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We bring to your attention the world-famousan actor named Jeffrey Rush. He rightly can be called a genius of adventure and historical cinema, which is able to reincarnate in various heroes - from Leon Trotsky and the Marquis de Sade to the captain of the pirate ship Barbarossa and the medieval minister at the royal court. The track record of Jeffrey Rush includes a huge number of both theatrical and film projects. In addition, his name is included in the "Gold List of Actors", who in their career have won three of the most prestigious awards ("Emmy", "Oscar" and "Tony"), and also received six awards for one film.

Jeffrey Rush

Jeffrey Rush: photo, childhood and adolescence

The future world famous actor was bornin 1951 in a town called Kuvumba, located in the state of Cleveland, Australia. His parents were in no way connected either with the theater or with the cinema: his father - Roy - was an accountant, and his mother - Merle - worked as a saleswoman. When little Jeffrey was five, my father and mother decided to divorce. As a result, he, along with Merle moved to live in the nearest big city - Brisbane.

Being a schoolboy, young Rush with pleasurevisited the drama circle, where the guys put such eccentric comedies as "Wonderful Crichton", "Aunt Chardlea" and "Arsenic and old lace." As Jeffrey later said, even in those days he, with other enthusiastic boys and girls, tried to choose works, as they say, with a "double bottom". After school, Rush entered the Faculty of Arts of the University of Queensland, which he successfully graduated in 1970. Subsequently, he went to work in one of the theaters.

djoffri rush filmography

Jeffrey Rush: filmography, the beginning of a career in film

For the first time on the big screen, the actor appeared in 1981year, playing one of the secondary roles in a criminal melodrama called "Cheating". However, Jeffrey did not bring any noticeable success, and he continued to stage theatrical productions, for which he was even awarded the 1994 Sydney Mayer Prize.

In the period from 1982 to 1995, Rush only appeared inthree paintings that can not be called particularly successful: "Starry" (1982), "Twelfth Night" (1987) and "How to become an aboriginal" (1995). The turning point in the film career of the actor was his participation in the film "Glitter", released in 1996. He played a very talented, but unbalanced psychic pianist - the main role, which, incidentally, also claimed Tom Cruise and Rife Fiennes. This work was a real triumph for Rasha, bringing him not only recognition of the audience, but also such prestigious awards as "Oscar", "Golden Globe" and others. According to Geoffrey, after reading the script of "Glitter" back in 1992, he found the plot of the film very successful. In addition, when developing the character, he was greatly helped by the theatrical role of King Lear.

dzheffri rush pictures

Continuation of film career

In the next few years on the screens went out inmostly historical films with Jeffrey Rush. Of the series of paintings, especially can be identified such tapes in 1998 as "Shakespeare in Love", "Elizabeth" and "Les Miserables". According to film critics, Hollywood literally "grabbed" Rush, as a typical actor. However, despite the fact that his type ideally suited the role of the theater's master in the film about Shakespeare or the minister under Elizabeth, he showed interest in the subjects unfolding in the modern world. In addition, the directors noted that even after becoming the winner of many awards, Jeffrey never conceited and did not lose his reason because of the glory that hit him, but, on the contrary, approached the work even more comprehensively than ever.

In 1999, the actor appeared on large screens inpaintings "House of Night Ghosts" and "Mysterious People", which diversified the role of Rush characters Frankenstein, Casanova and eccentric millionaire. Despite the fact that these films did not have much success at the box office, Jeffrey's fans were delighted with his game and created images.

actor jeffrey rush


At the very beginning of the new millennium, actor JeffreyRush played the protagonist in a very ambiguous film "The Pen of the Marquis de Sade". Regarding his participation in this project, he joked that if they propose to appear in a movie where they have to kiss Kate Winslet, and for that they also pay, then it's foolish to refuse. Many critics agree that the scenes involving Rush are the only episodes worthy of attention in this picture. Jeffrey himself proved to be a truly profound actor, having managed to show his hero not only a "vicious animal", but also a great thinker, whose works have passed the test of time.

Also worthy of attention is the secondary role of Rush in the 2002 film called "Frida." In this project he brilliantly played Leon Trotsky.

On top of success

Jeffrey Rush, whose filmography already includeda lot of very successful and popular works, in 2003 it becomes truly a star of the first magnitude. Such success earned him the role of captain of pirates Hector Barbossa in the picture "Pirates of the Caribbean". His partners on the set were such talented and famous actors as Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley. Also the success of the two following parts of the pirate saga: "Dead Man's Chest" and "At World's End."

The next brilliant performance of the actor was the roleSir Francis Walsingham in the historical drama "The Golden Age", where his partner in the filming was Cate Blanchett. In 2010, he superbly played a speech therapist named Lionel Log in the movie "King says." For this role, Rush was awarded the BAFTA award, and also became a nominee for the Oscar and Golden Globe.

movies with Jeffrey Rush

Last works

In 2013, the rental went two more films withthe actor's participation: "The Best Offer" and "The Thief of Books". Now Jeffrey Rush is busy working on the paintings "Gods of Egypt" and another, already the fourth part of the saga of pirates of the Caribbean under the title "Dead men do not tell tales." The release of both films on the big screen is planned in 2016.

Personal life

In 1988, Jeffrey Rush married actress JaneMenelos. Subsequently, the couple played together in several productions, and also starred in the painting "Perot Marquise de Sade." The couple brings up two children: daughter Angelica (born 1992) and son James (born 1995).

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