Tsyvina Irina Konstantinovna, wife Evstigneeva: biography, personal life, filmography

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Our heroine of today is famous and beloved by many actress Irina Tsyvina. In her life there were many joyous and sad moments. We will discuss this in more detail in the article.

Tsyvina irina constantinovna

Tsyvina Irina Konstantinovna: biography, childhood

Born July 1, 1963 in the Belarusian capital -Minsk. She is from a simple family with a modest income. Her mother, Antonina Viktorovna, was a professional painter. And his father, Konstantin Gennadievich, received a secondary technical education. His heroine almost does not remember. After all, he left the family when she was not three years old. All responsibilities for raising a daughter took on the mother.

Ira grew up an obedient and intelligent child. She attended an art school. Teachers praised her for diligence and accuracy. The girl dreamed of growing up faster and becoming a fabric artist.

After the end of the 9th grade, Tsyvina, the youngest, entered thelocal technological college. But she did not have to study there. At the graduation party, Ira met a longtime acquaintance, who was already a student at the directing faculty. He convinced the girl that she needed to study for an actress, not an artist for the tissues.

The actress of Irina's quinine is a constant


Immediately after the graduation Tsyvina IrinaKonstantinovna took the documents from the technical school. Then she went to enter the theater high school, but failed the exams. Beauty was very upset. But Ira learned that the troupe of the youth theater of the Palace of Culture of the Minsk Automobile Plant is recruiting new actors. The girl hurried there. And this time luck still smiled at her. Throughout the year, Tsyvina performed on the stage of this institution, playing the leading roles. In parallel, the young actress worked as a lab assistant in the hospital. Ira gave money to her mother, who needed to be raised to the feet of her brother-schoolboy. And this speaks of her immense kindness and responsibility.

Work in the theater and great love

Having gained experience in the youth theater, TsyvinaIrina Konstantinovna went to Moscow. She submitted documents to several theatrical universities. Almost everywhere she managed to cope with the introductory tests. The native of Minsk conquered the members of the selection committee with her talent and effective appearance. She also preferred the Moscow Art Theater School. It was there that her idol worked - Yevstigneev Eugene.

The wife of Evstigneev Irina Tsivin

Ira has long been in love with a famous artist. And he paid attention to her only when she switched to the second year. Yevstigneev had to choose students to take part in the production of The Marriage of Belugin. The main female role was entrusted to the master by Irina Tsyvina. The girl was literally glowing with happiness. The performance was excellent. Ira justified the hopes of her teacher. And then Evstigneev unexpectedly appointed her a date. After that, the student and teacher began to engage in romantic relationships. Ira was not at all embarrassed by the moment that the chosen one is 36 years older than her.

Tsivina's first marriage was fictitious. Yevgeny Evstigneev asked the administrator of the Moscow Art Theater to sign with Irina to get her Moscow residence permit. It was done. Fictitious marriage did not last long. And then the famous actor made an offer to his young lady.

In 1986, lovers signed in one of thethe capital's registry offices. From now on our heroine was represented as Evstigneev's wife. Irina Tsyvina simply adored her husband. All their free time they spent together: walked in the park, went to the cinemas, cooked a delicious dinner.

Life in marriage with Evstigneev

In 1986, Tsyvina was awarded a diploma of completionThe Moscow Art Theater Schools. She immediately got a job at the Theater. Moscow City Council. But I worked there only one season. From 1987 to 1989, Irina acted as a member of the Moscow Art Theater's troupe. She was involved in various performances. For example, in the production of "Round Table Under the Lampshade" she performed the role of Julia.

In 1988, Tsyvina Irina Konstantinovna was the firstappeared on the TV screens. It was approved for a small role in the feature film "Fur-tree-stick!" The director was pleased with the collaboration with the beginning artist.

In their relationship with Eugene Evstigneev reignedlove and mutual understanding. Thanks to his beloved wife, the actor played one of the best roles in his life. We are talking about Professor Preobrazhensky in the tape "The Dog's Heart". Evstigneev did not want to agree to this role. But Irina managed to persuade him.

The only thing that the spouses lacked forfull of happiness - these are common children. Once Tsyvina Irina Konstantinovna became pregnant. But during the tour in Sweden, the actress became ill, and she lost the baby. A little later in her life there was another tragedy ...

E. Evstigneev often complained of pain in the heart. In early March 1992, he and his wife Ira flew to London, where he was supposed to undergo surgery by Terry Lewis. The legendary artist believed that everything would be wonderful. However, he died immediately after the operation - on March 4, 1992.

Emigration to the USA

Our heroine was very hard to survive deathbeloved husband. The difficult economic situation in the country, the lack of work and the bitterness of the loss of the native person - all this drove Irina into a deep depression. The actress was ready to lay hands on herself. But fate gave her a chance to change everything for the better.

At one of the evenings, organized in the House of Cinema,she met a graduate of "Sliver" George Pusep, who lives in the United States. This man literally turned her head talking about a luxurious life abroad. Soon Irina went with him to Los Angeles. But only in reality the tale turned out to be a bursting bubble. Instead of luxurious apartments, George brought our heroine to a rented apartment.

Short-lived happiness

The actress resigned herself to the fact that she has to live inmodest conditions. Tsyvina and Pusep have formalized relations. In 1994 they had a first-born son, whom they called Eugene. But that is not all. In 1997, another replenishment took place in the family. A charming little daughter appeared. The baby was called a Russian name - Zinaida. Irina was involved in the upbringing of her son and daughter. And my father did not give much time to his children. Our heroine decided to divorce him. But it was not so simple and not so fast.

Tsyvina irina constantinovna children

Almost 10 years in the US lived Tsyvina IrinaKonstantinovna. The family, consisting of three people (actress, her daughter and son), barely made ends meet. The woman worked on Russian cable TV. There was no real work. At some point, Ira realized that she was on the verge of depression. And only children were her only joy in life.

New love and return to Russia

How long was Tsyvina Irina alone?Konstantinovna? Her personal life was established in the early 2000s. Let's dwell on this in more detail. She had a neighbor in the holiday village, Alexander Blagonravov, who owns his own business (international transportation). At first they communicated on a friendly wave. But eventually realized that they have deep feelings for each other.

Soon Tsyvina, along with her children and her beloved man, flew to Moscow. She wanted to forget her life in the USA as a terrible dream.

Difficult times

George Pusep, with whom the actress did not live alreadyseveral years, agreed to give her a divorce. However, the man put one condition: the daughter of Zina should stay with him. Tsyvina did not want to agree to this. She sued her second husband. George accused Irina of kidnapping her daughter. It would seem that there is no end to their proceedings. The actress consulted with the priest and decided to stop the litigation. They signed an agreement with Pusep. According to his conditions, Zina must live in Montenegro with her father, and the mother can communicate with her at any time.

Tsyvina irina constantinovna personal life

After Tsyvina received a divorce from GeorgePosepa, she immediately married Alexander Blagonravov. A year later, the couple was married. Our heroine madly loved her third husband. She forgave him constant booze and assault. But when the businessman confessed to her in treachery, Ira could no longer tolerate it. In 2012, they were formally dissolved with Alexander. The couple continued to live together - each in their own room. Blagonravov often went into drinking. In 2013, it became known that he severely beat his ex-wife. He was even put in the bullpen. Having sobered up, the man asked Irina's forgiveness.

Continuation of film career

Return of the actress to the Russian screensoccurred in 2007. In the series "Kadetstvo" (STS) she played the mother of one of the main characters - Maxim Makarov. I must say that this film has had a certain impact on her life. Due to the tight schedule of filming, Irina nearly missed the teenage son. Zhenya began to learn badly, began to argue with the elders.

Irina tsyvina

And then the actress came up with a thought: "And what if I give my son to the cadet corps?" She did not play the role of mother of Suvorov Makarov in the TV series. At first, Eugene took the offer of the parent with hostility. But the guy did enter the cadet corps. And he really enjoyed studying in this institution.

Irina Tsyvina: filmography

To date, in her creative piggy bankRepresented over 35 roles in serials and full-length tapes. Irina Tsivina has never tried on any imagery! The roles were diverse: noblewoman, police lieutenant, scriptwriter and so on.

Tsyvina Irina Constantinovna biography

Below are listed her most interesting and memorable film works for the period from 1989 to 2015:

  • "Paper eyes of Prishvin" (1989) - Alisa Aleyeva.
  • "In the surf zone" (1990) - Svetlana Lozovaya.
  • "Yama" (1991) - Manya Little.
  • "Lyuba, children and the plant" (2005-2006) - Tolik's mother.
  • "Women's History" (2006) - Tamara.
  • "Rich and Beloved" (2007) - Mrs. Smith.
  • "Squirrel in the wheel" (2007) - the senior stewardess Zhanna Strelnikova.
  • "Verdict" (2009) is a jury.
  • "Nanolyubov" (2010) - Irina Kolesnikova.
  • "Duel" (2011) - the mother of Oli and Tanya.
  • "HUGE. Simple guys 4 "(2012) - Irina Osokina.
  • "Bombila 3" (2013) - Rima Moshkevich.
  • "My beloved father" (2014) - Anastasia Borisovna.
  • "How to breed a millionaire" (2014) - head of the registry office.
  • "Pasechnik 2" (2015) - Nadia.

In 2016 several screens withthe participation of actress Tsyvina. In the film "A neighbor's marriage," Tsyvina brilliantly played the role of Vova's mother. In the series "Jackal" she got used to the image of Satarova. Irina Tsivina is not going to stop here. Her filmography will be replenished with new roles. After all, producers and directors literally fill up our heroine with proposals for cooperation.


Now in a life of the actress there has come the happy period. This is what Tsivina Irina Konstantinovna has been dreaming about for so long. The children have already grown up: the son of Eugene is 22 years old, and the daughter of Zina is 19 years old. They make her happy with her academic success. True, her daughter lives in Montenegro. But she regularly communicates with her mother via video.

Tsyvina irina constantinovna family

In the personal life of Tsyvina there are no changes. And how can you build a relationship when you live in the same house as your ex-husband? But the actress still hopes that fate will give her a kind, non-drinking and responsible person.


We reported on what path to fame and audience recognition was done by Evstigneev's wife - Irina Tsyvina. This woman has a great acting talent and an unbending character. We wish her interesting roles and happiness in her family life!

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