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Miyagi and Endgame are popular artists onmodern rep-scene, immediately won the hearts of many young people with their original tracks. The biography of Miyagi and Endshpil is interesting in that, surprisingly, fate brought two young people from Vladikavkaz thousands of kilometers from their home.

It should immediately explain the turnips far from the world, Miyagi and Endshpil are the creative aliases of two young people who have united and began to work together to create and promote their creativity.

Way to the stage

Miyagi (real name Azamat Kudzaev) - 26-year-oldguy, originally from Vladikavkaz. From early childhood, the boy showed himself in various fields, including music, and was also fond of martial arts. However, choosing a future profession, Azamat decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents and devote his life to medicine. Mother and father, of course, rejoiced at this choice of his son and saw in him the continuation of his dynasty. However, already in his first year the future musician recorded tracks and soon realized that he still could not live without music. Parents took his decision without special joy, but wisely: they blessed the son to go his own way and become the best in what he will be doing. The first album of Miyagi was released in 2015. By that time, the rapper already had his own music studio in St. Petersburg.

Azamat Kudzaev

Rapper Endgame (Soslan Burnatsev) was also born inVladikavkaz, but in childhood he was more interested in football than in music. Learn to go to a technologist. Only in his teens did Soslan discover creative abilities. Like Miyagi, the decision to connect his life with music, Endgame took on the first year of the institute. The rapper himself says that a unique style has appeared under the influence of the musical genre of "reggae".

Before meeting Miyagi, Endgame managed to release two albums, then the paths of young and promising performers crossed.

Miyagi and Endgirl's biography is similar in some aspects, but the main unifying factor of these two talented performers has the same views and preferences in music.

Miyagi and Endgame biography

A joint project

The fatal meeting was held in St. Petersburg.Musicians were in absentia familiar with the creativity of each other, so they did not put things off in the long box. Both musicians at that time had experience of performances in their native city in local clubs, so the scenes were not afraid. Cooperating rappers began in 2016, and their first record created the effect of a bomb exploding. In a short time, the album of Miyagi and Endgame "Hajime 2" gathered a large audience of listeners. This record became the starting point in the biography of musicians. It often happens that in a moment the fallen popularity ruins performers, they never get to surpass their first achievement and meet the expectations of the public. But it was not so with these ambitious guys. With each next track they wrote, they argued that they were ready to maintain a high level of expectations and to please their listeners. The result was released soon after the debut album "Hajime 2". And in 2017 the fans were pleased with the release of the third album "Umshakalak".

Miyagi and Endshpil albums

The thorny path

Miyagi and Endgame are examples of performers,which really started from scratch and only by their own efforts broke the way to the top. The guys did not have money for expensive clips, nor for the promotion of their tracks, so the debut work was simply laid out in social networks and on YouTube. That's where the rappers came first recognition in the form of thousands of likes and downloading tracks.

Biography Miyagi and Endgame was not easy,but the guys overcame all difficulties on their way to success. Thanks to their talent and diligence, they were able to win the hearts of numerous listeners in a short time. Tickets for performers' concerts diverge like hot cakes. At the moment, albums of Miyagi and Endgame are constantly in the top of the charts, and their tracks are heard by the young people today. Guys are negative about music labels, they prefer to develop their creativity without helpers.

Soslan Burnatsev

Personal life

About the biography of Miyagi and Endgame actuallynot so much is known. Both musicians do not like to talk about their personal lives, we only know that they are married. Despite their brutal scenic image, in normal life they do not like noisy companies and clubs. Free time from music Miyagi loves to hold a good book. His favorite author is Oscar Wilde. According to the musician, reading for him is not just a hobby, it broadens his horizons, replenishes his vocabulary, which also helps in writing tracks.


A terrible tragedy struck the Miyagi family inSeptember of this year. The musician killed a half-year-old son, having fallen out of the window of the ninth floor. The whole family has now rallied to survive the grief. Fans express condolences and write words of support in social networks. It remains to be hoped that the monstrous accident will not break the talented musician, and he will find the strength to recover from the loss and continue to delight with his work with Endshpil.

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