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biography of Sergey Beetle
Each person, whose youth fell in the 90's,knows who Sergei Zhukov is. This guy easily became the idol of millions of girls. But is it? What was his path to fame? This will tell us the biography of Sergei Zhukov.

Life to Moscow

To the delight of all the fans of pop music in 1976 inDimitrovgrad was born a boy. His birthday is on May 22nd. His parents called him Sergei. Mother Lily and father Eugene subsequently gave him a younger brother. Seryozha never gave problems with regard to studies. He was an excellent student. But at first he loved purely humanitarian subjects. The biography of Sergei Zhukov says that later he was carried away by music. And the study of other subjects began to stay ever less. However, in the life of a talented guy there was not only music. He was engaged in hockey, and also worked on radio "Europe Plus" in Samara. There he was leading a program called "Hit the Hour" and was dancing. And it was here that the fateful meeting with the future colleague Alexey Potekhin took place. Talented guys eventually decide to create a group called "Uncle Ray and the company."

Voyage to the "white stone"

sergey beetles biography

May 1, 1995 biography of Sergei Zhukov makessteep turn. Rather the young man takes his own destiny into his own hands. He goes to Moscow to, like millions of talented guys, conquer her. The first place of his work in the capital was the radio station "Rocks". Then, together with Alexei, they began to win back discotheques, five of which were held in Tbilisi.

What interesting can still tell usbiography? Sergei Zhukov, together with Alexei Potekhin, was a creative union, rapidly, briskly and solemnly burst into the world of Russian show business. They turned the world of music upside down. The guys soon rename their group, and it is now called "Hands up". They have a producer-professional who can help in promotion and promotion. The touring life begins. It is about this tells the biography of Sergei Zhukov. "Hands up" collects stadiums.

The first album the world saw in 1997. And the latter, alas, was released in 2005. Words of songs that were tearing off the lips of this talented couple were heard from every cafe, every window of the apartment building, from every TV screen. Fans are completely obsessed with guys. For 5 years of fruitful work the group "Hands up" pleased them with eight albums. And not everyone knows that two of them became platinum, three - gold, and two - silver. This is a real success.

Biography of Sergei Zhukov reports that before the releasethe last general album of the group, he himself pleases fans with two solo albums. His explanation, he explained that he had too many excellent songs, completely unsuitable for the format of the team's work. But the fans, who were sincerely saddened by the breakup of the band, got a chance to enjoy her songs again in the future. In 2002, the world saw the album "Open the door to me." He immediately became incredibly popular.

biography of the sergeant beetle
A little bit about privacy

Family man Sergei Zhukov? His biography reports that he found true happiness with his second wife Regina Burd. Sergei has a daughter from his first marriage. And with Regina they are now raising two wonderful children: Angel's son and daughter Nick. The couple is happy and optimistic about the future.

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