How to draw an oak tree: practical recommendations

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Fine art is stronger than any of itsAnother species is connected with the surrounding reality. The ability to convey on the canvas or paper the appearance of the object, its distinctive features, characteristic details, colorful moments - all this is due to the skill of the artist, which is honed and perfected over the years. Even things that are very familiar to us, for example trees growing next to each other, will perceive and depict in their own way.

Council first

how to draw oak
Suppose you are interested in how to draw an oak tree. Let's remember how the tree looks. It is large, high, sprawling. The crown is dense, curly, domed. The bark is rigid, rough, ribbed, dark. Even a young tree makes a strong impression. And if you have an adult in mind, then its solid dimensions all the more startle. How to draw an oak tree so that all its proportions are preserved? Let's go this way:

  • With a simple pencil, sketch out the outlines of a house, ordinary, rural. This will be the same crown.
  • Now start on it all sorts of strokes,curls, squiggles. They will serve as the basis for the leaves and shadows. When planning how to draw an oak, you need to prepare several pencils: soft and hard. Hard to work need thin details, and soft - different hatching, deep shadows, etc.
  • Under the house base, draw a barrel. It can be depicted as twisted, with additional details. The height of the trunk is small, the crown should suppress it much.
  • Mark the branches among the leaves. Do not paint them solid, confine yourself to small areas. Let them in some places only look through the leaves.
  • And the last stage of how to draw an oak: erase unnecessary lines, shade in the right places, adjust the color of the trunk and branches, increase the saturation of tones. Thus, you will get the picture "Landscape with a tree".

Council of the second

how to draw an oak green
There is another way how to draw an oak - green,strong, very similar to the present. It all begins with the silhouette of the trunk and branches. The latter grow almost at right angles, like small twigs and twigs. Oak - a knotty tree, powerful. Therefore, be sure to emphasize the thickness of the branches. And their ends should be covered with thin twigs with figured foliage. By the way, in the appearance of the oak, a visual connection with the outline of the leaf is clearly visible. This should be emphasized in the figure.

Council of the third

how to draw a tree oak pencil
The third way how to draw an oak treewith a pencil, looks like this: from the base up, draw a barrel, then draw large branches and small twigs. Now, with strokes, light touches on paper, rounded movements, leaves are planned. It is painted with a common mass and individual details. Then the game of light and shadows is transmitted. Well-visible parts of the trunk and branches, the tree as a whole, are drawn in detail. Particular attention is paid to the crown. Thanks to the many branches, the oak has many leaves at the ends of the branches. They form a sprawling, lush mass. The special arrangement of the branches - up and almost perpendicular to the ground - gives the tree a resemblance to the tent.

These are just a few tricks and techniques for drawing oak.

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