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In 2008on the screens there was a motion picture Marvel "Iron Man". Her stunning success made actor Robert Downey Jr. one of the highest paid stars in Hollywood. While his hero - the ingenious inventor and playboy Tony Stark (Iron Man), bathed in the rays of glory, some viewers were interested in Howard Stark - the father of this character. Despite the fact that little attention has been paid to this hero in the Marvel movie, in comics, fortunately, there is enough information about the fate of the elder Stark, who made an invaluable contribution to the fate of many superheroes.

Howard Stark

This character has always played a secondary role in comics and in films. He first appeared in 1970 on the pages of the comic book about the adventures of the Iron Man.

Howard Stark

The "father" of this character is the famous American comic book maker Archie Goodwin. The first artist to portray this hero was Don Heck.

Howard Stark was the ideal of a successful scientist.He is not only an unsurpassed inventor, responsible for everything that does, but also an excellent businessman who has made the whole empire of Stark Industries.

Howard Stark: the biography of the character, according to comics "Marvel"

In the Marvel universe, this hero has lived as many as 74of the year. His full name is Howard Anthony Walter Stark. Periodically acted under various pseudonyms (Cecil B. Demill, Usaty Casanova of America) Howard Stark. His date of birth is August 15, 1917. This hero was born in a small town Richford.

Howard Stark Actor

As with his son Tony, Howardearly proved himself as a genius inventor. Together with his father, the young man founded Stark Industries, which did not prevent him from working in various state institutions.

During the Second World War, Howard helpedhis country to defeat the opponents, and later contributed to the destruction of HYDRA. Together with John Crow Ransom, Stark worked on the creation of a super soldier, as a result of which a frail Irish boy named Steve Rogers turned into a superstrong and hardy Captain America.

Also Howard Star along with other eminent scientists participated in the creation of an atomic bomb and a superhero robot named Arsenal, often appearing in the comics about the Avengers, the Hulk and the Iron Man.

With the onset of the Cold War, Stark was one of the founders and active participants of the Sh.I.T. At this time, he worked together with Nathaniel Richards, who later became famous as the villain Kang the Conqueror.

It was Howard was able to find the legendary Tesseract on the ocean floor. He studied it, but could not find a worthy use of the properties of the artifact.

Together with the Soviet scientist Anton Vanko Starktried to invent a more reliable and safe source of energy for humanity than the atomic one. After Vanko showed his true nature - the greedy unscrupulous villain, Howard made sure that he was sent to Siberia.

The personal life of Howard Stark

Despite the success of women, this hero married quite late. His chosen one was Maria Collins Carbonell.

Howard Stark movies

The couple adopted a talented boy and was named by Anthony Stark (later became Iron Man).

Despite his image of a brave hero, successfulbusinessman and playboy, Howard Stark suffered from alcoholism, which subsequently prevented him from establishing normal relations with his adopted son Tony, whom he valued and respected.

This hero died in December 1991.According to the official version, Howard and Maria Starkey were killed in a car crash. And although there were rumors that this catastrophe was rigged, while in the comics this confirmation was not found.

The hero's kinobiography

In the carved Marvel, a character named Howard Stark (photo below) has several other biographies.

Howard Stark Biography

First and foremost, the Iron Man is represented in films as the son of a scientist, not an adopted one.

Also, according to the version of Marvel, StarkFor a long time he worked with the inventor of the technology of reduction - Dr. Henry Pym, who later became an Ant-Man. Learning that Howard and Agent Carter plan to use his invention for military purposes, Pym left SHCHI I.Ta and carefully guarded his technology for many years.

In addition, the circumstances of Howard's deathsomewhat changed. So, in the film "The First Avenger: Confrontation" it turns out that Howard and his wife Maria were killed by Steve Rogers' best friend - Baki Barnes (Winter Soldier), sent by Hydra.

The Legacy of Howard Stark

And in comics, and in films, it is shownsincere father's love of this hero to his son Anthony Stark. It was on his lively mind and ingenuity that he laid grand hopes on Howard. As practice showed, he was not mistaken. Young Stark not only was able to improve the state of affairs in his father's company, but also to complete many of his undertakings. So, with the filing of Howard Stark, Iron Man synthesized a new chemical element that had become a source of pure energy, replacing radioactive palladium. Thus, Stark Industries was able to abandon nuclear energy.

Howard Stark Date of birth

Actors who played the role of Howard Stark in the movies of the universe Marvel

Despite its secondary role in events"Marvel", quite often appeared in many of its projects Howard Stark. Films with his participation are "Iron Man 1, 2", "The First Avenger 1-3" and "Man-Ant". He was also present in several episodes of the television series "Agent Carter" and was mentioned in another television project Marvel - "Agents Shch.I.T.".

For the entire movie story "Marvel" this character was played by 3 actors.

Young and charming Howard Stark (actor from Britain Dominique Cooper) appeared in the "First Avenger" and "Agent Carter."

In "Iron Man" this role went to Gerard Sanders.

Howard Stark photo

And in the Iron Man 2, The Ant-Man and The First Avenger: Confrontation, it was played by John Slattery.

Interesting facts

  • Unlike most comic scientists who do not pay attention to their appearance, Howard almost always looked like a dandy. In his youth he was a brown-eyed brunette with neat tendrils.
  • His height is 185 cm and his weight is 82 kg.
  • His name was given to this hero in honor of the famous American aviator and filmmaker Howard Hughes.
  • According to the version of "Earth-616", Mary and Howard Stark had a common child - the son of Arnaud, about whom for a long time nothing was known.
  • This character appeared in video games - Captain America: Super Soldier and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.
  • In 2007, the animated series "The Unbreakable Iron Man" appeared on the screens, in the plot of which sometimes there is Stark-father. This character is voiced by actor John McCook.

Howard Stark - the hero is really extraordinary. Almost all the achievements of the Americans in the field of science after the Second World War, according to the version of the Marvel universe, are his merit.

Of course, the solo film project to this character is notwill be allocated, because he is not well known for this, in addition, there is already one super-popular superhero scientist - this is the Hulk. However, fans of this character can only hope that in future films, television series and comic books "Marvel" they will meet their favorite hero many times.

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