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Kurmangaliev Erik Salimovich is a singer of the opera, and also an actor. He was born in 1959 on January 2 in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic. He was the very first countertenor in the USSR.

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Childhood and youth

The future singer was born in the city of Kulsary, in the Guryev region. The young man's family was quite successful, because his father worked as a surgeon and mother as a pediatrician in a local hospital.

Eric Kurmangaliev from early childhood beganto get involved in music, and by voice it was heard that he has certain abilities. As the singer later recalled, in his childhood he liked to sing Lyudmila Zykina's songs, trying to repeat her voice. At the age of twelve the child began to gravitate toward classical music.

The first performances on stage were still in the schooldramatic mug. There, Eric played a variety of roles and slowly got used to the scene. At the age of seventeen, he finishes school and decides to become a conservatory student. The educational institution was in the capital of Kazakhstan, so the young man was forced to leave his home. Given the unusual timbre of voice, Eric Kurmangaliev easily entered the conservatory and there began to take the first steps as a singer of the opera.

Studying at the conservatory was never over. The singer decides that for the full realization of his talent it is necessary to go to Moscow. The parents of the young talent were against him to leave the school, but they could not do anything. Eric still went to the capital of the USSR.

Initially, the young singer wanted to enterTchaikovsky Conservatoire, but it did not work. He decides to once again try fate and now tries to enter the glorious Gnesinka. This time, Kurmangaliev is lucky, and he becomes a student at the Musical Pedagogical Institute. True, he did not manage to study for a long time. Because of the unsuccessful examinations, the owner of a unique voice was expelled. After the exception, the young man was drafted into the army. Having given the debt to the Motherland, an adult Kurmangaliev decides to recover in Gnesinka and continue his studies. From that moment, as the singer himself believed, his professional career began.

erik kurmangaliev cause of death

The first steps towards the glory

In 1980, when Erik Kurmangaliev studied at thesecond year Gnesinka, he first performed on the big stage. The venue was the Leningrad Philharmonic Shostakovich. Luck will smile the singer once again this year - his voice will be heard by the legendary Alfred Schnittke and will be amazed at how talented he is. It was from that year that Kurmangaliev and the great musician Shnitke started to work together.

In 1982, the Kazakh singer will be the first,who will sing the party countertenor in the Second Symphony. In 1983, he will do the same in the cantata "History of Dr. Johann Faust." A year later, Eric Kurmangaliev once again sings the countertenor party in the Fourth Symphony.

In 1985, studies at the university ended, and the young man received a diploma of graduation from the institute. After many years, the singer recalled that it was a "golden time".

Opera singer

Career of an opera singer

In fact, the singer's career began long before the graduation, but the official date is considered to be the end of 1985.

After Kurmangaliev became a realopera singer, he is almost always on tour. He was one of the most sought-after opera singers in the Soviet Union, and later in Russia and throughout the post-Soviet space. The singer performed at the largest and most famous world scenes, made millions of connoisseurs of classical music fall in love with their voices.

Eric Salimovich was so devoted to his favorite business that he often neglected bad health. Unfortunately, inattention to your health will remind you of yourself after many years.

Due to the unique timbre of voice, the Kazakh opera singer in 1993 was entered in the Guinness Book of Records.

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Creativity of the great singer

Kurmangaliev performed with such great conductors as Rozhdestvensky, Mansurov, Kitayenko and many others.

In Russia, the opera singer received a publicrecognition after playing in 1992 the role of Song Liling in the play "M. Butterfly". When he began to sing, people did not believe that a man can have such a high voice. In the same year, the singer received the award as the best actor of the year. It was amazing, considering that this is one of his first roles.

In 1993 he sang the role of Orpheus. This action took place in the Hermitage. In 1996 he performed the role of Prince Orlovsky. In 1999 - the party of Tankred.

There will be even more incredible performances on the most famous world scenes ahead. The most memorable is the performance in Paris, where Kurmangaliev will fly at Carden's personal invitation.

The most popular works in the repertoireThe singer is the part from Handel's opera, Rossini and Purcell. Eric Salimovich performed works by Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Mozart, Bach and many other great music figures.

Another bright event in the life of the singer happened in 2002 - performance in the Great Hall of the Moscow Conservatory.

In 2005 he played one of the roles in the film "Vocal Parallels".

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Disease and death

Very early died Eric Kurmangaliev. The cause of death is a serious illness that has not given him rest for many years. As mentioned above, Kurmangaliev always put music first, and often forgot about his health. This led to the fact that the singer had problems with the liver, because due to frequent speeches he did not have the opportunity to fully eat.

For a long time he suffered from this disease EricKurmangaliev. The reason for the death of the great singer is in it. He did not advertise his poor state of health. Unfortunately, it was not possible to defeat the disease, and at the age of forty-eight the great singer was gone. There was a tragic event in mid-November 2007.

The funeral took place in 2008. The body of Eric Kurmangaliev rests in one of the capital's cemeteries.

Memory of Eric Kurmangaliyev

Eric Kurmangaliev, whose biography was presented to your attention, after himself left a great discography and filmography. In 2008, a concert was held in his honor in Riga.

Today his name for young singers issymbol of the fact that a simple person can reach any heights. Let there remain not so many things that remind of the legendary singer, but his voice will continue to live for many years in the hearts of true admirers of classical music.

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