How to draw a pig under an oak step by step

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"Winnie the Pooh" is a work that is knownto the whole world. Therefore, many are interested in how to draw a pig under an oak tree, which occupies one of the most important roles in a fairy tale. In this case, there are different variations of how to execute a drawing, which depends on the imagination and creativity.


If you are interested in how to draw a pigpencil step by step, then for the beginning you need to prepare all the necessary materials. First of all, you need to pick up paper. It should be quite dense, and the picture will look more beautiful. Pencil should be taken medium hardness so that it is not smeared and easily rubbed off. Be sure to get an eraser - if necessary, remove all unnecessary lines.

how to draw a pig in pencil step by step

Drawing a Pig

If you are interested in how to draw a pig under an oak tree, then you need to follow the instructions below:

  1. Draw an oval for the body, slightly inclined downwards, and then draw a circle for the head and a rectangle for the contour of the patch.
  2. Now draw a contour for the hips of the pig. Do this in the form of a square - wider from above and narrow below. Note that the posterior thigh is the largest of all four.
  3. Draw a contour of legs. Note that they form an angle with the hip contour.
  4. Use the wrong triangles for the image of the ears and legs.
  5. Detail the image. Draw a twisted tail, eyes, mouth, patch, hoof.
  6. Erase all unnecessary contours.

To permanently remember how to draw a pig, a pig, a pig in stages, it is recommended to repeat the drawing several times in a row.

how to draw a pig under an oak tree

Drawing an oak

If you are interested in how to draw a pig underoak, then you need to learn how to properly represent the tree. To do this, start drawing from the roots. They resemble thick spikes. Draw a line that slopes down to make one root. They should be about three, after which they must be connected by one or more lines.

Then you need to add details to the roots, and thendo the trunk. To make the bottom look plausible, you just need to make several curved lines that form roots. For the trunk, you must draw a curved line, starting from the top of the root on the left side. Do the same, starting from the root on the right side.

how to draw a pig pig pig in stages

Being interested in how to draw a pig under an oak tree, do notyou need to stop halfway, and finish the drawing to the end. Now draw the branches. Moving from one side of the trunk to the top, draw a straight line. Leave some space and make another straight line below the previous one, but this time it is slightly longer than the first one. Repeat on the other side. Add several lines inside the crown to detail the image of the oak.

To finish, draw the leaves. Make an oval around the trunk, which will be the crown of the tree, use small irregularities. Add a few curved lines to show the leaves in detail.

Now you know how to draw a pig under an oak tree. It remains only to decorate the picture in accordance with their preferences. It's okay if the drawing turns out a little different.

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