The Stark coat of arms and the history of one of the oldest houses in Västerås

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One of the key families of the series "The Game of Thrones"and the cycle of novels "The Song of Ice and Flame" are Starkey. The action of the multiseries picture is in Västerås. For centuries before the events described in the series, the founders of the kingdom built the Wall to protect cities from creatures living in the North. Closest to the Wall are the lands around the castle called Winterfell, where Starkey lives.

Starkov's arms

The Stark family is one of the mostknown genera in Västerås. Like all the houses of the kingdom, the family has its own coat of arms and motto. The Starkov's arms represent the image of a head of a fir-wool on a white background. It is this animal, which was invented specifically for history, is a symbol of the whole race. White canvas means snow, which falls on the lands of Starkov even in summer.

coat of arms

In other variants the coat of arms of the Stark house looks likeA running git, and not just his head. The family lives in anticipation of dark times, the so-called Winter, when the most horrible creatures are awakened - the White Walkers. This is the motto of Starkov: "Winter is close."

coat of arms

History of the house

It is believed that the founder of the Stark kind isBrandon the Builder, who participated in the establishment of the Wall. He worshiped the Old Gods and transferred his religion to the heirs of Winterfell. The building of the castle was also dealt with by Brandon, many legends tell how giants were engaged in the erection of a clan castle. It is known that at that time the Stark coat of arms looked different, the symbol of the house was a crown covered by the runes of the first people and nine iron swords.

His family was called the Kings of the North for many years, butafter the unification of Vasteras, the Starkey recognized the Targarienes as their rulers. It was then that the witch began to decorate the Stark coat of arms. "Game of Thrones" shows that for the representatives of the house their symbols were very important. One of the first scenes of the series tells how Starkey found a dying she-wolf and her children, but they did not kill dangerous animals, but were taken home and tamed.

coat of arms

Starkey from the very childhood teach children not only literacy and martial arts, but also the history of the whole family. That is why family members always remember and respect the traditions of their ancestors.

The enemies and allies of Starkov

For a long time the house Starkovthe family managed to gain a lot of enemies, as well as to make alliances with other ancient families. A lot of centuries there is a fierce confrontation of the Stark family with the Boltons. The reason for the wars between the houses was the non-recognition of the Starkovs over themselves by the Boltons. For centuries, they tried to capture Winterfell, and once they succeeded, but Severus Ramsi Bolton did not have to rule for a long time, and soon after his death the castle walls were again decorated with the Stark coat of arms.

emblem of the Stars game of the thrones

Also for many centuries the Stark house is waging wars with the houseGreyjoy, which is located on the Iron Islands. In the first season of the "Game of Thrones" was introduced by Theon Grayjoy, who was taken prisoner by a small boy Starkey, but raised as a member of the family, not a prisoner or slave.

As for the family allies, the Stark houseis in the world with the Manderli family. Once their family was expelled from the ancestral lands, but the Starkey took them to the North. Moreover, they gave them the possession of a castle called the Wolf's Den, which is located at the mouth of the White Knife. After this, Manderli vowed to serve the Stark.

Starkey in the series "Game of Thrones"

In the multi-series "Game of Thrones" the Stark familyrepresented by Eddard Stark. His wife is Keitelin Stark, who gave her husband five children. The elder of them is Robb Stark. After the death of his father, he became the Guardian of the North. He was also called the Young Wolf. He gathered his army and went to war with the Lannisters, who declared the inhabitants of their house traitors.

The second child in the family is Sansa Stark. At the beginning of the story the girl is shown very naive and stupid, but then her character became much stronger. Sansa was engaged to Joffrey Baratean and Lauras Tirel, but none of the weddings took place. Later, the girl married Tirion Lannister and Ramsey Bolton.

Another child of Eddard and Keitelin isAria. The girl always had an interest in martial arts, because of what her father hired her teacher. After the death of the head of Stark, the girl escapes from the Royal Harbor. For a long time she travels with Sandor Kligan, also known as the Dog, and then gets to the Faceless. Later, she leaves Braavos and goes to avenge the death of Robb.

Among the Stark children there are also young Bran and Rikon. Because of Lannister, Brann becomes paralyzed, but reveals a supernatural ability. Rikon, for a long time, was hiding from the Boltons along with the wild Ochen. But then he dies at the hands of Ramsey in front of his sister and John Snow.

John Snow is considered the bastard of Eddard Stark, but in fact he is the son of Ned's sister and the Mad King.

emblem of the Stars game of the thrones

Members of the Stark house are favorite charactersfor many fans of the series "Game of Thrones", so millions of viewers are worried about their fates. Also, fans know all about the old Västerås family, including the motto of the family, the coat of arms of the house and the symbols of the family.

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