What a pretty behemoth from Madagascar! What is the name of the character?

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"What a good hippo! - enthusiastically shouting children, because they all love cartoons and their heroes, such as the behemoth from "Madagascar." - What is his name? "Parents have to urgently seek an answer to this seemingly simple question. And here comes to mind: "Gloria!"

behemoth from Madagascar as the name

Gloria - one of the main characters of the cartoon

Together with a lion and a giraffe trying to returndreamy zebra behemoth from "Madagascar". What is the name of the zebra? Marty. Fun and soul of the company, who wanted to change his life and quickly escape from this accursed zoo. But all the same, back to Gloria. Behemoth from "Madagascar", a photo of which you can see on almost every poster of this cartoon, is very charming. The hippopotamus flashes its eyes and evokes sympathy in the soul of every person. Especially all touched the story of her love. We'll talk about this later.

Love story

Behemoth from "Madagascar" (whose name is Moto-Moto)was always surrounded by a huge number of fans. Girls daily tried to get the attention of such a beautiful male, but they were completely uninteresting to him. He was waiting for his dream. And at last he notices Gloria, he has feelings. In their bright romantic meeting, a real love is born, which is kept hot and long in their hearts.

 behemoth of the name of Madagascar

Description of the plot

As you know, there are three key parts of the film in question, as well as a short cartoon "Madagascar: Christmas". Do not forget about the animated series "Penguins from Madagascar."

The first part of the popular film narrates about,As Marty dreams of the free open spaces of Africa and escapes from the zoo. Gloria - a hippopotamus from "Madagascar", as the name is called, by the way, a lion, also refresh your memory - Alex, and the exhilarating giraffe Melman go on a journey for his friend.

The second cartoon tells of cravingadventures of the main characters: their life seemed to them too simple and measured, so they decide to escape from the island, more precisely, fly away. But the plane crashes in the heart of Africa.

 behemoth from madagascar photo

The third cartoon is considered by right the mostcolorful and bright, because our main characters this time became circus performers. A dizzying show, wonderful music and a relaxing atmosphere will leave pleasant impressions about such a work of art.

Part of the intermediate - "Madagascar: Christmas, "tells how Santa, by coincidence, lands on the island to our heroes. But for some reason after that he does not remember anything. Of course, beloved heroes have to take matters into their own hands and save Christmas. After all, no one should be left without a present.

The series "Penguins from Madagascar"short. One issue lasts only twelve to fifteen minutes. But, despite such a short time, the ratings are quite large. After all, many want to see celebrities from "Madagascar"!

The voice of the cartoon

We found out that Gloria is a behemoth of"Madagascar." What is the name of the person who voiced the character in the Russian version? This is Masha Malinovskaya, a famous Russian TV presenter, an actress and even a singer. A voice of Alexander Tsekalo, a famous producer and musician, says Melman - everyone's favorite giraffe. People's Artist of Russia, as well as just a good man Konstantin Khabensky sounded the majestic hero of this cartoon - Alex. But Oscar Kuchera took on a very dreamy character - Marty.


Colorful scenery, creative voice acting,original and rather unusual story - all this and much more you can discover for yourself in the cartoon "Madagascar." It is recommended for viewing by both children and adults. After all, no one has been disappointed yet!

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