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Alexander Gradsky - a singer, composer, guitarist,poet, music and public figure. He is People's Artist of Russia and State Prize laureate. Created together with Mikhail Turkov, the group "Slavs" was the third rock band in the Soviet Union. As a real creative person, he constantly needs a beautiful museum. Perhaps that is why he was repeatedly married.

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Alexander Gradsky. Biography. Childhood and youth

He was born in Kopeysk (Chelyabinsk Region) on November 3, 1949. His mother was an actress of a dramatic tetra. From it, he inherited a propensity for creativity. His father was a mechanical engineer.

In 1957 the family moved to Moscow. My father took a job at the factory, and my mother became the head of the theater circles. She was also a member of the literary staff of the popular magazine. Parents were too busy with work, so Alexander Gradsky lived with his grandmother (in the line of his mother) in the village of Rastorguevo, Butovskiy district (in the suburbs).

In the period from 1958 to 1965, Sasha visitedmusical school and is trained in the violin class by VV Sokolov. He was very interested in music lessons. However, he did not like to study at home for hours.

In the secondary school he is fond ofhumanitarian disciplines. Its elements become literature and history. He read prose and poetry with great pleasure. At the age of thirteen, Sasha wrote his first verse. He got to know early Western music (E. Presley, L. Armstrong, B. Haley, E. Fitzgerald). From the Soviet stage, I preferred to listen to songs performed by L. Ruslanova, K. Shulzhenko, M. Burns.

Alexander Gradsky, a young music lover, had the opportunity to listen to rare records with stunning music. They were brought by his uncle from abroad.

In the school years, Sasha appears as a singer at school evenings, while accompanying himself on the piano or guitar. As an actor, he tries his hand at a theatrical circle.

Family of Alexander Gradsky

  • The musician's mother is Tamara Gradovskaya (actress, director, literary journalist).
  • Grandmother (on the line of the mother) - Maria Ivanovna Gradskaya (Pavlova), was a housewife.
  • Grandfather, Pavel Ivanovich Gradsky - a master in leather goods.
  • Uncle, Boris Pavlovich Gradsky - dancer, ensemble artist, accordion player, composer.
  • Father - Boris Abramovich Fradkin (engineer-mechanic).
  • Grandmother (along the line of the father) - Rosa Ilinichna Fradkin (Chvertkina), for fifty years she worked as a secretary-typist.
  • Grandfather - Abram Semenovich Fradkin, worked in Kharkov as the managing house.
  • Aunt - Irina Abramovna Fradkin (Sidorova).

Before the age of fourteen, Sasha bore the surname of the pope. After the death of his mother (in 1963) took her name in memory of her.

Concerts, performances, musical groups

Gradsky's successful career as a musician begins in 1963. Together with the group "Cockroaches" (which consisted of Polish students), he performs at several concerts.

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In 1965, Alexander Gradsky, together withMikhail Turkov create the group "Slavs". After a while their team is replenished by Vyacheslav Dontsov (drummer) and Victor Degtyarev (bass player). Still somewhere in a couple of months Vadim Maslov (an electricorganist) joins them. "Slavs" is the third Soviet rock band that won a large number of listeners. Their repertoire included songs by Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

In 1966 the group "Skomorokhi" was organized. The author of the songs was Alexander Gradsky himself and composed them in Russian.

Together with this he does not stop working with Dontsov and Degtyarev. Their group "Scythians" repeatedly changed the performers.

On trips musicians earn money for high-quality and expensive equipment. Their group "Los Panchos" conquers Moscow.

In 1969 he entered the GMPI them. Gnesin and improves his vocal skill. At the same time, he begins his solo career and plays the guitar. Continues to compose musical compositions. This is "The Ballad of a Poultry Farm", "Spain", "The Song of Fools", a small rock opera "Mukha-Tsokotukha".

"Skomorokhi" win six first prizes at the All-Union Festival of Beat-bands "Silver Strings" in Gorky. Three of them were personally awarded to Alexander Gradsky: "For Vocals", "For Guitar" and "For Composition."

In 1972 Skomorokhy toured to different cities (Kuibyshev, Donetsk and many others).

In 1973 such compositions were published: "Blue Forest", "Spain", "Skomorokhi", "Coal Girlfriend".

Participation in films. Music for Movies

Gradsky was noticed by the director AndreyMikhalkov-Konchalovsky and invited to take part in the film "Romance of the Lovers". At first Alexander was invited as a singer. Then he was instructed to become the author of songs, some poems and all music. At that time it was a very rare case: a young musician who is not a member of the Union of Composers, receives an order from one of the most talented and popular filmmakers of the country.

The film was released in 1974. In the same year, the title "Star of the Year" was awarded to Gradsky Alexander. The photo of the already famous musician is presented below.

gradsky alexander photo

After that, Alexander's career goes swiftly up. He toured the country. At his concerts the halls are constantly crowded with the audience, which meets him with incredible excitement.

In 1975, Gradsky fruitfully works immediatelyover several films. Meanwhile, he continues to record music, participates in projects of different authors. In the same year he entered the Moscow Conservatory for a remarkable teacher, T. Khrennikov, in composition class.

In 1988 he wrote music for such films as "The Art of Living in Odessa" and "The Prisoner of the Castle of If."

Tour and teaching activities

Since the late 70-ies activetouring musician. His repertoire is replenished with songs, to which he himself writes texts. Some of them are very bold. He writes articles in defense of rock music. Actively polemic with the retrogrades. Thus, it makes enemies.

At this time he begins teachingactivity. For several years he has been working at the Gnessin School, and is releasing a course of students. Then he teaches at the institute. This stage of activity ended with two years of vocal department management. Gradsky believed that you can continue working only if you have your own class.

Creativity of the 70's, 80's, 90's

From 1976 to 1980, Alexander composed and recorded two parts of the suite "Russian Songs." This is the first rock record in the Soviet Union, which was published in 1980.

One studio recording after another is released by Gradsky Alexander. Photos of the musician in the process of work can be seen below.

alexander hail's private life

His vocal suites: "Star of the Fields", "Concert-Suite", "Nostalgia", "Life itself", "Satires", "Utopia AG", "Flute and the Royal". The collection of notes "Reflections of the Fool" confirms the possibility of singing in different rock styles in Russian. The artist also works with more complex genres. He writes the opera "Stadium" (libretto by A. Gradsky and M. Pushkina), ballet "Man" on the libretto of his own composition.

In 1980, Vladimir Vysotsky died. Alexander deepens into tragic satire and dramatic lyrics. He writes songs "Song about Television", "Song of a Friend" and others.

In 1988 Gradsky performed the role of Stargazerfrom the opera by NA Rimsky-Korsakov. This is an extremely complex batch of world opera repertoire. From the auditorium of the Bolshoi Theater he received a long standing ovation.

Musical projects. International travel

Under the leadership of Alexander took placenumerous complex projects. This is the organization of solo concerts in Moscow with the participation of orchestras of Russian folk instruments, symphony orchestras, choirs and rock bands; the release of thirteen compact discs with a complete collection of their own works and records; the creation of musical films ("Anti-perestroika blues", "Live in Russia").

aleksandr's biography

Foreign trips give good results. Alexander Gradsky works in joint projects with Lisa Minelli, John Denver, Dayana Warwick and many others. He visited Greece, Germany, the USA, Spain, Sweden. In 1990 he signed a contract with the leading Japanese company VMI (VICTOR) and produces under its brand two compact discs.

Last works

These are real events in the musicallife. The CD "Reader" in style resembles the suite "Reflections of the Fool". Here again there is an attempt to speak in Russian in modern genres. His opera "The Master and Margarita" (according to M. Bulgakov) with a unique composition of participants is also published. Above it, the author worked for more than thirty years. It is beautifully and originally designed - in the form of an old book. There are four discs and a full libretto.

Concerts and concerts continuetours. For several seasons Gradsky is a member of the jury of the project "Golos". And it is his contestants who reach the final and become winners. In 2012 - this is Dina Garipova, in 2013 - Sergei Volchkov.

Alexander Gradsky: personal life

His companions repeatedly changed. The first wife was Natalia Mikhailovna Gradskaya. He calls this marriage a "youth act". The relationship with his second wife, actress Anastasia Vertinskaya, did not last long.

gradsky alexander and young wife

From 1976 to 1978 they were together. The official divorce was held in 1980. The longest family life was with his third wife, Olga Semenovna Gradskaya. Their marriage lasted about 23 years. They have two children. Son Daniil was born on March 30, 1981. He followed in his father's footsteps and became a musician, but this does not stop him from being a businessman. Daughter Maria was born on January 14, 1986. She graduated from Moscow State University. Works as a TV presenter and art-manager.

So, Alexander Gradsky was married three times. The personal life of the musician continues to bubble up to now. In 2003, he conquered the heart of the charming Marina Kotashenko. They met on the street. But it was in its own way an original acquaintance. Gradsky managed to attract the attention of the spectacular beauty. A cheerful and indiscreet question: "Do you want to touch history?" - at least it will cause a smile on each girl's face. Of course, with such a legendary personality is very interesting and exciting, in addition, the artist knows how to love and pamper. Therefore, Gradsky Alexander and his young wife are happy together for more than ten years.

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Marina Kotashenko, like her civil husband, is a creative person. She starred in various TV series, comedies, detectives.

A big happy event happened recently in theirfamily. On September 1, 2014, the son of Alexander Gradsky was born, who was named Sasha after his father. The birth of Marina Kotashenko took place in New York. Time will tell whether the son will follow in the footsteps of his father, whether he will become a famous musician.


Thus, Gradsky Alexander revealsus from different sides. First of all, this is a talented musician (composer, guitarist, singer) and poet, music and public figure. Secondly, he is quite a bold and purposeful person. He was not afraid to write satirical compositions with pronounced sarcasm, actively supported the rock music, not fearing to make enemies. And thirdly, it is quite a loving person who has been searching for his unique and unique muse for a long time. Probably, in the person of Marina Kotashenko, he found it.

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