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The premiere of the movie "The Cobra's Roll" was held inJapan on July 27, 2009. Stephen Sommers made a feature film based on a comic book based on a series of toys, "Joe Soldiers: A Real American Hero." The slogan of the film is "When the others give up, they go to the end."

Beginning of work on the film

The film began filming in February 2008 on the set of Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles.

Almost a month the crew was working on the shootingof the movie "Cobra-1 Throw". The actors visited the Old Town in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. The other half of the group conducted filming in Tokyo, Paris, Egypt, including underwater.

In Norway, with its harsh climate, scenes were shot at the North Pole, and Texas Fort Worth served as military targets.

cast cobras actors

Paris, of course, was a necessary entourage, but the scenes of the chase in this city were filmed in Prague, because it was much easier!

Most of the scenes are done withcomputer graphics. So, for example, scenes of landing on the platform of the base "Ji-Joe" were mounted, spectacular computer processing was used to create ice caves on the basis of "Cobra", as well as all the frames of the final underwater battle.

Selection of the director of the picture

In order to depict a story on the screen,connecting a bright action and a variety of mythology, turned to the director Steve Sommers, who was able to translate the canons of both genres. His stunning display of many elements in blockbusters "The Mummy" and "The Mummy Returns" (interesting battle scenes, various adventures, many scenes with humor, the creation of colorful images and the adventure romance on the verge of life and death) helped to become these two films box-office champions.

The release of toy soldiers from the category G.I.JOE began in 1964. A series of toys has been popular since the Vietnam War. Until now, the popularity of this series of toys has remained unchanged. Only now these soldiers have turned into a detachment, uniting fighters from different countries, each of which had its own qualification and its own kind of weapons.

Main characters

To create the film "The Cobra" cast, actors were selected to such characters as:

  • Rippord is an excellent sniper and a weapon expert.
  • Snake Aiz - in addition to being a ninja, he was armed with a Glock pistol and, of course, a katana.
  • Scarlett is a beauty with a martial arts mastery.
  • Breaker is a computer genius and an experienced decipherer.
  • Heavy Duty is an experienced weapons expert.
  • General Hawk is the squad leader.
  • Kraiger is an assistant to the general and scout.
  • Duke - seasoned in battles, leader of the detachment.

The plot of the film is fantastic, but the director StephenSommers believes that all the technologies that are shown in the film "Roll the Cobra", the actors and heroes mastered completely. And he believes that they will be realized after 10-20 years. In this he is 100% sure. Get such confidence the director, was able, studying books and magazines on the development of weapons.

The director made a film,saturated thriller. To create the film "Cobra Throw" the actors were selected as an international team of recognized masters and ascending stars. Sommers tried to translate the patriotic American myth onto the screen by transferring the action in the near future.

Work on the script

Through the mountains of Central Asia to the deserts of Egypt, byThe cheerful streets of Paris to the icy North Pole are moved by an elite special unit, named G.I. JOE. The soldiers are equipped with the latest weapons and advanced reconnaissance equipment. The task before the detachment is not easy: not to give the dealer weapons Destro and the mysterious organization "Cobra" to break the peace.

To attract the viewer was required not justmove to the screen of toys and replace them with people. To work on the script, Di Bonaventure attracted the writer, Michael B. Gordon, who together with Stephen Sommers wrote the main story. Later, they joined David Eliot and Paul Love, and then Stuart Beatty. And for the film "Casting a Cobra" actors and roles were selected based on this joint scenario.

Writers took as a basis the basic story, which fell in love with the fans of the game: G.I. JOE is instructed to transport samples of new secret weapons and they should not fall into the hands of bad guys.

Sommers and Dee Bonaventure did not retreat from the comics.For the film, a multinational team was assembled, and although the actors speak different languages, the real partnership is maintained between them and it is felt by the audience.

The film "Cobra's Throw": actors and roles

Over the years, the creators of toys seriesG.I. JOE inspired fans that it was a courageous and most reliable American soldier. In the film, this image is embodied by Duke. He is devoted to his friends and is ready to sacrifice his life for them and for his country. He is the basis of the team, and the viewer in the film sees his eyes.

cast of cobra

In order to play such a "classicalAmerican ", the creators of the film" Throw Cobra "actors for a long time were not chosen. This role was offered to such a famous moviegoer actor, as Channing Tatum. His choice was influenced by his attractive appearance and good physical shape. This allowed him to create the image of a soldier from G.I. JOE.

The actor himself, in his youth was fond of soldiers G.I. JOE, says that this is "the role of his whole life." And during the shooting he himself performs his tricks.

Duke is escorted by his spetsnaz friend, sharpin the language of Rippord. This is one of the main characters, he plays a big role in the final part of the picture - the clash of G.I. JOE and Cobra. To create such a pair on the screen in the movie "Throw cobra" actors and characters should look like one.

The image of Ripcord was able to create Marlon Waynes. This is an actor who can laugh and be reliable. As DiBonaventura notes, Marlon is naturally a funny and good actor.

With no less impatience, the fans of G.I. JOE was waiting for the appearance of Snake Isa on the screen. The image of the mysterious ninja is a cult character of this game.

cast cobra 2 actors

To this role, the same cultan actor, a connoisseur of martial arts, like Ray Park. When they just announced the creation of the film based on G.I. JOE, the Park itself was already burning with the idea of ​​taking part in the creation of this image in the film. To do this, he even bought Snake Wise's costume and was present at the screen test. When the producers saw him in this image, all the other candidacies of the actors immediately disappeared!

Ray Park made every effort to make the image of the silent Snake as lifelike as possible. To play the role of a hero who does not say a word was a real challenge for Park as an actor.

The counterintelligence duties in the G.I.JOE performs Scarlett, she is strong, dexterous, well versed in weapons and excellent shoots. Scarlett is an intellectual, she was able to graduate from college at the age of 12. In addition to all these qualities, she is insanely beautiful.

cast cobra actors and roles

The search for the actress led the producers to Rachel Nichols.Since the projects of films of this kind are usually kept secret, Nichols read the replicas from the film "Van Helsing" during the audition. And it so happened that at the qualifying stage the actress could not read the script.

For the role of Breaker - an expert in communications -French actor Said Tagmaui was chosen. He was removed earlier in the genre of action was not necessary. And therefore he took seriously the process of preparing for this role.

Heavy Duty, a powerful and impressive expert on heavy weapons, played a British actor, a Nigerian by birth, Adevale Akinuoye-Agbaj.

The actor himself attracted the scale of action -underwater fights, a battle under the earth, in the desert, a battle in the streets of Paris. In addition, at his disposal were all kinds of small arms, from the lightest to transported on special equipment.

Selection of an actor for the role of commander

The military commander is in charge of the rank of general, Hawk.Like all generals, he is a tough commander, not prone to sentimentality and demanding unquestioning obedience. His motto: "Defeat the bad guys and save the squad!"

cast of cobra

Film producer, when he saw the film "Express:The story of the legend ... ", the actor Denis Quaid was selected for the role of commander of the detachment. The role of Quaid - football coach so impressed him that he decided to give the role of the general only to him.

The role of the president of the United States was selected by the British singer Jonathan Price.

Negative characters in the movie "The Cobra's Throw". Actors and roles

As in absolutely all mythologies of this kind,any of the antagonists have their own chronicles behind their shoulders, capable of capturing the old and of interest to new fans as the flywheel unfolds narrative.

They also have their own story, attracting old and new fans, shown throughout the film. And the cast of the film "The Throw of the Cobra" tried to create such negative images.

cast of cobra 1 actors

The role of the ingenious and treacherous McCallen, head of the syndicate for research in the field of army equipment, was performed by an actor from the foggy Albion Christopher Eccleston.

Blonde Sienna Miller played in the picture the most beautiful member of the "Cobra" - the Baroness.

On the part of anti-heroes, too, there is a master ninja -Storm Shadow. He perfectly copes with two swords. Storm and Snake Aiz together learned martial art from the same master, but children's rivalry spread them on different sides of Good and Evil. For this role, the star of the Korean cinema, Bean Hong Lee, was chosen.

Be that as it may, not only members of the G.I. JOE all as one bright personality: in the film "Throwing the Cobra", the villainous actors are no less attractive.

In the picture there is another major villain - the famous scientist Doctor, who helps the insidious designs of McCallen.

To this role, Joseph Gordon-Levita was selected. The actor had to spend four hours each morning in the armchair of the make-up artists so that they could create the disfigured face of the Doctor.

Work on the film

The schedule for the film was extremely limited.Although usually films of such a plan have a preparatory period of up to 30 weeks, scriptwriters and actors of the film "The Cobra's Roll" met at 12 weeks. And so the producers started filming right after the writers' strike ended in February 2008.

Requisites and costumes also had to be done in a very short time. Using a computer with each actor, they took measurements and made unique costumes.

Impressive is the "Stakhanov method" when shooting a picture. It was completed two days before the planned date.

During the shooting, more scenery was built than for ordinary films. For genre paintings are usually built 12 - 14 sets of scenery. Here, a total of 168 were built.

Secret Technologies

As Goldner himself admits, the technologies depicted in the film are "objects that we know that the military are engaged in developing them, only we have not seen them in action."

The basis of the film was nanotechnology, used in secret weapons, which are trying to master and G.I. JOE, and "villains".

When the military looked at the sketches of somemilitary suits, they confessed that they are working on creating special equipment that will help soldiers run faster and protect them from direct hit of the projectile.

Design ideas were promoted by the same team that created the costumes for the film "Iron Man".

G.I. Joe: "Roll the Cobra-2"

In 2013, the producer of Lorenzo Di Bonaventura released a sequel to the film. It receives the rolling name "G.I. Joe: Cobra-2 roll "(G.I. Joe: Retaliation).

cast of cobra actors 3

To participate in the shooting of the film "Casting Cobra-2" actors were invited and those that worked in the creation of the first part, and new ones.

In it, the secret unit continues to conductfight against the most dangerous in the world criminal gangs. After a successful operation on the group G.I. Joe was attacked, in which some fighters of the elite unit perish. Those who survived begin their investigation of this tragedy. Traces lead to the White House, in it under the guise of the US president lies the commander of the group "Cobra", who gave the order for the liquidation of G.I. Joe.

Proceeding from the plot of the film "Roll the Cobra-2", the actors in the film were updated.

  1. Roadblock - Dwayne Johnson.
  2. Jaye - Adrianne Paliki.
  3. General Joe Colton - Bruce Willis.
  4. Snake Eyes - Ray Park.
  5. Storm Shadow - Lee Bean Hong.
  6. Doctor - Douglas M. Griffin.

Many actors of the film "The Throw of the Cobra-2" remained in film and continued G.I. Joe.

The new way of "throwing cobra-3"

The studio Paramount Pictures chose as the last screenwriter of the third "Roll of the Cobra" by Aaron Berg.

While it is known that for the film "The Cobra's Throw"actors (part 3) have not yet been selected, but it is clear that Johnson's return can not be doubted. What thoughts and ideas in the continuation of the film will be made by a new group, it is still difficult to say. The main thing is to make a cool movie!

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