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Unfortunately, this happens quite often.Feelings become dull, emotions fade, and passion fades. Sometimes the situation saves respect, but only for a while. In general, the appearance of a third person in such cases is an ordinary phenomenon. The article will describe movies about treason and love triangles. Their list is as follows:

  • "Another of Boleyn's kind."
  • "Chloe."
  • "Last night in New York."
  • "Home, sweet hell."
  • "Status: Available".
  • "Adventurers."

"Another of the Boleyn family"

This picture describes the events that took placein England during the reign of King Henry of the Tudor dynasty. The monarch waited a long time for his wife to give him an heir, but this did not happen. Then he decided to get it from another woman. Of course, there are many applicants, but a lucky chance falls out to a girl from a simple village family called Boleyn.

movies about love triangle

There is no limit to joy, when one day the father of the familyinforms her daughter, Anna, that she is to become the mistress of the king and give birth to his heir. True, Henry liked her younger sister - Maria. Her husband does not mind, and the father insists, so the girl has to obey. Soon she gives birth to the son's son, which is very frustrating for her sister. After all, it was Anna who dreamed of becoming the beloved woman of the king and for that she was ready for much.


There are films about a love triangle and treason,where people commit strange acts based only on their suspicions. Catherine and David are a great couple, an example of successful people. She is a private doctor, he is a teacher at the university, they live in a luxurious house with their seventeen-year-old son. A crack in their strong marriage occurs when David flies on a business trip, but there it lingers. He even misses the celebration of his own birthday. Catherine begins to suspect her husband of treason, because next to him constantly spinning female students.

movies about treason and love triangles

She tries to find evidence of treason:digs into his things and checks the phone. But all is vain. Then she hires a prostitute named Chloe, who will seduce her husband. It required only detailed reports on the work done. The case is not difficult, but it will necessarily lead to unpredictable events.

"Last night in New York"

Movies about a love triangle and treason oftentalk about a simple test of relations. As it happened in the picture "Last night in New York", which tells about Joanne and Michael. They are happy together, live in a large apartment in Manhattan and do not even imagine what could ruin their relationship. But one party made Joanna think about it.

movies about love triangle list

The girl noticed how Michael cute discussions withhis employee details the upcoming business trip to Philadelphia. She has no reason not to let him go, but after she leaves she can not calm down. And suddenly he meets his ex, who invites her on a date. She agrees to spend the evening with him. After all, she is no longer sure of her relationship with Michael.

"Home, sweet hell"

There are films about the love triangle and treason,where the offense of one of the spouses is able to rally the pair even more. Take at least a married couple of Don and Mona Champaign. Their relationship can be characterized as stable. Even when Don stopped being an ordinary seller of used cars and opened his own business, he continued to be just a shadow of his wife.

Russian films about the love triangle

Mona is a housewife, obsessed with cleanliness and comfort,as well as total control over children and her husband. She constantly reminds him that everything he achieved is the merit of her parents. Don has not perceived her as a woman for a long time, that's why he drew attention to his colleague Dusty. The girl gave him the ease that he probably never received from his wife. As a result, she became pregnant. And for silence she began to ask for money. Then Don turned to his wife, who for the sake of the family is ready for anything.

«Status: Available»

And now let's pay attention to Russian films aboutlove triangle and treason. It's probably very romantic to meet your love on the eve of some holiday, for example, Halloween. Nikita and Athena immediately liked each other. Passion flares up between them, and they spend all their time together. And suddenly the guy was completely alone.

movies about love triangle

That's right, literally in an instant, they crumblestrong at first glance relationship. Nikita is seriously experiencing a break with a girl who simply exchanged it for a successful dentist. Now he is free, but he expects that this will not take long. After all, he firmly decided in the near future to find a way to return Athena.


Finishing describing films about lovetriangle, the list we add to the domestic adventure melodrama "Adventurers." Katya and Andrew are flying to Malta. In the diving center the girl meets her former young man - Max. He works here as an instructor and invites the guys to dive together.

movies about treason and love triangles

The main events begin to develop when Katyafinds a piece of cloth from a life jacket, presumably from a German submarine. The guys find out that she was carrying a collection of ancient relics, but she never reached the place. Apparently, she sank here. Max, Katya and Andrei decide to check it out. During the search for treasures, they not only expose their lives to dangers, but also become participants in a love triangle.

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