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Kurt Russell, whose filmography is huge,was born on March 17, 1951 in the city of Springfield, USA. Since childhood, the boy dreamed of getting on TV screens. Purposefulness, willpower, and firmness of character are qualities that helped Kurt achieve world fame. However, we will talk about the life of this wonderful actor in our article.

Kurt scattered the filmography


Kurt was born in the family of a dancer and a baseball player. From the earliest childhood, parents instilled in their son a love of victory.

When the boy was five years old, his father introduced him to one of the producers of local television. Looking at the child's play, he asked him never to leave the acting path.

The first debut of Kurt in the big cinema took place in"This happened at the World Fair." The main role in the film was performed by Elvis Presley himself. It was the game and skill of the celebrity that influenced the future fate and career of the boy.

Kurt Russell, whose filmography is simply infinite, was so inspired by Elvis' acting talent that he began to work even harder.

First success

At the age of 12 Kurt got his first major role. He played Jam in a multi-part film called The Journey of James McFathers.

Goldie Honey and Kurt Russell

After this movie the guys began to be invited to act permanently. Basically they offered roles in TV shows. Among them are "The Fugitive", "Lost in Space", "Gilligan's Island".

After a while, actor Kurt Russell,The filmography of which is described in our article, signs a ten-year contract with Walt Disney. In parallel with this, he is removed in the films called "Follow me, guys!", "Computer in sneakers", etc.

It should be noted that Robert Osborn himself prophesied the boy star future, because he considered him a real talent.


Simultaneously with filming Kurt Russell,The filmography of which includes good pictures, was engaged in baseball. The young man even played for the California Anges club, but a shoulder injury put a big cross on his sports career. But the guy does not despair and all his free time devotes to filming in the movies.

Further roles

Next, the young actor starred in the movie "Charlie and the Angel," then in "The strongest man in the world", "Superpape", "New Earth", "Christmas miracle."

In 1979, Kurt was invited to appear in a mini-series called "Elvis", which is dedicated to the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. The painting was nominated three times for the Emmy and Golden Globe Awards.

Further, work in the films followed:"Escape from New York", "Mad Max", which at that time became one of the most iconic, "Something", "Silkwood", "Peresmenka", "Better Times", "Bad Season", "Severe People" "Drunken Dawn."

Career in the 90s and 2000s

In 1991, actor Kurt Russell (the filmography, a list of films there is in this article) is withdrawn in "Reverse thrust". To get along well in the role, the actor participates in the training of the city fire brigade.

actor Kurt scattered the filmography

Next, follows the thriller "Illegal Invasion", the thriller "Ordered to Destroy", "Escape from Los Angeles", the fantastic thriller "Soldier", "Track 60", the drama "Vanilla Sky" and "Accident".

In 2000, the acting career was getting smallerattracted by Kurt, so every picture released in this period becomes a gift for his many admirers. Among them, "Miracle", "Aerobatics", "Evidence of death" Quentin Tarantino, "Dreamer".

It should be noted that Quentin Tarantino calledKurt Russell is the most outstanding actor who is just born to be shot in action movies. By the way, the famous director has repeatedly suggested that Kurt take part in his films, but for unknown reasons, the actor refused.

Personal life

On the shooting of the film "One is the only one trulyoriginal family orchestra "the actor gets acquainted with a beautiful girl named Goldie Hawn. Young people immediately fall in love with each other. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, whose filmography is largely related, live together to this day in his mansion.

actor settled filmography list of films

They raise the son and daughter of Goldie Hawn from the firstmarriage, which, by the way, consider Kurt his real father, a son named Boston (from the first marriage of Russell) and the son of Hugh. By the way, the youngest - Hugh - is actively engaged in hockey. In this area, the boy already has a lot of achievements and awards.

It should be noted that Kurt and Goldie are the most beautiful and prosperous pair of all Hollywood. No one has ever been able to convict both of treason.

Entertainment actor

In addition to making films, Kurt Russell, whose filmography is interesting to everyone, is engaged in political activities. The actor is in the Libertarian Party, which is the third largest in the United States.

Also, the actor is known as an avid hunter. Thanks to his hobby, Kurt has repeatedly been harassed by animal defenders. As the actor himself says, hunting is a favorite activity that brings him joy, and unfortunately he can not do anything with this passion.

Let's wish the actor good luck! We hope that we will rejoice at his new roles!

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