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Today we will discuss the film "Such different twins". Actors and roles will be presented below. This is a comedy film, which was filmed in 2011 by director Dennis Dugan.


such different twins actors
First we will discuss the plot of the film "Such differentTwins". Actors and roles are listed below. The main character is Jack. He is a successful employee of an advertising agency who lives happily in Los Angeles with his children and a beautiful wife. The hero is afraid of only one thing - the arrival of his twin sister Jill on Thanksgiving Day. She turned the quiet life of Jack.

Main actors

such different twins actors and roles
Jack and Erin Murray are the main characters in the movie "Such Different Twins." Actors Adam Sandler and Cathy Holmes embodied these images on the screen. First let's talk more about the first of them.

Adam Richard Sandler is an actor, comedian, film producer,screenwriter and musician. Born September 9, 1966 in Brooklyn. Parents: Judy Levin is a primary school teacher and Stanley Sandler is an electrical engineer. They are descendants of Jewish immigrants who came from Russia. The family went to New Hampshire, when the future actor was 5 years old. At the local school, the boy discovered a special talent. He realized that he could make people laugh. This feature he enjoyed while studying at New York University. The future actor regularly appeared in comedy clubs and campuses. Thanks to his performances, Sandler was later invited to work in Los Angeles. He received training and received a bachelor's degree. He is fluent in Hebrew. Appeared in the episode of the American series called "Cosby Show". He played in the film "All Overboard". The picture tells of a beginning stand-up comic named Shikki Moskovits. It was he who played the actor.

Adam Sandler gained popularitythe program Saturday Night Live, and then played in a number of Hollywood paintings. Known for his role in the tape "Big Daddy". The actor also gained success in dramatic and romantic films such as "Love knocking down", "Singer at a wedding", "Deserted city", "Anger management", "Millionaire willy-nilly", "Pixels", "Classmates", " Do not Mess with the Zohan. " Worked on the scoring of the full-length animated film "Monsters on vacation".

Separately worth mentioning and Keith Noel Holmes,who played Erin Murray. It's about the American actress of television and cinema. She was born in Ohio. Cathy - the youngest child in the family, the fifth in a row. She has a brother and three sisters. The father is a lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings. Katie Holmes has German, Irish and English roots. The future actress attended the model school from the age of 14. Later received a role in the film "Ice Wind" Eng Lee, after reading a monologue from the work "Kill a mockingbird." Was invited to the series "Buffy". Refused, because she had to finish her studies.

Other heroes

the film is such a different twins actors and roles

The puppeteer and coach are two memorable images,which are present in the film "Such different twins." Actors Dan Karwi and Natalie Gal performed these roles. Valerie Mahaffey played the role of Beatsie. Monica and the nurse are also interesting characters in the movie "Such Different Twins." Actors David Spade and Fatima Hassan embodied these images. Al Pacino, Shaquille O'Neill, Regis Philbin, Johnny Depp, Billy Blanks, Kristi Brinkley, Kobe Bryant played themselves. Also in the film were actors Norm MacDonald and Santiago Segura.


Now let us cite a few interesting facts aboutThe film "Such different twins". The actors were represented above. The picture was sharply criticized by critics. She received 3 percent of positive reviews on the project Rotten Tomatoes. At the Golden Raspberry award ceremony, the film broke the record, winning "prizes" in all categories at once. The film "Such Different Twins" received a total of 10 antinograds.

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