The cause of Kurt Cobain's death: suicide or murder?

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Kurt Donald Cobain is a vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and leader of the famous American rock band "Nirvana".

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The death of Kurt Cobain in 1994, when "Nirvana"was at the peak of his popularity, shocked the public. Even today, the controversy surrounding this tragic event does not subside: was it a suicide "at the right time" to forever remain at the height of glory, or someone special "ordered" the leader of "Nirvana". Probably, we'll never know what really was the cause of Kurt Cobain's death.

The tragic death of a young man (he was only 27years), the musician did not even foreshadow anything: neither the events that happened to him at the time, nor emotional conversations, nor his behavior. That's why the most incredible rumors and assumptions are still circling around his unexpected and shocking death.

The official cause of the death of Kurt Cobain

08.04.1994 security systems installer, Gary Smith, arrived at the address in Seattle. He called several times at the door, but no one opened it. The electrician was about to leave, but saw a car standing near the garage. He decided that the owners were somewhere in the house. Gary climbed into the greenhouse and saw through the glass doors a body lying on the floor and a pool of blood. He decided that the murder was committed, and reported to the police.

At the crime scene, a rifle was found andsuicide note. From this it was concluded that the cause of Kurt Cobain's death is suicide. According to the official version, the leader of "Nirvana" did away with life, having shot himself a bullet in the forehead with a gun. It was also found that the vocalist shot himself three days earlier, i.e. 5th of April.

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Many believe that the investigation of the death of the leader of the "Nirvana" was superficial. A few months later, new facts surfaced, which cast doubt on the fact that it was suicide.

The cause of the death of Kurt Cobain, according to private investigator Thomas Grant

Detective Grant even before the death of a celebrityHired Cobain's wife Courtney Love. She instructed Thomas to watch over her husband. The detective put forward his version of how and why Kurt Cobain died. The cause of death, according to Grant's investigation, shocked. The private detective questioned and criticized the official version and the investigation as a whole. According to him, the police did not take into account the fact that the body of the late musician was found traces of numerous injections, and in the blood - morphine and drug "Diazepam" in an amount exceeding the fatal dose for a person more than three times. In the state in which Cobain was, it was impossible to take a gun and shoot, since death was to come instantly.

Another mystery is the complete absence of anyfingerprints on the gun, which allegedly shot Cobain, and on the handle, which he wrote a suicide note. As for the note itself, here too, not everything is smooth. That part of the text that talks about Kurt's attitude to the stage, the band, the music, his disappointment with all this and the desire to quit is written in one handwriting. And the one where Cobain says that he is going to die and says goodbye to his wife and daughter, has already added someone else.

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The death of Kurt Cobain is the work of his wife Courtney Love

There is also such a version. The fact is that right after the death of the musician, Father Courtney publicly accused his daughter of killing her husband. And the widow's testimony was contradictory from the very beginning. In addition, thanks to the efforts of Courtney Love, in the public mind there was an opinion that Kurt Cobain was a depressed person and prone to suicide.

And in 1996, Eldon Hawke made a confession inpress, that earlier Courtney Love was ready to pay him a large sum for the murder of Kurt Cobain. Eldon Hawke was even checked on the lie detector. And the most interesting thing is that the device revealed that the percentage of lies is only 1 to 1000. Even more believable is the fact that after some time Hawke died as a result of an accident ...

And to this day the death of a famous grunge musician andthe immortal leader of "Nirvana" is covered with a mystery that has never been unraveled by anyone. It is likely that someone knew that this terrible tragedy would happen, but still prefers to remain silent.

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