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A holiday is always fun, goodmood, elegant guests and hospitable hosts. And what a Russian man does not like to have fun - just give an excuse! In this regard, the owners of all kinds of parties and festive feasts try to entertain their guests in various ways. Very fond of all comic predictions - both adults and children. And it is not known yet who among them is more happy with good wishes and gifts.

Funny predictions can be the mostvarious, for example, to this game you can draw ... radio. The guest ponders the question, the radio turns on on some popular wave and the first sentence sounded and will be the answer. You can draw any book to the game. For example, one of the guests is interested in how his relationship with such and such a lady will develop in the coming year. The presenter takes the book and opens the place on the given guest, for example: page 10, line five on top. This will be the answer to the question asked. How to explain it, this is the business of the presenter!

Very popular joke predictions in cookies,they are often made for Christmas or Christmas feasts. The hostess bakes cookies, in each one puts a small note with a prediction. The guest, biting the biscuits and pulling out a note from there, happily reads out to everyone what awaits him in the future. You can also make nuts - take a walnut, tie it with a thin ribbon with a wish and wrap it in foil. Beautiful, fabulous and interesting, the guests are delighted!

Very like the guests comic predictions inballoons. To do this, small notes are written in advance for the number of guests, they are put inside the balloon, inflated, thrown into the air. Then each of the guests catches a ball, pierces it and pulls out a note with a prediction of the future. Of course, the hosts try to write only good and cheerful wishes to their guests, so they are all happy and happy with this entertainment.

Still comic predictions can be in the formpirogue. This, of course, is a troublesome business for the landlady, but it's worth it. A collapsible pie is made, which is made up of individual buns with different fillings. The guest breaks the bun, bites it and names what kind of filling it is. The mistress interprets the prediction. For example, if a girl gets potatoes - it means that she is waiting for an acquaintance with a man in uniform, and if a guy gets cabbage - this is for money. If someone got a filling from sweet caramel - this is to passionate love, and cheese - to prosperity in the house.

In the same way, on the birthday of the child, you canmake comic predictions for children. Children will be just happy, pulling out notes with predictions, and showing off to each other. For children, everything can be arranged in the form of a fairy-tale view. Here is one of the adults dresses up as a fairy or a wizard, takes a beautifully decorated box, puts there pre-written notes and takes them out to the children. Those are happy to pull notes from the box, which can also be painted and decorated in advance, this will cause even more delight in children.

Notes can be of different content, the main thing is for the children to be interested. For example:

- you will soon have a new friend;

a pleasant surprise awaits you;

- Your parents will love you even more;

- someone will admire you very much;

- you are waiting for sweet treats from an unfamiliar friend;

- In a dream you will see a fairy gnome, etc.

Still it is possible to make so: one child will act as a fairy magician. He sits on a chair, his eyes are tied and a magic hat is put on. In the hands give a box with predictions. All the children take up their hands and begin to dance around the "wizard" in a circle under the merry music. He takes out a note and gives it to the one he grabbed. The child loudly read it under the enthusiastic cries of the other children. Thus, it is possible to diversify enough children's holiday and leave the children for a long time unforgettable impressions.

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