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In the nineties, considerablenumber of militants with detective elements. One of them is the film "Risk without a contract". The actor, who played the main role in this film, is one of the best Russian stuntmen. In addition, he wrote the script for the film. Who played in "Risk without a contract"? Actors, roles and the plot are presented in the article.

actors risk without a contract

Content of the film

Sergey is a very experienced stuntman. On the set, he creates real miracles, because he does not know the feeling of fear. At home the main character is waiting for her beloved wife Marina.

In addition to his main work, the main characteris engaged in the distillation of expensive foreign cars for wealthy customers. Of course, a man very often has to take risks. However, the stuntman is not accustomed to the dangers and difficulties. In addition, such work is well paid. At the moment, Sergei is experiencing big problems with finances, since he is less and less invited to participate in the shootings as a stuntman.

Sergey is very pleased with the next order. The protagonist must deliver an expensive car to Moscow, where he is already waiting for the buyer. Only from the very beginning of the journey a man begins to be in trouble. And soon he accidentally discovers that a lot of drugs are hidden in the upholstery of the car.

Sergei is in a difficult situation. The only way out of it is to try to deliver the car as soon as possible to the destination, trying not to attract the attention of policemen. Meanwhile, the stuntman notices that he is being watched ...

Playing actors: "Risk without a contract"

The main role was played by Vasily Shlykov. Tatiana Skorokhodova played his wife Sergei. In the film "Risk without a contract," actor Valery Poroshin played the role of Uncle Misha - a man who offered the protagonist an order that brought so many troubles. Lidia Velezheva is an accomplice of one of the criminals. In the film "Risk without a contract" also played Yu Novohizhin, E. Dvorzhetsky, V. Golovachev, L. Sokolova, E. Rednikova, Yu. Gorin.

film risk without a contract

Vasily Shlykov

The actor was born in 1953. He graduated from the circus school, after which he worked as a stuntman on television. Vasily Shlykov is a professional boxer. His career in cinema began in the early nineties with the film "Look Both!". As a stuntman, he appeared on the set of such films as The Criminal Quartet, Lermontov, The Battle for Moscow, The Invisible Man.

Tatiana Skorokhodova

The actress comes from Irkutsk. She graduated from the Shchukin school. She made her debut in 1989, but the first serious role was played four years later - in the movie "The Mafia is Immortal." After the marriage, Tatyana Skorokhodova left her acting career for several years. Returned to the cinema in 2011, played in the film "Satisfaction".

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