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In 2009, the director Markus Dunstan presentedTo fans of films of horrors one of the brightest slashers of the beginning of 21st century - a tape "Collector". In 2012, he is replaced by "Collector 2" (actors: D. Stewart, E. Fitzpatrick, K. McDonald, L. Tergesen, T. Griffin, A. Royo) from the creators of the franchise "Saw", which explains a lot. Both projects have something in common: a mysterious maniac who kills highly inventive civilians in dozens. Suffering, murder, blood - so sparingly you can characterize the creation of Marcus Dunsten. But if you dig deeper into history, it will prove to be very worthy.

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The actors of the film "Collector 2"screen director's idea that the inventive killer Collector (Randall Archer), who bothered Arkin (Josh Stewart) in the first film, again goes on a hunt. First he combines (literally) the mowing party for teenagers, in order to kidnap the daughter of the local oligarch - Elena (Emma Fitzpatrick). Unfortunate Arkin, barely escaped the fallen misfortune, manages to get into another unpleasant story: he is arrested by the police. Avoid the court proceedings, he promises the father of Helen, if Arkin, along with a team of special forces will go to the lair of a maniac to save the girl. He agrees only to hold mercenaries to the door, but one of the bodyguards of the oligarch, Lucello (Li Tergesen), drags him inside. Well, everything is traditional in the house: disguised clever death traps are disguised, there is a kunstkammer of alcohol victims and crazy addicts rushing from chains. So, without much spoiling, you can give a description of the plot of the movie "Collector 2", the actors and roles of which, although they were selected carefully, but deserved extremely contradictory reviews.

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If in the first picture there was a great numbersadism, then in the second part there is an action, to some extent it is the merit of the performers of the main roles of the film "Collector 2". The actors showed themselves on the advantageous side, one fight at Luciolo's knives and a maniac is worth a lot. Quite a lot of claims from the audience deserved Randall Archer, who embodied the image of a genius killer. He did not keep the high bar of his own slasher hero, like "jeepers-creepers" or Freddy Kruger. In his hero remained very little scary mystery, perhaps affected by the lack of decent work experience on the big screen.

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Acting Casting

American actress Emma Fitzpatrick is relativelyexactly played the role of Elena. The girl debuted on TV in the episodic role in the CSI series (2010). The first work in the big cinema was the role in the film "Social Network", followed by the tape "Time" and "Collector 2". Actors, colleagues on the shop, predicted Emma in the future, a successful career in the film industry. The rest of the actors - Lee Tergesen, Christopher McDonald, Andre Royo, Tim Griffin - played pretty well, their heroes believe, there is not too feigned surprise or fear, but, unfortunately, there is also no special emotionality and deep drama. But maybe this is not necessary in a slasher like "Collector 2". The actors, whose photos adorn the poster, did not react to the attacks and insinuations of the film critics.

Strange protagonist

Arkin - a very controversial character, revealThis image in two parts of the picture was succeeded by Josh Stewart - an American actor. Josh became famous after participating in the television series "Dirt", where he performed the role of Holt McLaren. Serious debut in the big actor movie took place in 2008, since then he regularly starred in films (among his works are "The Ghosts of Molly Hartley", "The Collector", "Under the Dark," "The Dark Knight: The Return of the Legend," " Walking Dead: Cold Frost "," Collector 2 "). Actors who worked with Stuart, stressed his talent and professionalism. In 2014, Josh played the role of blind Paul in the movie "Excellence".

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The "One Home" version of the R category

The whole storyline of the film is represented by a string(collection) of very painful, painful violent deaths. In this, according to the creators, and is the artistic value of the film. We will not talk about morality now. In its genre orientation, the picture is made quite qualitatively. But in comparison with the first film, "Collector 2" definitely loses in many respects. The first film was surprised by non-standard plans, the author's manner of shooting, more sophisticated, unprecedented ways of murder. The creators of the second film of the death of the heroes "were put on the conveyor belt", the murders acquired a mass character. The sequel was tough enough. One of the few that migrated to the sequel is self-irony, which has become a feature of the franchise. Maniac in the film - not endowed with supernatural powers of the celestial, he is an ordinary man with a sick psyche. He's wrong, you can injure him, you can run away from him. And all the non-standard from the point of view of genre policy moves - this is the highlight of the franchise, which, however, does not prevent her from acquiring subsequent numerous sequels.

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