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The name of this actress is known to a narrow circle of persons. Her track record can not boast of a number of successful projects that have appeared on television or on the big screen, although many of her paintings deserve significant awards. The reason for this lies in the lesson - Veronica Hart is a professional actress working in the genre of adult films.

veronica harts veronica hart

Finding Yourself

The future star was born in Las Vegas in 1956. Many fans have a question: what motivated her to go to such a craft? In her interview, nee Jane Esther Hamilton responds that pornography - no different from other genres that are accepted by society without any condemnation, the direction of filmmaking.

Of course, as a child, Jane did not think that shewill prepare the future. So she remained an ordinary child. After graduating from high school, she goes to the University of Nevada, where she acquires a completely tolerable specialty - a theater critic. However, by profession, Hamilton does not work, but moves to London. In the English capital, the girl will stay almost three years, finding herself as a model.

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First - on the covers of glossy editions

Fortunately all the data in order to flaunt oncovers of magazines, she had. Long legs and a slender figure in many ways will be the decisive factor in choosing the next lesson. In the porn industry, Jane will take the pseudonym Veronica Hart. In the meantime, the girl returns to Las Vegas, where she plays for a short time at the local theater.

Cinema for adults beckons Jane moving toNew York. It is in this city that her piano actress career begins. It is a mistake to believe that she worked exclusively in this genre. On the contrary, to the surprise of their fans, Veronica Hart appears in the series "Airwolf", "Simon and Simon".
In 1993, two films withher participation as a guest star - the comedy "School of Beauty" and the thriller "Double Deception". In 2001, Veronica starred in the series "The stories of Lady Chatterley" and "The client is always dead."

In dreams of the best

And yet its main direction remains porn. In 1985, after the release of the film Super Seka, Veronica Hart said that from now on it will not be performed in frank scenes. The maximum, which she agrees - erotic episodes. Three years later, she thinks about leaving her career as an actress and moving to the production chair. Her debut film Taste of Ambrosia was released in 1988. Throughout this time, the actress leaves no hope of starring in a worthy film, but the former glory of a porn star does not allow her to do this.

Change of Role

Veronica Hart

Since 1996, Hart decisively goes into directing. At the same time, she produces each of her new projects. Thanks to Veronica, the actress Ginger Lynn Allen and Marilyn Chambers, who had left their career earlier, returned to the screen. The adult film production company VCA listens to Hart's advice, which brings new talents. Some modern stars claim that Veronica served as an object for imitation.

Director's projects Hart enjoy no lesspopularity, than the last films with her participation. They are characterized by a logical plot and interesting dialogues, uncharacteristic of porn films, as well as an impressive budget, which allows creating high-quality products of this direction. As a person who has worked all his life in this genre, Hart speaks in the activist movement for the freedom of pornography in the media.

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson turnsinspired by Veronica Hart. She comes up with a character whose role is played in his picture. So, she appears in the role of judge in the "Magnolia". Earlier, Hart was shot in an episode of Anderson's tape "Boogie Nights".

What is known about the actress today? Veronica Hart (photos of the actress you can see in this article) brings up sons and still does her favorite pastime. Throughout her career, she has played in more than 130 films. Over 40 films were put by her personally. According to the publication Adult Video, the actress took the 30th line among the most influential and famous pornstars of all time.

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