Funny questions for the holidays and quizzes will make the event brighter and more interesting!

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It is impossible to imagine a holiday without jokes,laughter and cheerful faces. Any event: a wedding, a birthday or a children's holiday - is held with various competitions relevant to the situation. As one of the entertainment popular quiz. Participants receive questions in any form, and with correct answers they are entitled to encouragement in the form of prizes. Particularly noteworthy is the part where there are comic questions.

Basic rules for conducting

The order of carrying out of quizes and competitions consistsfrom several steps. It is important to draw up a plan of questions, based on what contingent is present, so that the participants are interested. It is very important to use joke questions for the quiz. Often they help to liberate guests, and in some cases even reveal the inner world, to show how developed a sense of humor and intellect. For example, you can include:

  1. Without which you can not build a house? (Without angle)
  2. Which branch does not grow on the tree? (Railway)
  3. When is the forest a snack? (When it's cheese, that is raw)
  4. The fire is not visible, and you have to extinguish what is it? (Debt, credit)

The quizzes themselves can be held as one-stage,and in several stages, grades or classes, where, with the transition to the next level, gradual complication of questions occurs. And interesting prizes will be an excellent incentive for the participation of all guests of the celebration.

joke questions

Humor is relevant and inappropriate

Funny questions for the quiz - this is a great field of activity for imagination. It all depends on the type of event. The joke is inevitably connected with fun and laughter, as well as with positive emotions. But here it is important not to cross borders, because joke is a joke, and any questions can involuntarily hurt someone's dignity. Of course, knowing in advance, especially with a large number of people, about all the preferences of the guests is impossible. But if we consider the problem in general, then jokes are not recommended:

  • on religious topics;
  • with a bias towards the nationality of the participants;
  • with elements of black humor or cruelty;
  • frankly vulgar, on sexual topics.

In addition, questions should be selected, consideringcontingent of participants. For example, weddings often raise the topic of scandals between sons-in-law and mother-in-law, daughters-in-law and mother-in-law. And such a question will help to laugh at the myth of misunderstanding between new relatives without a scorn and will prompt options for solving many problems in the future.

The host says: "Young live with her husband's parents. The mother-in-law constantly finds fault with the son's wife, hinting at her inability to cook deliciously. Once again, the young lady prepared a dessert and decided to come up with a humorous name for him, so that her mother in law could not say anything bad about the dish. Task: to help the daughter-in-law to pick up a funny and wise name for a sweet. "

The answers can be such options: "Svekrovin tongue", "The sweetness of the speeches of the mother of her husband", "For the sweet mother of my husband" and the like. Absolutely all guests can participate in the selection of the name.

comic questions for adults

Quizzes at weddings

At weddings among other jokes, comical questions for men and women about the opposite field and understanding of family problems will be appropriate. To organize and conduct a quiz "Fight andworld of opposites "it will be interesting to unite a group of men against a group of women. You can suggest the following task: the presenter shows the pictures, and the participants in turn call the subject, and each picture should be called a man in a masculine gender, and a woman in a female one. For example:

  • boxes - box;
  • stool - stool;
  • banknote - a money sign;
  • way;
  • tail - part of the body;
  • the liver is the internal organ.

Responding once, the participant passes the right of reply to the next member of his team. If the participant can not answer or respond improperly, then he is eliminated from the team.

comic questions for men

Quiz on children's holidays

Where children can exercise in humor, askingcomic questions and picking up the answers to them, like not on birthdays, picnics, matinees or other collective events? Cheerful quiz will help make the holiday more interesting. It is important only to correctly choose the questions, include fun tasks. You can even hold some humorous sports competitions.

It should be remembered that the younger the contingent, the easier and clearer the tasks should be. For children of preschool age, it is appropriate to ask simple questions, for example:

  1. How many legs does a centipede have?
  2. What color are the sides of the Magpie?

For younger schoolchildren, assignments will differ in logical coloring and the ability to reflect. Humorous questions for children should be to some extent developing, making use of intelligence. Here are some examples:

  1. How many months a year have 28 days? (All months)
  2. Can I light a match under water? (You can, if water is poured into a glass, and the match is kept below the glass)
  3. Under which bush does the hare sit in the rain? (Under the wet)
    joke questions for children

Quizzes for adults

Diversify holidays to older peoplehelp competitions with questions and comic assignments. For adults, you can organize a kind of tournament where participants in a game of one team ask questions to their opponents, and those, respectively, prepare cool answers. At the same time, comic questions for adults are free to have a variety of subjects, it is already worth looking at the situation, the degree of familiarity of all participants and the general atmosphere. But neutral questions are perfect for any company.

1. Can you call yourself a penguin bird? (No, he can not speak!)

2. How to break a branch so as not to scare off a bird? (It is necessary to wait, when she will fly away)

3. What are you eating? (At the table)

4. Why, when you want to eat, go to the kitchen? (By Sex)

comic questions for a quiz

Quizzes on corporate parties

On corporations, where the work collective is assembled,jokes as it is impossible by the way will adjust employees to a positive mood, will allow to relax and feel more freely. If during working hours men perceive women as employees, then on the corporate side, comic questions to men about women will help to open a lot of fun and interesting. And the ladies will be surprised that a lot in their behavior, it turns out, is incomprehensible for men. For example, not all members of the stronger sex know:

1. Why does a woman smear pantyhose with nail polish or glue? (That "the arrow does not run" further).

2. Do yeasts put in a short pastry? (No).

3. How many needles are there for knitting socks and mittens? (Five).

4. In what month do women say least? (In February, there are only 28 days).

comic questions for men about women

Quizzes for school children of middle age

Humorous questions are set to defuse the situation, createcheerful atmosphere, cheer up those present. But the knowledge, the presence of intelligence and ingenuity, nobody canceled. Therefore, during the events organized for children of secondary school age, it will be appropriate to ask cool questions of this type:

1. What came first: a chicken or an egg? (Egg, because they were laid off by dinosaurs long before the appearance of chickens)

2. What is half the apple like? (On the second half)

3. What can I cook but can not eat? (Lessons)

All participants should remember that this kind ofQuiz - this is a fun time and a bright holiday. Do not take your losses to heart, it's a friendly game to strengthen communication, and not an excuse for rivalry.

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