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Today we will tell you who Vyacheslav Murugov is. The biography of this person will be discussed below. It's about the Russian producer and co-owner of the company called "Art Pictures Vision". He is the general director of the holding company STS-Media.


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Vyacheslav Murugov was born in 1969, on January 26,in Novosibirsk. In 1986 he graduated from the Kalinin Suvorov School. He studied at the Faculty of Missile and Artillery Armament of the Higher Artillery School of Penza. I chose the specialty "engineer". In 1991 he graduated from this educational institution. Since 1995, he is one of the screenwriters, as well as episodic participants of the KVN (the team "New Armenians", BSU).

In 1997 resigned from the army of Belarus, receiving the title of captain. I started working on the main TV channels of the country - RTR and ORT - as a screenwriter. Author of the program "Song of the Year" and several others. Worked on the series "FM and the guys" for the RTR channel as an executive producer and screenwriter. Next was the participation in the animated series "Dyatlovs." For him, he wrote scripts. In 1999-2001, he was the producer of entertainment programs on the TV channel "Ugra".

Vyacheslav Murugov together with Timur Weinsteinand Oleg Osipov in 2000 created a production center called "Lean-M". In 2004, he became chairman of the board of directors, creative producer and co-founder of the company. In 2001-2005 he collaborated with the REN-TV channel. He held the post of creative producer, was engaged in the creation of entertainment programs. In 2005-2007 he collaborated with STS. There he took up the post of director of the production of serials, producer of entertainment programs, scriptwriter of the television channel. In 2007 he was promoted to major. He served as Executive Producer. In 2008-2014 he held the post of general producer of the holding company STS-Media and the director of the corresponding TV channel. Since 2015, again received a promotion. He became an adviser to the general director of the holding company STS-Media.

Since May 2015 he is a co-owner of the companyunder the name "Art Pictures of Groups". In 2016, on May 30, he became CEO of the holding company STS-Media. He is a member of the Academy of Russian Television and the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation. He is married. Has a daughter and two sons.


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Vyacheslav Murugov was awarded the prize in 2004«TEFI». Thus, his program "The shallow light" was marked. In 2008, our hero won three "TEFI" awards in different nominations. These awards he brought work on the projects "Daddy's Daughter" and "Thank God you came!". The series "Kadetstvo" won the prize from "MTV Russia". 2010 brought our hero another 3 TEFI awards. Thus, his work on the series "Voronin", the "Brain-Ring" program and the project "History of Russian show business" was noted. In 2012, our hero again won 3 TEFI awards. Thus, his work on the series "Closed School", the sitcom "Traffic Light" and the comedy show "One for All" was noted. In 2013, Vyacheslav Murugov was awarded a prize, the founder of which was the Association of Film Producers. This prize was awarded to over 17 series of the movie "Kitchen". In 2014 this project received the "TEFI" award. The series "Youth" was awarded the prize of the Association of Film Producers.


Vyacheslav Murugov
Now you know who Vyacheslav Murugov is. Filmography will be considered further. He was the producer of the paintings "Captains", "Fog", "The Last Battle", "Kitchen in Paris", "Battalion", "Elusive". Also, the script of the project "The Fourth Desire" belongs to its authorship.

TV shows

Vyacheslav Murugov biography
Vyacheslav Murugov is the author of the idea of ​​the followingprograms: "The shallow light", "Expensive transmission", "6 frames", "Watch out: children!", "Poetry of the bit". Producer of these projects: "Faculty of Humor", "Soldiers. Inside Out "," Mind Games "," Galileo "," Call "," The smartest "," Good jokes "," The color of the nation "," Medium "," The song of the day "," Everything is grown-up! "," You give young people! "," I want to believe! "," Videoboiva "," Some houses "," Big city "," Unpaid vacation "," Ukrainian quarter "," Random communications "," Mosgorsmeh "," Unreal story "," People Hea, Valera TV, Without a Tower, True Love, Myasoropka, Central Microphone, MasterShef, Creative Class, Big Question, Family 3D, Suspended People , "Seasons of Love", "Glavkniga." Is the head of the program "112. Emergency". He acted as scriptwriter of the projects: "Song of the Year", "Morning Mail", "Army Store", "KVN", "Good Evening with Igor Ugolnikov". So we told who Vyacheslav Murugov is. You can find his photo in this material.

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