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Not having the power of Hollywood, budgets and"Lured" viewers, Spain, like the rest of the world, is trying to draw a bit of attention to the world cinema publicity on itself. The filmmakers of the state, regardless of the economic crisis, are stuck-up - they will be thrown into the world's hire of the eccentric Almodovar, then they will give out a thriller with an impressive set of passions, then horror will screech horror. That's their next move - the murderous melodrama of Daniel Kalparsoro "Lightning" - suddenly powerfully declared itself in the world box office.

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Mediterranean passion in the skilful cut

The actors who took part in the project "Ignition"characterize as a sultry love story, alternating with inexorable races in the style of "Fast and Furious". A glossy slogan, assuring the viewer that the picture from the producers "Three meters above the sky", only complements the intrigue. In fact, the film is simple, the plot action is sometimes excessively fussy, the characters make silly acts every now and then, act logically and deliberately (which can be attributed to the peculiarities of the Mediterranean temperament), but in general the project is done with surprising diligence. "Ignition" is a film in which the film makers will surely note the work of the operator (Daniel Aranyo), the successful choice of locations and neat, even modestly staged erotic and romantic scenes.

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According to the "Three meters ..."

All inconsistencies in the plot line overshadow theirskill and temperament actors. "Ignition" begins with the acquaintance of the viewer with the beautiful Ari (actress Adriana Ugarte), who is a member of a gang of robbers, and her job is to seduce rich men in order to penetrate their homes. After that, her accomplices are sent, led by her friend Navas (Alberto Amman). The gang is quite successful, and its extraction allows the participants to leave Madrid. The heroes are sent to Lisbon to take part in organized car races. Navas, being an experienced rider, expects to win and the main prize, which would ensure that they have a comfortable and honest existence. It remains for them to turn the last deal, which turns out to be a failure.

alex Gonzalez

Not according to plan

The next victim of the fatal beauty becomesthe narrowed owner of the jewelry store Mikel (actor Alex Gonzalez), and he turns out to be a tough nut to the insidious temptress. After a demonstration flight on a private plane Ari realizes that she fell in love with her victim. To all it turns out that Mikel - ex-racer, a professional who stopped participating in competitions because of the accident. Now the "bandit" and "majeure" compete not only for the heart of the main heroine, but also for the main prize of racing. Love and crime stories are mixed up at the very moment when Navas challenges Mikel and they both take part in the warm-up before the official competitions - in the underground race. Men understand that one field berries, and outwardly not inferior to each other, their roles are performed by handsome actors. "Ignition" is a picture, the creators of which were more concerned not with the presence of an actor's talent, but with the external data of the performers of the main roles.

alex Gonzalez


Zapravsky handsome Alex Gonzalez gavethe viewer is somewhat unreasonable character, but worthy of being beaten by the performer. In the frame, it looks quite decent and worthy. But Alberto Amman, although played well, but lost to Alex in all respects. Undeniable dignity of the movie should be considered Adrian Ugarte, at least for his sexy appearance and decent acting talent.

For the target audience

Spanish movie with frenzied races andbeautiful guys do not pretend to be a masterpiece of cinema art, but the task is perfect, being a product collected by the creators from impressive music videos and professionally served for the target audience. This is confirmed by critics, creators, and actors. "Ignition" - a mixture of sweet pop hits for girls, adrenaline episodes with races for the strong half of humanity, ie. a wonderful film-occasion for a date.

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