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Probably, many visited one of thesights of Australia - Wolfe Creek. But at least three of them will definitely not be there. After all, they became victims of a mad sadist and a psychopath who was in the vicinity of the crater. Do you think fiction? Not really. After all, the film "Wolf's Pit," the actors, roles and plot of which will be discussed below, is based on real events.

Wolfe creek

The Australian crater of the "Wolf's" was formedabout 300,000 years ago. Its diameter is almost 900 meters, and the depth reaches 60 meters. It is believed that such parameters it is due to a meteorite weighing approximately 50,000 tons.

wolf pit actors
The crater is located in the vast desert of Tanami,far away from residential areas, so it was not known for so long and was only found in 1947. They say that in this place one can still find small fragments of that meteorite. Probably, this is what attracts the attention of many tourists. Three heroes of the movie "Wolf's Pit" also went on tour, the actors and roles of which will be discussed below.

Unfinished Journey

So, young people Liz, Christie and Ben decideGo on a trip to Australia with a stop at a local landmark - a huge crater called the Wolf's Pit. But as soon as time comes to continue the path, strange things begin to happen. For example, the watch hands miraculously stop, and the battery in the car is discharged. At night they just can not get out of here. And the heroes decide to spend the night in the car.

the film's wolf's actors
Soon they notice a bright light from the approachingcar. It was Mike Taylor, who seemed to just pass by. He volunteered to repair the transport, however, for this he needed tools that remained in the camp. Making sure that his services will be completely free, the guys agree to go. Upon arrival, Mike treats the guests with water and goes to repair the car. And tourists go to bed. The next night one of the girls wakes up in a shed, bound and gagged in her mouth.

The film "Wolf's Pit": actors and roles

The strong part of the young company, Ben Mitchell,played Nathan Phillips ("The Diaries of Chernobyl", "Snakes on the plane", etc.). He is Australian, unlike his friends-Britons. He likes one of them, and he expects that the trip to the crater will help the girl to be liberated. Apparently, so it would have happened, if it had not happened what happened.

 wolf hole 2 actors

The role of Liz Hunter was performed by Cassandra Magrath. Like the others who appeared in the thriller "Wolf's Pit" actors, she acted in several other films ("The Big Mommy Boy", "The Frightening Company", etc.). The British are more serious than their friends, she seems to take care of them. First, Mitchell sends an agreement with Mike, and then calms the guys so they stop joking with him. As if she knew that it would not lead to the good. The girl realizes that she likes Ben. However, the guy is also pretty. Who knows, maybe they will do something if, of course, they survive.

wolf pit actors and roles

Kesti Morassi ("Dirty Deeds", "Illustrated Family Doctor") won the role of Christie Earl, frivolous girlfriend Liz. Given the genre of the film, I immediately want to give her the status of a victim number one.

wolf pit actors

This and all the actors of the movie "Wolf's Pit," whichplay positive characters. There was a serial killer. He was played by John Jarret ("Picnic at the Hanging Scale", "Dzhango Liberated", "Australia", etc.). Mike Taylor lives in abandoned mines, near the crater. He was a ray of hope for the children, when he found their stalled car and offered to repair it completely free of charge. Therefore, it did not bother them that he appeared here at night, although there was not a soul in this place for the whole day. And what specific work he has. And even the fact that he treated them with rainwater from a dirty canister. On the other hand, did they have a way out?

the film's wolf's actors
So what's the problem with the movie "The Wolf's Pit"? Actors may well played, but their characters are not sufficiently disclosed. They have nothing to say about them. There is no information about their past, interests, work, family, even it is unclear how they got here. They seemed to have just been born, and then they were simply inserted into the beginning of the film and allowed on the plot.

And why did they go three together? Who is doing this now? Could not they have found another Australian who would have been Christie's company. After all, there were many more on the beach. Although, maybe, in this country so it is accepted.

Truth or fiction?

At the beginning of the film the announcer explains that he is basedon real events. Indeed, in Australia there was such a maniac, Ivan Milat, who deprived the lives of seven people. Yes, among them were the British, the Australians and the Germans, and all the victims mostly died of knifes and gunshot wounds. But Milat did not attack entire companies. Mostly he hunted for lonely tourists.

wolf hole 2 actors
His capture was facilitated by a person whocalled the police and said that he almost died after meeting with Milat when he offered to give him a ride. After the attack, he managed to escape on a passing car. That's just this man was alone, so he could not be a witness of the events happening in the film. So, most likely, the plot of the picture was invented on the basis of this story.

To be continued

In principle, the film can be called successful, givenreviews about it. Therefore, in 2013, Greek McLean introduced a new story about people who went to the neighborhood of the same crater. So the film "Wolf Pit 2" appeared. Actors in it, except, of course, John Jarret, others have acted in film. The main roles went to Ryan Corru ("Help to become a father", "For reasons of conscience"), Shannon Ashlyn ("Chocolate oyster") and Philip Klaus. So the characters trapped in the trap again were three.

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