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The fate of one of the greatest pianists of Russia in the FaithVasilyevna Gornostayeva was predestined from birth. Having appeared on the International Day of Music, she devoted her entire life to this beautiful art form. Today, when Vera Vasilyevna is no longer alive, I want to once again remember her biography.

Childhood and youth

Vera Gornostayeva was born in Moscow on October 1, 1929in the family of a pianist and an engineer-economist. When the girl was 7 years old, her parents gave her to a music school opened on the basis of the Moscow Conservatory. The girl's pedagogue was E. Nikolaeva. After the end (in 1947) of the music school, young Vera entered the Moscow Conservatory in class to the outstanding pianist Heinrich Neuhaus. The student was so impressed with the talent of his teacher that he always spoke of her as "a unique treasure." After graduating from the conservatory, Vera Vasilyevna entered postgraduate studies, where she studied from 1952 to 1955.


The famous pianist preferred the concertpedagogical activity. The first place of her work was the Children's Music School, located in the Sverdlovsk district of the capital. Here she worked for a year after graduating from the conservatory (from 1952 to 1953). Then followed the teaching activities at the Musical Pedagogical Institute. Gnesin, in which Vera Vasilievna Gornostayeva taught students to play the piano for five years.

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Already in those days, her colleagues noted that the younga woman has a broad outlook that allows her to see the prospect of developing talent in each individual student. She was foretold the title of one of the best music teachers in the country, and she justified this expectation. For more than 60 years of teaching, the woman has trained many talented pianists, including Marat Gubaidullin, Ivo Pogorelich, Alexander Slobodyanik, Pavel Egorov, Irina Chukovskaya, and so on.

In 1959 Vera Gornostayeva, whose biographyis considered in this publication, came to work at the department of a special piano in his alma mater - the Moscow Conservatory. In this school, besides her mother also once studied. From this moment until the end of life, the pedagogical activity of the pianist will take place within the walls of this educational institution. In 1963, Vera Vasilievna became her assistant professor, and six years later (in 1969) - a professor.

National recognition

Gornostayeva traveled around the world withtheir master classes, and everywhere they passed with great success. Her name was well known in Germany, Great Britain, Switzerland, France, USA, Italy. In Japan, the pianist's lessons were even broadcast on the central television, and she wrote a book about herself.

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The method of teaching Gornostayeva was soprogressive, that the woman was offered work in the best musical universities of the planet. But Vera Vasilyevna categorically refused to leave the educational institution that had become her home. She stated that she would never leave the conservatory, along the corridors of which there were such great Russian composers as Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff and Scriabin.

Concert, television and publishing activities

In 1953 in the concert hall of the Moscowconservatory the first large performance of Gornostayeva was held. Two years later, Vera Vasilievna was hired by the soloist of the Moscow Concert. In 1956, the talented pianist became the laureate and the recipient of the II Prize at the International Competition held in Prague. Since 1988, Gornostayeva - soloist of the Moscow Academic Philharmonic. In the same year she was awarded the title People's Artist of the RSFSR.

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In the Soviet Union, Vera Vasilievna Gornostayevawas known not only as a pianist and a teacher, but also as a TV presenter. She was conducting an "Open Piano" program, dedicated to classical music. In it, the woman played classical works and told the audience about the composers. In addition, Gornostayeva owns a lot of publications about famous musicians: S. Richter, Y. Bashmet, M. Pletnev, as well as his favorite teacher G. Neuhaus. In 1991, she published a book called "2 hours after the concert."

Personal life

Vera Gornostaeva was married to the physicist VadimKnorre (son of the famous Soviet scientist and writer George Knorre). In a marriage with him, she had a daughter, Xenia, who in the footsteps of her mother in 1953 became a famous pianist. Vera Vasilyevna has two adult grandchildren: Lika Kremer (a famous actress and TV presenter) and Lucas Geniusas (musician).

The Last Months of Life and Death

In October 2014 in the Moscow Conservatorythe ceremonial parade-festival "Relay of Faith", dedicated to the 85th anniversary of Gornostaev, took place. The famous pianist was congratulated on the anniversary of her famous students. The rector of the Conservatory A. Sokolov read out the telegrams addressed to her from the Prime Minister D. Medvedev and the Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin. Vera Gornostaeva shone on the stage and with her whole appearance showed that she was ready to continue working fruitfully, but on January 19, 2015, she was no more. The next day, Xenia Knorre told journalists about this.

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The famous pianist died in intensive careMoscow clinic, which was delivered 3 weeks before his death. Before that, she felt well, engaged in public and teaching activities. The cause of Vera Gornostaeva's death was not officially announced anywhere. The outstanding pianist and teacher in Moscow was buried at the Danilov cemetery.

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