Bran Stark. Actor Isaac Hampstead-Wright and his character

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Hardly there is a fan of the series "Game of Thrones"who will not be able to answer the question of who Bran Stark is. The actor, convincingly played the young son of the northern lord and heir Winterfell, suddenly became a star. What can you tell us about Isaac and his character?

Isaac Hampstead-Wright: the beginning of the road

The role of the boy-cripple Bran Starkwas born in London, it happened in April 1999. As a child, Isaac Hampstead-Wright could not imagine that he would tie his life with the world of cinema. The boy was born in an ordinary family, in the first years of his life was no different from his peers.

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Young Isaac was interested in sports, especially hisattracted the game of football. When he for some time lost the opportunity to indulge in his favorite occupation, he had to think about another hobby. To attend the theatrical circle Hampstead Wright, as he himself admits, began with boredom. However, the immersion in the world of dramatic art was unexpectedly to his liking.

About casting

Isaac Hampstead-Wright - an actor who did not have tolong vegetate in obscurity, fight for the attention of viewers. The first role gave him popularity. The boy was barely twelve when he was invited to star in the new series "The Game of Thrones."

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The creators of the project argue that finding an actor,able to convincingly play Bran, it was very difficult. Tens of nominees were considered, as a result, preference was given to Isaac. It is important that George Martin approached this choice approvingly, whose work formed the basis of the plot of the series.

Of course, the creators of the series remaineddoubts whether Isaac can convincingly play a character with a difficult fate, which is Bran Stark. The actor before this only managed to star in the episode of the horror "Psychic", the role was so insignificant that his name does not even appear in the credits. However, it was not necessary to regret the decision made to the creators of the teleproject.

Book and TV series

The hero of Isaac is one of the first to faceviewers of the series "The Game of Thrones". Bran Stark, along with his father and brothers, remains for the execution of a deserter. The child for the first time is forced to witness another's death, but with honor survives this test. Already the first shots with the participation of the actor make it clear that he will cope with this difficult role.

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In the book-source Bran is a boyabout seven or eight years. The creators of the TV project decided to increase the age of several characters, including the hero Isaac. Bran in the series about 11-12 years. There were no other claims to the choice of the actor from the fans of "The Song of Ice and Flame".

The fate of the character

In the series "The Game of Thrones" many heroes are waitinga difficult fate, falls into this number and Bran Stark. The actor admits that he tries not to let through all the experiences of his character, because it's too hard.

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When the audience gets to know the young Stark for the first time,he appears before them as a happy child living in the house of his lord-father. However, almost immediately Bran turns into a cripple, deprived of the ability to move. Then they kill the boy's parents, he not only becomes an orphan, but also loses his own home. The hope to change his life for the better causes young Stark to go on a dangerous journey, which the fans of the character watch with a sinking heart. Gradually it becomes clear that the role of the crippled boy in the upcoming events will be very important.

Interesting Facts

Many fans of the "Game of Thrones" were outragedlong absence of the hero, waited for the 6th season. Bran Stark appears again, but looks quite different. The fact is that at the beginning of the work on the TV project the actor was only 12 years old. In the sixth season, a 17-year-old boy who grew by more than 30 cm. The makeup artists were forced to use a variety of tricks to make the guy continue to look like a teenager.

A young actor is often asked whathe is least liked in the filming process. Isaac Hampstead-Wright invariably mentions the need to adjust to weather conditions. For example, the scenario of the fourth season meant that the film crew would work a lot under the open sky. The performer of the role of Bran Stark was terribly suffering from constant downpours.

It turned out that depicting the immersion of the hero in the trance of Isaac is easy. To tilt your head is all that is required of the actor. Bran Stark plunges into her visions with the help of not only magic, but also make-up artists.

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