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The theater on Malaya Bronnaya is famous all over the country.It is named after the street on which it is located. This theater was born in the middle of the 20th century. His repertoire is rich and varied. The troupe has great actors. And the theater cooperates with famous talented artists.

History of the theater

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This theater was created in 1946.He was called Moscow Drama at that time. The theater was directed by Sergei Mayorov. Initially, it was located in a building along Spartakovskaya Street. Only in 1962 he "settled" on Malaya Bronnaya. The theater showed its first performance in March 1946. This was M.I. Kozakova and A.B. Marienhof "The Golden Hoop". The troupe was assembled from the actors of other theaters and graduates of the Shchepkinsky School. The repertoire then included performances based on plays by playwrights-contemporaries: "Poddubensky chastushki", "Deputy", "Man with a briefcase", "Professor Polezhaev" and others.

For 11 years 45 premieres took place.But this did not stop to accuse the theater administration of the lack of modern plays on the stage. In 1957, Sergei Mayorov was transferred to the Lenin Komsomol Theater, and the directors were removed from office. In the same year, Ilya Sudakov, one of the best students of KS, was appointed as the main director. Stanislavsky. But soon he fell seriously ill and was replaced by A. Goncharov.

In 1962 the Moscow drama was given a newThe building, corresponding to which in 1968 - the new name "On Malaya Bronnaya". The theater is located in this room to this day. The building was built in 1902. It was a lucrative home for needy students.

In 1967, the post of chief director tookAnatoly Efros. He brought with him a group of actors of the Lenin Komsomol Theater. The main director was A. Dunaev. Thanks to these people, the theater became interesting and one of the most visited in Moscow. The basis of the repertoire was classical plays: Romeo and Juliet, Three Sisters, Don Juan, Othello, Marriage and so on.

Since 1978 and up to now the position of directorTheater takes Ilya Kogan. The main directors during this time had time to visit many. But for a long time no one is delayed, as they can not work together with the theater director.


theater on a small bronze poster

A diverse and rich repertoire presents to its audience a theater on Malaya Bronnaya. His poster offers the following performances:

  • The Rabbit Hole.
  • "Arcadia".
  • Prince Caspian.
  • "Pit".
  • "Cyrano de Bergerac."
  • "Late love".
  • "Vassa".
  • "Tartuffe".
  • "Squirrel".
  • "Special people."
  • "The Warsaw Melody".
  • "Colomba or the march on the stage."
  • "Slavic madness".
  • "Formalin".
  • "Kinomaniya Band."
  • "The secret of the old closet."
  • The Inspector General.
  • Cancun.
  • "Almost the city."
  • "Retro".
  • "Passion for Torchalov."

Performances of December

In the last month of 2015, the performances "Warsawmelody "and" Prince Caspian "will show its audience the theater on Malaya Bronnaya. The poster for December also offered the public the premiere of the play "Vassa". This is a modern interpretation of Maxim Gorky's play. The production was directed by the director Vyacheslav Tyshchuk - a pupil of the legendary Mark Zakharov. "Vassa" in his reading will not leave anyone indifferent. The performance turned out to be both ridiculous, terrible, admiring, and revolting, just like life itself. The role of the protagonist is performed by the Honored Artist of Russia Ekaterina Durova. Vassa is a strict and wise keeper of the foundations, which implacably sacrifices all who do not fit into the system. The production involved monumental scenery created by the artist Ekaterina Galaktionova.

"Warsaw melody"

performances of the theater on a small bronze

The legendary play by Leonid Zorin "Warsawmelody "theater on Malaya Bronnaya shows for several years, but to this day this love story gathers full halls. The audience is very fond of this production. As the director was the artistic director of the theater Sergei Golomazov. The main actors are young actors of the new generation Julia Peresild and Daniil Strakhov, known for their work in the cinema. The story, which was written half a century ago, finds a response among modern viewers.

Julia Peresild received the Crystal AwardTurandot "for the performance of the main role in this performance. The production itself was also awarded for the best direction. In the center of the plot, the enamored couple is a Polish girl (future singer) and a Moscow student. Their acquaintance happened at the Conservatory in December 1946. They have just experienced all the horrors of war. Love breaks out between them and it seems that no one in the world can prevent such a strong feeling. But between them stood an irresistible barrier - an iron curtain. Can their love overcome this wall?


theater on a small bronze reviews

Performances of the theater in Malaya Bronnaya are played by wonderful actors who perfectly reveal the characters of their characters.


  • Larisa Bogoslovskaya.
  • Albina Matveeva.
  • Andrey Terekhov.
  • Evgenia Chirkova.
  • Olga Vyazemskaya (Smirnova).
  • Oleg Polyantsev.
  • Tatiana Timakova.
  • Vladimir Ershov.
  • Danil Lavreonov.
  • Dmitry Serdyuk.
  • Sergei Parfyonov.
  • Alexander Samoylenko.
  • Vladimir Yavorsky.
  • Julia Voznesenskaya.
  • Ivan Shabaltas.
  • Svetlana Pervushina.
  • Egor Baranovsky.
  • Marietta Tsigal-Polishchuk.
  • Alexander Nikolaev.
  • Oleg Kuznetsov
  • A. Nikulin.
  • D. Varshavsky.
  • E. Dubakina.
  • A. Makarov.
  • A. Rogozhin.
  • A. Subbotin.
  • L. Khmelnitskaya.
  • E. Durova.
  • P. Baranchyev.
  • D. Bondarenko.
  • A. Golubkov.
  • S. Kizas.
  • O. Nikolaeva.
  • E. Sachkov.
  • A. Tkachev.
  • D. Tsursky.
  • T. Krechetova.
  • A. Bobrov.
  • D. Guryanov.
  • P. Nekrasov.
  • L. Paramonova.
  • O. Sirin.
  • T. Lozovaya.
  • N. Samburskaya.
  • M. Shutkin.
  • N. Berebenya.
  • A. Antonenko-Lukonina.
  • D. Grachev.
  • V. Mayorova.
  • T. Oshurkova.
  • Yu. Sopolev.
  • E. Fedorova.
  • V. Lakirev.
  • O. Vedernikova.
  • A. Ivantsova.
  • T. Ruchkovskaya.
  • A. Tereshko.
  • V. Babicheva.
  • A. Ibragimova.
  • G. Saifulin.
  • I. Zhdanikov.
  • M. Orel.
  • E. Sedik.
  • Yu. Thagalegov.

Invited artists

theater in a small bronze hall

Not only the actors from their troupe bring success to the drama on Malaya Bronnaya, the theater also works with invited artists.

With him with pleasure cooperate talented and famous actors:

  • Yu. Peresild.
  • K. Novikova.
  • D. Strakhov.
  • V. Sukhorukov.
  • G. Antipenko.
  • O. Lomonosov.
  • E. Terskih.
  • L. Ivanova.
  • L. Kanevsky.
  • A. Nikolaev.
  • L. Shishova.
  • D. Spivakovsky.
  • V. Itskovich.
  • A. Shulgin.
  • A. Steklov.
  • M. Vdovin.
  • O. Larchenko.
  • L. Telezhinsky.
  • D. Astashevich.


Theater on Malaya Bronnaya reviews from its viewersgets enthusiastic and admired. His performances are good, they give pleasure, they are remembered. Actors play their roles gorgeously, believably, reveal the images of their heroes perfectly. The repertoire is beautifully chosen, everyone here will find something interesting for themselves. As a rule, one who has ever been to the theater in Malaya Bronnaya becomes his fan for life. The most favorite productions of the audience: "Warsaw Melody", "The Secret of the Old Cabinet", "Rabbit Hole", "Vassa", "Yama". The only negative about which the audience writes is that not all places are convenient for viewing the performance. With some, what is happening on the stage is very difficult to see, especially for children.

Purchase of tickets

It is advisable to purchase tickets in advance at the theater onLittle Bronnaya. The hall is roomy, but the demand for the performances is very large. If you do not worry in advance, then you can not get to the production. In this article the scheme of the theater's auditorium on Malaya Bronnaya is given. With its help it will be easier to choose a convenient place.

on a small bronze theater

Order can be made by calling the theater.Or fill out an application on the site and in the very near future managers will contact the buyer to confirm the purchase. Then booked tickets will need to be received at the theater ticket office. The return of the purchase can be made in case of cancellation, transfer or replacement of the performance. In the theater cashier it will be possible to receive in this case money resources in full. Tickets are not accepted and their value is not refundable in cases where the viewer lost it, spoiled or damaged it, or because it was late for the performance.

The age of viewers allowed on this or thatThe play is shown on each poster. Children can get to performances for adults only accompanied by persons over the age of 18 and only when they reach the age of 12. Each viewer must have his own individual ticket.

Rules for attending the theater

The audience starts to enter the theater exactly 45minutes before the start of the play. All bags, backpacks, bags, sweatshirts, which visitors have with them, are compulsorily examined to prevent the passage of prohibited or dangerous items. Outer clothing and oversized items must be taken to the wardrobe. It is forbidden to bring alcohol, weapons, means of self-defense, piercing and cutting objects, as well as food. Persons who are in a state of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication, as well as in dirty clothes, are not allowed to enter the hall. In the theater building it is forbidden to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. Mobile devices must be turned off for the duration of the performance. It is forbidden to enter the hall after the third bell.

Where to find and how to get there

Theater on a small bronze poster for December

On the location says the name - "on MalayaBronnaya. "The theater is located on this street, House No. 4. It is most convenient to get to the metro station, it will be necessary to leave at the Pushkinskaya station, from the metro you need to go to Bolshaya Bronnaya Street, you need to travel along McDonald's. sails "(it should be on the right side), then there will be a crossroads of the Big and Small Bronnys, turn left, then walk a few meters.

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