Mysterious films with an unpredictable outcome. List of the best films

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Most of us like surprises.Psychologists associate this with the unquenchable thirst of mankind to discover and explore new things. For this reason, thrillers and detectives are some of the most popular cinematographers. After all, almost all the mysterious films with an unpredictable outcome seem to turn viewers into detectives conducting investigations. Which of the modern films with puzzles and unexpected plot twists can be attributed to the best? Let's look at eighteen of the most interesting films of this kind, shot in the last thirty years.

1. "The Heart of an Angel" (1987)

If we consider mysterious films with an unpredictable outcome, we should start with the picture of Alan Perker Angel Heart.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

Her plot carries the audience in the middle of the 1950syears. It was at this time that a private investigator from New York named Harry Engel was tasked to find a famous musician Johnny Favorit. Holding the case, Angel understands that he is involved in a strange story with murders and mysticism. And his freedom and life are under threat.

2. "The Sixth Sense" (1999)

The next project, which is worth paying attention to, is the tape by M. Night Shyamalana The Sixth Sense.

In the center of her story is the children's psychiatrist Malcolm Crow, who treats young Cole Sier, suffering from a mental disorder. The child claims to see ghosts.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

Trying to help the boy, Dr. Crowe soon finds evidence that his young patient is telling the truth.

3. "Fight Club" (1999)

The tape of David Fincher Fight Club is not likedetective story, like the previous two. Her main character is a 30-year-old American who has lost her taste for life. Accidental acquaintance with the non-conformist Tyler Durden and the joint organization of the underground "Fight Club" make a man reconsider his priorities and start living differently.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

This tape, based on the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk, became cult and is still loved by many viewers around the world.

4. "Remember" (2000)

But the film by Christopher Nolan Memento isagain detective. The protagonist named Leonard Shelby had to endure the death of his wife. Now he lives for the sake of one - to find and punish her murderer. That's just because of his illness the hero can not remember new information for longer than 15 minutes.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

But Shelby is determined, he leaves a clue. But will he be able to carry out his plans, because the hero does not even know who to trust in this difficult situation?

5. "Other" (2001)

Studying the most mysterious films with unpredictabledenouement, you should pay attention to the picture of Alejandro Amenabar The Others. It is a very unusual version of the traditional film about ghosts.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

The tape tells about the Stuart family,living in a remote estate on one of the Channel Islands. The devout mistress of the house begins to suspect that ghosts have appeared in their dwelling. But why they appeared in this house and how to get rid of them, remains to be seen.

6. "The Life of David Gale" (2003)

Alan Parker, who shot "Angel Heart", is the director of another mysterious film. It's about the criminal detective The Life of David Gale.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

This is the story of an investigation conductedcorrespondent of Betsy Bloom. A woman interviews a convict for the murder of her friend David Gale. The man claims that he is innocent, and the journalist believes him.

However, she only has 3 days to save David Gale's life. Will she have time to find out the truth about this murderer in such a short time, or will an innocent person be executed?

7. "Deja vu" (2006)

The confused detective story of Déjà Vu, shot by Tony Scott, is difficult to unequivocally attribute to a certain genre. There is a love story, an investigation, and elements of an action movie.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

In the center of events is special agent Doug Carlin,involved in the search for the organizer of the terrorist attack on the ferry. The investigation leads him to a certain Claire Kuchever, who may have witnessed the preparation of the explosion. Carlin falls in love with Claire, but the girl is killed. Now, to find the killer and terrorist, Doug is ready to do anything, even to do the impossible.

8. Shaitan (2006)

Quite unlike all of the above is the French film "Shaitan" (Sheitan) Kim Shapiron.

Shaitan film

His plot is very similar to the traditional horror film:a group of young people are leaving to rest for a weekend in a remote village and there joins with a maniac who destroys uninvited guests. However, Shapiron succeeds in adding a ribbon of French charm, which is rarely seen in Hollywood thrillers. Therefore, the film "Shaitan" will be more interesting to real connoisseurs of European cinema.

In addition, few of the female audience will leave indifferent charismatic protagonist of the painting in the performance of Vincent Cassel.

9. The Triangle (2009)

The film "Triangle" (Triangle) by Christopher Smith will appeal to lovers of mystical riddles and time travel. After all, all this is in sufficient quantity in this tape.

The main character is the single mother Jess, who went with her friends to go on a yacht. They are wrecked and forced to change seats on the ship that they meet on the way.

triangle movie

This floating liner seems to be empty for a long time.But this is not so. Somewhere in one of the numerous cabins a maniac killer hid, who is preparing to "punish" uninvited guests. Will any of the friends survive in this hell or are they doomed?

Paradoxically, although the film "Triangle" withcrash failed at the box office, those who looked at it, left excellent reviews about this picture. That's why the tape on Rotten Tomatoes has a rating of 82%.

10. "Exam" (2009)

Among the most mysterious films with an unpredictable denouement stands alone the psychological drama-rebus of Stuart Hazeldin.

She talks about an interview for an importantposition. All applicants are locked in one room, they handed out the leaves with the assignment. But the trouble is that nothing is written on the sheets. How can I pass the exam without knowing its conditions? Trying to understand this, each of the subjects begins to show their true face. Who will win in this match?

11. Buried (2010)

The tape of Rodrigo Cortez Buried is a vivid example of the fact that even with a small budget it is possible to remove an intriguing film.

buried alive

As the name implies ("Buried alive"),The picture tells of a man who was buried alive in a coffin. This unfortunate person turns out to be a driver who works for hire in Iraq. After recovering from the attack of militants, the man finds a mobile phone near him. Now this is his only connection with the outside world and the chance to get out of this deadly trap. Will it succeed him?

It is worth noting that the idea with the buried aliveman is not new. Before that, two films were filmed, telling about people who were buried alive. At the same time, "Buried alive" differs from them in that the whole picture takes place in a coffin.

12. Hodejegerne (2012)

Motrene Thilduma's movie "Bounty Hunters" is a disturbing sight, capable of keeping the viewer in suspense for the duration of the entire viewing.

bounty hunters

The plot of the plot is quite simple:a businessman named Roger Brown seems to be surrounding the ordinary business man. He works in a solid company, specializing in finding suitable specialists for important and complex projects. Like many professional hodejegerne (bounty hunters), he is very smart, smart and able to find non-standard solutions to many problems. However, few people realize that in fact, Brown uses these talents for another, "after-work" work. After all, he is a very experienced abductor of works of art.

Once determined to retire, Brown wantsturn the last thing, able to provide his family with a comfortable old age. However, he does not even know with what dangerous enemy he will face this time.

13. The Woman in Black (2012)

James Watkins' movie "Woman in Black" is a remake of the same tape of 1989. At the same time, Watkins very creatively approached the project.

Woman in black

As in the classic film, the main characterHistory is a young lawyer Arthur Kipps. In connection with the work, he comes to one provincial town. Soon, a man learns about a mysterious woman in black, who (according to local residents) kills all the children in the district. Unable to escape, Kipps is forced to take up the investigation to find out how to stop this horror.

By the way, this tape also has a sequel - "Woman in Black 2: The Angel of Death" - with the original interpretation of the plot. However, this picture was not as successful as the first part.

14. "Extract" (2012)

The film "Extraction" (Extracted) tellsthe history of inventor Thomas Jacobs. Being enthusiastic about his work, he does not find time for relatives and friends. The fate bitterly punishes him for this: after an unsuccessful experiment to introduce his own consciousness into someone else's, Thomas finds himself "trapped" in someone else's mind.

film extraction

More than 4 years, he has to huddle in a foreign brain, until he does not appear hope of freedom. But will it be possible for Jacobs, because he is not locked in the brain of an ordinary person, but a murderer?

15. "Time error" (2015)

In the center of Bradley King's motion picture there are threefriends who accidentally found a camera in an empty neighbor's flat, pictures of which depicts the events of tomorrow. Realizing that in this way you can make good money, friends start to leave messages to themselves. However, because of a couple of unreasonable acts, the guys are hostage to a terrible person. Now every day they are waiting with horror for a new photo, fearing the next to see their own lifeless bodies.

time error

The tape "Time Lapse" isa non-standard attempt to take a fresh look at the eternal dream of humanity to know its future. Although its implementation is not ideal in everything, it is very entertaining and will please a new interpretation of the classical development of the plot.

16. "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" (2016)

The film "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" is a rather bizarre mixture of psychological drama and mystical thriller.

The main acting hero (though because of hisfinding in a coma "acting" it is difficult to call) - a nine-year-old kid named Louis. This cute boy is constantly attracting various misfortunes. The apogee of all of them is that on his 9th birthday he falls from a cliff. Rescuers manage to find and save Louis, but the child falls into a coma, from which, perhaps, never will.

film the ninth life of Louis Drax

Meanwhile, the police are starting an investigationmysterious incident, believing that the boy fell not himself, but someone pushed him. Under suspicion two: mother and father. Who of them is guilty of Louis's tragedy? This is exactly what the charming doctor of the boy is trying to find out - Allan Pascal. But is he really ready to know the truth?

Although the film "The Ninth Life of Louis Drax" wasnegatively accepted by most critics and collected not so many reviews from the audience, the picture is a very entertaining spectacle and capable of offending many skeptics. In addition, she gives viewers another reason to admire the game of two incredibly beautiful artists: Sarah Gadon and Jamie Dornan.

17. Contract to Kill (2016)

Kioni Waxman's tape "Contract for Murder" at first glance looks like a regular gunman. However, like all the paintings in this collection, there is a mystery in her story.

contract of murder

The main character is the special agent of the CIAJohn Harmon. Being an experienced operative, he gets information that 2 large criminal organizations are planning to conclude a cooperation agreement. The result can be a terrorist attack on several US cities.

To save hundreds of innocent lives, Harmon will have to use all his abilities, knowledge, experience and connections. But is this enough to stop the criminals?

18. The Doll (2016)

The last in this list of the best pictures fromunpredictable plot twists is the tape of William Brent Bell The Boy. Despite its modest budget, it is a very successful implementation of the theme of the house with ghosts.

mysterious films with unpredictable outcome

The main character is a young American named Greta. Running away from problems in her homeland, she is hired to work as a nanny to an eight-year-old son of the owners of an old Victorian mansion.

However, having arrived in England, the girl, to her surprise, discovers that the son of her employers was killed many years ago, and she will have to be nursed with a big porcelain doll, fashioned in his likeness.

After the mysterious disappearance of the hosts and a series of unusual incidents in the house of Greta, he begins to believe that this doll is alive ...

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