Biography of Arina Sharapova. Through hardship to the stars

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Biography of Arina Sharapova began in Moscow 30May 1961 When she was a little girl, her grandmother, who knew Chinese, devoted much time to her upbringing. Arina's father was a diplomat, so the child traveled the world a lot, especially in the Middle East.

biography of arina sharapova

Youth and the beginning of a career

The girl grew a hooligan and a loversweets. But despite her irrepressible disposition, since the childhood Sharapova dreamed of becoming a teacher. But in 1984 she received a degree in sociology from the Moscow State University. But this seemed insufficient for Arina. After receiving the first higher education she graduated from the Moscow State Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages ​​with a major in "translator".

From the age of 17 Arina Sharapova started earningyourself. The girl got a job in the library. There she met a young man who later became her husband, journalist Sergei Alliluyev. A couple of years later they had a son, Danila.

Biography of Arina Sharapova as an employeetelevision began on the channel RTR. It was there that at the beginning of her career she was a government correspondent and accompanied Prime Minister Gaidar during his many trips. In 1991, the biography of Arina Sharapova continued with her debut as the leading information television program "Vesti". Arina still remembers with inspiration and warmth 4 years of her work. At the same time it was noticed by the leadership of the ORT channel, which began the first attempts to "entice" a charming employee of a competing company.

arina sharapova biography
First difficulties

TV presenter Arina Sharapova, whose biography is sointerested in the direction of the main channel of the country, went to work in the program "Time". But, as Arina herself pointed out, every TV show was accompanied for her with a constant sense of discomfort, with which she could not accept for a long time. Hundreds of angry letters from television viewers poured into the editorial office. Well, Arina did not like them. In 1998, she was replaced at this place by colleague Sergey Dorenko. Sharapova began to seriously think about changing the nature of her activities.

It was from this time began the biography of ArinaSharapova as a television commentator. She got a job at the Broadcasting Department. In addition, the hardworking TV presenter worked as a freelance correspondent in the company "TeleMost". Arina Sharapova, whose biography always interested the general public, decided to engage in charity. That's why in 1998 she started her own project "Arina". She presented her idea to the management of NTV, which it liked. And at the end of 1998, her own talk show finally came on the air. But the ORT TV channel was very unhappy with this project, since the management of it had long been thinking about creating such a program. TV presenter Arina Sharapova, whose biography was actively interested in journalists at that time, received a large number of negative reviews about her show. Many publications at the same time began to blame Arina for insincerity. That is why, unable to withstand numerous attacks, Sharapova shut down her project in a few months.

TV presenter arina sharapova biography
Happy Changes

Very soon she became a reviewer on the channel«TV-6». Arina Sharapova at this time met her new husband Cyril Legat, who heads NTV-TeleMost. At the end of 1999, she became the leading TV program "Meeting Point" and "Good Morning". Career took off. In the same year she took part in the elections to the State Duma. In 2004, Arina Sharapova decided to try herself as an actress, starring in the series "Balzac's Age".

Today Sharapova teaches at the Higher Schooltelevision. At the same time she participates in the work of the Public Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Arina Sharapova, whose biography is always under the scrutiny of the media, along with her third husband, businessman Eduard Kartashov, often becomes an object of gossip.

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