Missing Ghost: where is the wolf of John Snow?

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Keith Harington to date - a favoriteA female audience and a demanded actor. John Snow - the embodiment of honor, heroism and dignity. And of course, there was always a faithful friend of the Ghost next to him. However, he disappeared after the miraculous resurrection of his master. The fans of the series were looking forward to the werewolf in the seventh season of "Game of Thrones", but the wolf did not appear in the main story. Where the wolf of John Snow and whether he can return, we will consider in the material of the article.

Appearance of feralworms

Before you find out what happened to the wolf of John Snow,remember how the show appeared falcon. To the south of the wall in Winterfell Lands, King of the North, Eddard Stark, returned with his children from the execution of a deserter from the Night Watch. In the forest was a tattered deer, and nearby a dead she-wolf, next to which were five wolf cubs. Lord Winterfell decided to kill the puppies, but John recalled that the crocodile is a symbol of the Stark house, and they belong to children, each one by one. Eddard was forced to agree with such strong arguments. On the side of everyone, John, who had always considered himself a bastard, found another wolf cub, who was immediately called "defective," just for Snow. Lyutovolka south of the wall, the king wants to appoint the head of the house Starkov his right hand, and even the deserter talked about walkers - winter is close.

Where the wolf of John Snow

Connection of wolves and Stark

All of Stark's house are werewolves. The most pronounced abilities of Bran and Arya. But that is not all. The werewolves battle along with their masters and kill their enemies. So while Bran was in a coma after falling off the wall, Lanistra paid for his death. When the mercenary came to kill the boy, taking advantage of the fact that Kaitilin and Robb left the room, the creeper allowed him not to come near and dug right into his throat. However, these ferocious animals not only guard, but also participate in battles. The fate of wolves and their masters is closely related. So, for example, the first lady was lost. And Sansa became a toy in the hands of Cersei and Jofri. Nimeriya, the fierce Arya, fled to the forest at the behest of the mistress, so as not to be killed by the Lannisters, and the girl herself would soon have to flee to survive. In "The Game of Thrones" John Snow is presented quite like a Ghost: he is a loner, strong and brave, from a boy turns into a warrior, capable of independent decisions.


The ghost is an albino wolf, which at firstrepresented lagging behind, like John himself. He received his name not only for the color of the wool, but also for the silent movements. Rose wolf cub faster than all the other wolves, and first opened his eyes. He went with his master to serve on the wall. Of course, the fans of the series remember the episode of the first season, where the wolf of John Snow rescued Marmont from the attack of the white walker. When the owner goes to the wall, the Ghost remains with the patrol. Sam Tarley owes him his life during the attack of the white walkers. For some time the wolf spends in captivity, having fallen into the hands of the rebels in the enchanted forest. After John returns and his election as lord commander, the Ghost remains in the castle.

Gray Wind

The Ghost Brother Gray Wind is the wolf of the eldest sonStarkov is Robba, and he played an important role in the plot. He got his name for speed. The Wolf killed Wahlen during Bran's horse walk in the forest and attacked the wild. He participated in all the battles with Robb. During the host dispute with Big John, the latter took out a gun, for which the animal bitten off his two fingers. During the battle at Oxcross, a whaler killed six people, as well as several Lannister sentries. The brave animal and its owner died almost simultaneously, and both did not give up until the last. Robb Stark was killed in one of the bloodiest episodes of the series - "Red Wedding", in which the bride and Katilin also died.

What happened to the wolf of John Snow

Wolf in the 6th season of "Games of Thrones"

Recall that in the sixth season of the series "Game"John Snow was killed on treason charges, Thorn considered treachery to be a wild gate, for which the lord, the commander of the night watch, was slaughtered.

The ghost did not depart from the body of its master and disappearedimmediately after his resurrection. What happened to the wolf of John Snow remains a mystery, although the fans were waiting for him in the 7th season of the series, their hopes were not fated to justify, and the reunion was postponed for another season.

John Snow actor

Battle of the Bastards

Speaking of the series "Game of Thrones" can not be bypassedthe most massive battle is the battle of the bastards. Fans hoped to see the scene where the wolf of John Snow triumphantly returns to the main story and comes to the rescue. But, alas, this did not happen. How is this possible, where is the wolf of John Snow at such a moment? The screenwriters themselves explain this very simply: the budget of each series is estimated at about $ 6 million. Lutevolk is an animal that considerably exceeds the size of an ordinary dog, therefore it is increased by means of computer graphics. The presence of the Ghost did not fit into the planned budget, so the battle went without him.

What happened to the wolf of John Snow

Resurrection of the Ghost

George Martin posted a post on theannounced the death of the white wolf, but soon it became known that another animal had died, and the Ghost, to the delight of the fans, remained alive. Fans of the series exhaled after the shock and began to wait for a new season to find out what happened to the wolf of John Snow.

The appearance of the fir-wool in the new season of the series

"Game of Thrones" - one of the most mysteriousseries. Nobody can predict how events will unfold until the very last moment. Where the Wolf of John Snow has gone is unknown, but with great probability the Ghost remained alive and his return will be shown in Season 8, and the true reason for his disappearance will be revealed. In season 7, spectators watched Arya's meeting with her wolf Nimery. She created a flock and became her leader. For what it was needed, time will tell. Arya learned about the destiny of the fierce-believer from her dreams, which haunted her since the "Red Wedding". It was Nimeria who pulled Katillin Stark's body out of the water. Maybe the next season, which will be final, will answer the question of what happened to the wolf of John Snow and why he left his master for so long.

Game of Thrones by John Snow

The character of John Snow actor Keith Harringtonfell in love not only for beautiful eyes and stunning curls. He is a real hero. Fans wholeheartedly long to see the Ghost, because only he and Nimeria remained. We hope that in the new, eighth season of the "Game of Thrones" series, John Snow will find his wormhole alive.

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