject "Dom-2". There are still a lot of rumors about her. The girl often visits the "Olympus" program, gives advice and guidance to new participants. The only question arises - why does a girl with an ideal appearance still can not build a strong relationship? About this and talk in the article.

Project "Dom-2" as an initial step to success

The way to the "House-2" project for Vary was not smooth.Arriving at the frontal place, she was behind the gate, as the participants left her opponent in the show. But the organizers decided differently and the next day Tretyakov was returned to the clearing. It is worth noting that the name Varya - not native to the girl. In fact, her name is Valentina. A pseudonym young beauty took specifically for television.

Varya Tretyakova immediately began to build relationships.Her sympathy fell on two strong and handsome men: Samsonov and Zadoynov. The girl could not, and maybe did not want to decide and make a choice. As a result, she gave a chance to Alexander. Zadoynov paid Vary maximum attention, but relations did not work out.

Next in line was Oleg Miami. Love with this guy started with passion. But ended up with a wedding could not. Excessive jealousy, mistrust, scandals and quarrels destroyed, it would seem, a strong alliance.

Who is Varya Tretyakova?"House-2" showed that this is not a simple girl. She used to do everything with her own labor. For a beauty relationship is important, she is looking for sincere love, but for some reason the girl has not met her prince until now. Maybe time has not come yet.

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Childhood fears

To understand the question of why VaryaTretyakov can not build a strong relationship, a well-known psychologist was invited, who was trying to find out the reason. It was banal - children's injuries. When the girl was still a child, there was a situation that emerges in the memory of Wari to this day.

Mom, having laid her to sleep in a country house, went to her neighbor. But the child suddenly woke up and was afraid of the dark. There was a man in the house, but he could not calm the baby.

The psychologist assures, what exactly this situation leaves an imprint on relations of the girl with an opposite floor. Varya is afraid of loneliness, but she can not let a man in and trust him completely.

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Samples at the cinema

In 2013, a film appeared on the screens, in whichthe girl played an episodic role. Varya in the script wife of a rich man, who later changes him with a young handsome. Despite the fact that the scenes with Barbara occupy a total of 4 minutes, the experience of the girl was colossal. Work in tandem with Nagiyev, Kryukov, Tair - a great responsibility.

Varya Tretyakova is a young girl with a bright appearance. Its paradox is that, like a kite, it is ready to defend its relations, but at the same time it destroys everything with a bad character.

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