The story "Taras Bulba": description of the main character and his sons

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One of the most famous works of NicholasVasilievich Gogol - "Taras Bulba". The description of events that took place for more than two centuries is one of the main motives for this story. And they all affect the fate of one character.

Creation of the story, reflection of historical events

In his work "Taras Bulba" NicholasVasilyevich touches on the past of the country, when a man broke away from everyday life and became capable of committing heroic and patriotic acts. When Gogol wrote this story, he often turned to many historical sources.

Nevertheless, in the center of the narrative of the story"Taras Bulba" description of a particular historical event is missing. The author devoted his work to the whole epoch, when the Ukrainian people conducted a national liberation struggle. I tried to reveal their heroic characters, attitude to their native land.

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Plausible description of events of the era

It is about the events connected with the struggle of Ukraineagainst the Lithuanian and Polish invaders, when the protagonist Taras Bulba, whose description of the character is interesting enough, together with other Cossacks created the Zaporozhye Sich and began their struggle against the gentry.

Nikolai Vasilyevich does not resort to methodssoftening or embellishing the events of that era. On the contrary, it is quite bright and believable to recreate the pictures of the past associated with the war. Gogol chose this moment in the life of the Ukrainian people, when his patriotic spirit was at the height of his rise. And it was this heroism that the writer was able to capture in his work.

The main character of the story and its main features

To clearly imagine the main character,It is necessary to go deeper into the description of the character of Taras Bulba. First of all, he was very hard. This is evidenced by the whole image of his life. Starting from everyday conditions (decoration of the room, or rather, his absence) and ending with relationships with close people - his wife or children, as well as his comrades-in-arms. Particular attention must be given to the behavior of this character in combat.

Taras is a Cossack colonel with a huge combatexperience. And he believes that he is always right about everything. Wise by life experience, he demands unconditional submission. His whole life is devoted to dangers and difficulties, the Cossack is filled with a thirst for justice. He is not created for family comfort, his real element is Sich.

description of the story taras bulba

Relations between the main character and his sons

Taras Bulba, whose character description inmostly built on the features of solid, somewhere even overly stringent, - a man not devoid of sentimentality. Somewhere you can see how he let down a tear, seeing the care of his wife or remembering his youth and his comrades-in-arms. Taras is used to being a father not only to his two sons, but to all Cossacks who believe him. These are those whom he commands, and whose lives are in his hands.

People trusted him, and he is obliged to be an examplefor them. At first glance, in relations with sons, it is impossible to notice any special love and affection, but nevertheless there is some kind of severe tenderness. Father hopes that his children will become worthy Cossacks and defenders of the Fatherland. Do not be deceived by his name.

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The main differences between the two sons of the main character

Where you can start describing the sons of TarasBulba? Probably, with their differences. The elder, Ostap, is represented by the author as the embodiment of courage. He, like Taras, loves his homeland, the people and is devoted to the Cossack brotherhood. The shape of it is formidable and filled with enormous inner strength. He - a real warrior, who must continue the difficult matter of his father.

Andrius is softer and more gentle. There are notable features of a quick-tempered young man. It is not proper for him to reason and ponder his actions. His life is spontaneous and subject to the influence of the senses, and not of the mind. Even in the battle, he committed such actions, to which Ostap, having a cold-blooded character, would never have made up his mind.

description of the sons of Taras Bulba

The author's attitude to the sincere feelings of Andriy

Nikolai Vasilyevich in his novel "Taras Bulba"description of Andria contrasts the image of his older brother. Of course, he stressed all the sincerity of the love of this tender impressionable young man to the Polish girl, but did not hide what Andriy could not rise above the level of the ordinary man.

The author condemned him for neglecting the youngman and father and brother, as well as love for the Motherland and his people, forgot about them for personal feelings. Nikolai Vasilevich emphasizes in the images of the brothers the contradictions of their characters. On the one hand - Ostap, filled with courage and courage, on the other - Andrius, absorbed in his own individualism.

Its image is opposed to the whole characterpeople, and his death was a necessary retribution for betrayal of common aspirations. Description of the sons of Taras Bulba is of great importance, since it allows us to reveal the meaning of the act of the protagonist. Murder of the son.

taras bulba description andriya

Manifestation of a hard character, or Revenge for betrayal

The description of the story "Taras Bulba" will not be completewithout discussing the scene of the murder of the main hero of his own son. Why did the father decide on such a terrible thing? The laws of the Cossacks were very strict. For theft and murder, they punished cruelly. About cowardice and betrayal, and it did not go, because it was believed that among the Cossacks such can not be.

When Andriy fell in love with the pannochka, he forgot everythingvows, which he gave. For the sake of his love, the young man was capable of everything: to kill a comrade, to betray his country. Taras understands that between the sense of duty to the Fatherland and his own emotions, his son makes a choice in favor of love. He does an act that can not be called masculine. And here there can be no excuses for him. And Andriy himself understands this. He dies at the hands of his father silently, only quietly pronouncing the name of his beloved.

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Another loss of an elderly Cossack

The trouble, as you know, does not come alone. The second son of Taras is taken prisoner. The description of Ostap from "Taras Bulba" from the first pages of this work is constantly filled with the most heroic features. He embodies the very epoch described by Nikolai Vasilevich. Not only in battles Ostap showed his courage - and in captivity he did not lose his dignity.

A young Cossack passed through a lot of tortures, buthe retained courage and honor. Even in the face of death, he seeks his father's eyes to show that he has not betrayed his people and his homeland. He remained faithful to the Cossack traditions and did not disgrace the memory of his ancestors. So important was the opinion of Taras Bulba, who always was an example for him.

description of the nature of the bulb

So Taras lost both of his sons. As distraught, he beats on the battlefield, wishing to avenge the death of Ostap. The Poles paid dearly for catching a desperate Cossack. Taras Bulba dies as courageously as he fought and lived. Until the last minute, he remembered his comrades-in-arms and his beloved Fatherland.

"Taras Bulba". Description of the steppe, or the image of Ukrainian spaces

There is in the story a wonderful description of the Ukrainiannature. The author draws it at a time when Taras is traveling with his sons to battle comrades. Everyone is busy with his thoughts. Father recalls his younger years, he reflects on how time flies, sad about the dead friends. Ostap busy thinking about his mother excitement that really touched the hearts of the young Cossack. And Andrew dreams of a beautiful Polish girl, entrenched in his heart.

And here Nikolai Vasilyevich begins in his("Taras Bulba") description of the steppe. Paying attention to the beauty of Ukrainian nature, the heroes forget about their own thoughts - they have so captured their boundless expanses of their native land. They plunge headlong into the atmosphere of the steppe life, hear every sound of it, merge with the surrounding nature.

taras bulba description of the steppe

Cracking grasshopper, rustle of grass, screams of gophers ... Heroes watching the sunset and enjoying the fabulous colors that filled the earth. In this description, Gogol's love for his Motherland and its boundless fields is felt. It was in this part of the work that Nikolai Vassilievich invested a special part of the soul and heat, trying to convey his emotions and feelings to his native land.

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