Summary "Crocodile Gena and his friends." Without friends, I have a little bit, but with friends a lot!

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The fantasy E. Uspensky invented a good story for everyone. Below, its brief content will be given. Crocodile Gena and his friends will show everyone that to live alone without friends is boring and meaningless.

How did we know Cheburashka

In the hot tropics, in the forest, lived-lived strangean absurd, lop-eared animal with a round head, with big yellow eyes and a round fluffy tail. He climbed into a box of oranges, ate a couple and fell sound asleep. He did not even feel how they had nailed the box, loaded it onto the steamer, and drove far, far away. Zverek woke up in the store, and when they opened the box, he fell out of it, and then fell from the table to a chair, and then to the floor.

Director of the store called a strange animalCheburashka and took it to the zoo. He was not needed there. Then Cheburashka was taken to the store, so that he was in the window and attracted customers by his unusual kind. Settled it in the phone booth. Summary ("Crocodile Gena and his friends") of the adventures of a lonely Cheburashka is the beginning of the story.

Lonely crocodile

Green Gene worked as a crocodile at the zoo. Every day, dressed in a suit and not forgetting to put on a hat and take a cane, went to work. In the zoo, he was in a cage. But since he was kind, he could be fed and ironed. In the evening, Gene returned home, and it was empty. He was very bored: he was 50 years old, but he had no friends. Then Gena posted an ad that he was looking for friends and can be found at the specified address. Here is such an invention of the crocodile to us is a brief summary.

"Crocodile Gena and his friends" is an amazing story. Further events will show that this act of Genes was not in vain.

First friends

First came a girl named Galya. And as soon as she started talking to Gena, the doorbell rang. On the threshold stood Cheburashka. He was so unusual that both Gene and Galya began to look for his image in the book, but they did not find it. Cheburashka was sad: "If you do not know who I am, then you will not be friends with me?". Gena said that with a good friend, of course, you need to be voditsya. "Hurray!" - Cheburashka shouted and asked what they would do.

a crocodile gene summary and his friends

We consider further the story and its brief content. Crocodile Gena and his friends, Cheburashka and Galya, looked at the clock and went to sleep.

Cheburashka was gathering with Gena in a crocodile's house. They played, drank coffee and talked. But one day Cheburashka called Gene and invited him to her, only asked to bring Gena coffee, cups and a bucket of water, so that you could weld a drink. Gena, of course, did everything, but when he left he suggested that he should get ready for it, because it's easier.

Galya became ill and recovered

Once Gena and Cheburashka went to Galya, and shelies in bed and cries, because because of her illness the play about the "Little Red Riding Hood" will fail. But Gena and Cheburashka consoled her by coming and replacing her. At the play, they all mixed up, and Gena almost ate Gray Wolf, who ran away in fear. But all the children liked it very much, because it was very, very interesting.

While Galya was ill, Cheburashka got acquainted witha little dog Tobic, who was kicked out of the house, and put it in his phone booth. And while he was sitting with Galya and Gena sat drinking coffee and thinking about how to tell about Tobic, a doorbell rang out at the door. It came a lonely beautiful Chandra. It was a lion who also wanted to find friends. But Gena said that he already has friends, and Cheburashka volunteered to help the lion.

a short summary of the crocodile gene and his friends Uspensky
He quickly ran after Tobic. So the big lion had a little friend. Kindness and affability are the guarantee of friendship. This proves the story and its brief content. Crocodile Gena and his friends always help each other.

Once, all the heroes thought about how many lonely hearts in the city, and decided to confront them with each other.

Long live friendship!

They hung up the ads and created a Gen HouseFriendship. And instead, the next day an old woman with a rat came to them, who called herself Shapoklyak and said that she wants to become famous for evil deeds. Nobody liked this, and Shapoklyak declared war on everyone, and then something knocked on Genova Street.

a crocodile gene summary and his friends
They saw the rat of an evil old woman, and thenflew the ball on an elastic band, which Gena caught with his teeth and did not let go for a long time, stretching the elastic band for the entire length. And when he let go, the ball hit the old woman right in the mouth, and she had to run to the hospital. This ends the story (summary) of "Crocodile Gena and his friends." Uspensky wrote several sequels of this entertaining story.

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