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The series "Secretly from parents" and the actors who playedin it the main roles, were successful with the public from the very beginning of the release on the screens. This film about teenagers caught the audience and attracted the attention of several million viewers.

secretly from parents

Description of the plot

The main character of the series is a minorthe girl Amy. In season 1, "Secretly from parents," Amy, 15, finds out that she is pregnant, and the question arises about how to tell her parents about it. Everyone knows her as a good, obedient schoolgirl who plays in the orchestra and does not contradict adults. But the first about the difficult situation girls do not recognize parents, but friends and the whole school. Peers mock at her, and teachers are bored with endless life lessons and instructions. And parents still find out about a daughter's pregnancy not from her mouth ...

Continuation of the series

1 season "Secretly from parents" did not become the first andthe last for this series. The first series was released in 2008, and the last in June 2013. During the entire existence of the series, 5 seasons, consisting of 121 series, were filmed.

secret from parents 1 season

Throughout the project, the protagonistsremained Amy Jorgens, her family and entourage. The actors "Secretly from Parents" coped well with their task and successfully survived along with the characters of the series all the difficulties and problems that they met on the way.

The main characters and actors who played them

The main role of Amy Jorgens was played by Sheylin Woodley. Work in the series "Secretly from Parents" and in the film "Descendants" made it popular. By the way, in "Descendants" the actress played together with such a celebrity as George Clooney. The role in the series brought the girl 5 nominations for the Teen Choice Awards. Sheilin perfectly got used to the image of a pregnant high school student and was deservedly recognized by the public.

The sister of the main character played Indian Aisli. The difference of two years does not prevent sisters from being best friends. It was Ashley who became the first in the family who learned the secret of Amy and fully supported her in the decision to leave the child. Later, it is she who chooses the name of the baby who was born. Ashley herself is a bit withdrawn, does not like making friends, she has a special manner of speech and she is in love with vintage.

india aisli

Molly Ringwald performed the role of Amy's mother, AnneJorgens. Molly perfectly coped with the role of mother and wife, before the actress became famous for her play in comedies for teenagers. She was famous in the 80's, but the series helped the actress stay "afloat."

The father of the George family was Mark Darwin. The audience saw him in the role of Greg in the TV series "How I Met Your Mother." Hero Mark, George Jorgens, is the owner of a furniture store. Ashley and Amy are children from his second marriage. In the course of the series, George is forced to live apart from his family because of what he has done to his wife.

Minor characters

The guy of the main character, soft-hearted BenBoykovich, played Kenny Bauman. His hero is ready to bring up Amy's child, although he does not have to be a biological father. He is completely devoted to the girl and is ready for everything for her.

Like all actors "Secretly from parents", DarenKagasoff on "hurray" coped with the role of a difficult teenager Ricky Underwood. Ricky is the father of a future child. This teenager is very unlucky with his parents, they are addicts. Ricky lives with foster parents and throughout the series visits a personal psychologist who helps him cope with life's difficulties.

Ricky maintains a physical connection with the girl bynamed after Endrian Lee. She is a fine student at school, but her reputation is not so diligent. Everyone perceives Endrian as a loose and frivolous girl. For the first time she falls in love with her half-brother Max, but this feeling quickly passes. The role of such an extraordinary personality with success was played by Francia Rice.

Mark Dervin

A diligent Christian woman and a member of the church groupabstinence Grace Bowman performed Megan Park. At the beginning of the film "Secretly from the parents" she acts as the right teenager, but the events in the series cause the girl to make decisions that do not always turn out to be correct.

ROl 's mother Grace performed Josie Bissett, previously known to TV viewers on the series "Merlouse Place. Kathleen Bowman - former wife of George Jorgens and the widow of the Marshal. But the death of her second husband did not prevent her from quickly finding a new lover.

The series "Secret from parents", the actors of whichloved by many, it will be interesting to see both teenagers and adults. The participants of the project are not even celebrities, who are recognized on the street by every passer-by, but for millions of viewers they have become examples of good acting and experts in their field. Indeed, without their talent, the series "Secretly from the parents" began and ended in the first season. And this history and heroes lived and empathized with them for five long years.

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