Van Gogh exhibition in Moscow "Revived canvases" - an unforgettable sight

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In 2015, 125 years have passed since the tragic death of the outstanding post-impressionist Vincent Van Gogh. In this regard, in many countries, thematic exhibitions devoted to his work were held.

Exhibition Van Gogh (Revived canvases) in Moscow

The popularity of the installation

Van Gogh exhibition in Moscow "Revived canvases"made a real sensation. It was visited by more than 200 thousand residents and guests of the capital. Many came from different cities of Russia specifically for this. Success decided to consolidate in St. Petersburg, and there came 150 thousand visitors. This megapopular installation to Moscow managed to visit Hungary, Israel, USA, Turkey, Chile.

Time and place

Many people were interested in the Van Gogh exhibition"Revived canvases" in Moscow. Where does the event take place? The question, unfortunately, is already irrelevant. Van Gogh's exhibition "Revived canvases" in Moscow worked from October 15, 2015 to January 24, 2016. But, judging by the success of the installation, it can still happen again.

For this, the ArtPlay Design Center was rented.The total exhibition area of ​​more than 2000 square meters produced an indelible impression. Exact address: st. Lower Syromyatnicheskaya, 10 (metro station "Kurskaya"). The exposure time is from 11-00 to 21-00.

Exhibition Van Gogh in Moscow (Revived canvases)

Of more than 2,000 works of art,created by Van Gogh for his short creative life, the exhibition featured 400 most iconic paintings. But it should immediately be noted that these are not original canvases, but images on large screens. They appeared on all four sides around the viewer and even on the floor.

Multimedia mode

The exhibition "Revived canvases" (Moscow) is not in vain sois called. The goal of the organizers was not just to acquaint visitors with the life and work of the great Dutch artist. On this installation, thanks to different 3D effects and multi-touch technologies, you could feel yourself literally inside the picture. The sound of an approaching locomotive, the stars flying to the cosmic distance, the spinning blades of the mill, the water ripples in the puddles, the gradually appearing buds, the eerie croaking of crows, the glare of stars and lanterns reflected in the night sea - all this was simply fascinating. The pictures on the screens did not appear immediately, but with strokes: it seemed as if the master's brush was moving along the easel and the picture was born right before our eyes. All the action together with a chic collection of classical music allowed to fully plunge into the world of post-impressionism.

Exhibition revived canvases (Moscow)

Course of the exhibition

Demonstration of all 400 images lasted about 25 minutes. Van Gogh's exhibition in Moscow "Revived canvases" was built on a chronological basis.

Begins the performance from the Netherlands period.Living in a town of miners, Van Gogh is very impressed by the hardships of their life, and so the first light sketches of coal and pencil appear on which depicts women carrying sacks of coal. The painting "A gloomy day at sea" is the beginning of a long relationship between the artist and the environment.

It is no secret that the periods of despair and depression wereare very frequent in the life of Van Gogh, and this was constantly reflected in his paintings. When he was 29, he fell in love with his model, a pregnant alcoholic prostitute. Her portrait called "Grief" the artist himself considered one of the best works.

When he returned to his native Noan, then his palettebecame more muffled, he began to paint in gray-brown tones. The first significant painting ("Potato Eaters") appears precisely in this period. The main detail on it - strong, accustomed to the work of the hands of the peasants.

In Paris, he is inspired by the work of the Impressionists and develops a new technique by which his paintings are recognized at a glance: he paints with steep lines, strokes and even dots.

The period in Provence Arles is characterized by violencecolors (there are bright yellow, orange, azure). Van Gogh writes, like an obsessive, his paintings are directly blazing with life. One of the strongest in the color work is the "Yellow House".

The most famous cycle of Van Gogh is "Sunflowers." Even on the screens are visible clots of paint, giving buds a special relief.

Van Gogh's exhibition in Moscow "Revived canvases" did not pass over and many self-portraits of the artist, including with a severed ear.

The most famous painting "Starry Sky" appears in the clinic of Saint-Reni. This is the apotheosis of his impressionism with all the dynamics and contrast.

 Exhibition of Van Gogh Animated paintings in Moscow: where passes

In the last year of life, which the artist spent in Auvers-sur-Oise, his landscapes are filled with emptiness and despair. That there are only "Crows over a wheat field" or "Reaping".

Van Gogh exhibition in Moscow "Revived canvases" gavefeel like the development of his unique style, and the depth of the loneliness of the artist and his emotional throwing. A huge number of visitors to the installation once again proved that, according to the artist himself, "people finally admitted that his paintings are more expensive than the colors with which they were written."

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