Acoustic bass guitar: features of the instrument

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Acoustic bass guitar is separateAn original kind among stringed instruments. It is suitable for both experienced amateurs and people who are just making their first steps in creativity. Bass guitars are ideal for home rehearsals. They are suitable for working with other serious instruments, accompanying a vocalist, a concert with additional sound support. Here are the main directions of the application of this technique. What are the advantages of bass guitars? They are light, they can be worn everywhere and for long. In their sound they are not loud, but they are audible. The bass guitar will not cause big problems when rehearsing to neighbors. Tools of this type do not have additional background sounds. No additional cash infusion is required for ancillary equipment.

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From the negative sides it is necessary to allocate notin some situations sound. In large concert halls, the quality and volume will be lost. The ease of a guitar is both a drawback. She is very fragile. You have to think before you get into public transport. It is worth taking care of purchasing a protective cover. In addition, acoustic bass guitar has a lack of tuning possibilities. Some especially sophisticated connoisseurs of sound from expensive models will not be satisfied with the audibility of "si". Only the owners of fine hearing and good headphones will be able to recognize this note. To summarize, it is worth recalling the importance of a correct and conscious choice of bass guitar. Before buying it is better to familiarize with all the model range that the store offers. Not always a high price is a guarantee of quality and vice versa.

In our time, the bass guitar Euphony is very popularSWB 320. It belongs to the family of acoustic and at the same time electro-acoustic instruments of the latest generation. We'll talk more about it later. This acoustic bass guitar is suitable for fans of music of different ages and levels of performing skills.

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Experts attribute it to the so-called Jambo type.The material from which the upper deck is made is made of spruce. The basis of the manufacturer's assurance is very resistant to wear, heat conductive and withstands temperature changes. The material from which the shells are made is mahogany. This is a truly classic version for a musical instrument.

Is popular with leading manufacturersguitars all over the world. Mahogany is delivered from Russia, Eastern Europe, Canada, India. The neck is made of solid maple. When playing the instrument you will feel comfort and get true satisfaction from the performance of the music. The lining is made of rosewood. In a word, this is a quality and reliable material that will please you for many years. Acoustic bass guitar Euphony SWB 320 EQ has an excellent chord holder. Like the lining, it is made of rosewood. Chips are chrome plated, which increases the quality of the goods. This is one of the advantages of a guitar in front of analog instruments.


Among other characteristics it can be notedthe following: timbr-block, like all models of this manufacturer, mortise and active. There is an equalizer, as well as a small but convenient LCD monochrome screen for adjustment, located on the body. Power is provided by 9-volt wiring.

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The body is covered with glossy varnish, which givesadditional aesthetic appearance. Users, as a rule, note that this model is a high-quality acoustic bass guitar. The testimonies indicate that the body does not rub the body of the musician during the game. It is comfortable to hold. The basic equipment is equipped with a demonstration view of bronze strings. At the present time, it is not difficult to find similar components for this model. A special feature of the instrument is a built-in tuner, booster, pre-amplifier and an anchor rod adjusting bar.

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Acoustic bass guitar Euphony SWB 320 is for salemainly in two color variants. It is burgundy and black. In general, this guitar leaves a pleasant impression. The combination of the price and quality of this model takes it to the highest rankings of the buyers. Now, with the example of a particular model, you can notice the good acoustic bass guitar. A photo of the instrument is attached to this material.

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