"Meshchersky side": a brief summary. Paustovsky, "Meshchersky side": analysis

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In Russian literature there are many books devoted tonative nature, dear places in the heart. Below we will consider one of such works, written by K. G. Paustovsky, - the story "Meshcherskaya side".

Ordinary land

At the beginning of the book, the narrator acquaints readers withthis land, gives a brief description. At the same time, he notes that this edge is unremarkable. Here, clean air, pine forests, meadows, lakes. All this is beautiful, but nothing special. Also about the location of the area mentions Constantine Paustovsky: Mescherskaya side is located near Moscow, between Vladimir and Ryazan.

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First meeting

The narrator was in Meshcher from Vladimir, whenwas riding a train on a narrow-gauge railway. At one of the stations a shaggy grandfather climbed into the car, who was sent to a museum with a notice. The letter says that in the swamp there are two very large birds, striped, of an unknown species. They need to be caught and brought to the museum. Also, my grandfather said that there was found a "trick" - huge antler antlers.

Old map

The author took out a map of this region, very old. Surveys were made before 1870. There were many inaccuracies in the scheme, the riverbeds had time to change, the lakes to swamp, new burs appeared. However, despite all the difficulties, the narrator preferred to use the map, not the clues of local residents. The fact is that the natives explained too much and confused where to go, but many of the signs turned out to be inaccurate, and some were not at all.

A few words about the signs

The author claims that creating and findingsigns - this is a very exciting activity. Then he shares some observations. Some signs remain for a long time, others do not. However, these are considered to be related to time and weather. Among them there are simple, for example, the height of smoke. There are complex, for example, when suddenly ceases to peck fish, and the rivers seem to be dead. So it happens before the storm. All beauties can not display a summary. Paustovsky ("Meshcherskaya side") admires the nature of Russia.

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Return to the map

The author, using the map, briefly describes, onwhat lands is the Meshchersky Region. The bottom of the diagram shows Oka. The river divides two completely different spaces. To the south are the richer, fertile Ryazan lands, to the north - the marshy plain. In the western part there is the forest side: a pine dense forest, in which many lakes are hidden.


This is the name for the swamps of the Meshchersky region. Overgrown lakes occupy an area of ​​hundreds of thousands of hectares. Among the marshes there are sometimes wooded "islands".

It is worth adding the following case to the summary. Paustovsky ("Meshcherskaya side") tells of one of the walks.

Once the author and his friends decided to go to Poganoyelake. It was located among the marshes and was famous for its large cranberry and huge toadstools. It was difficult to go through the forest in which a year ago there was a fire. The travelers quickly got tired. They decided to rest on one of the "islands". In the company was the writer Gaidar. He decided that he would look for the road to the lake while the rest were resting. However, the writer did not return for a long time, and his friends were alarmed: it was already dark and the wolves began to howl. One of the companies went on a quest. Soon he returned with Gaidar. The latter said that he climbed the pine and saw this lake: the water is black, the rare weak pine trees are around, some have already fallen. A very terrible lake, as Gaidar said, and friends decided not to go there, but to get out on hard ground.

paustovsky meshcherskaya side analysis

The narrator got to the place in a year. The shores of Poganoi Lake were floating and consisted of densely intertwined roots and mosses. The water was really black, and bubbles rose from the bottom. For a long time it was impossible to stand still: legs began to fail. However, the fishing was good, the author and his friends caught perch, which they earned in the countryside among the women the glory of "the people of the inveterate."

Many other entertaining incidents contain a story written by Paustovsky. The "Meshcherskaya side" received different responses, but more positive ones.

Forest Rivers and Channels

On the map of the Meshchersky Krai, forests with whitespots in the depths, as well as two rivers: Solotcha and Pra. The first water is red, on the shore there is a lonely inn, on the shores of the second one also almost no one settles.

Also on the map there are a lot of channels. They were built in the time of Alexander II. Then they wanted to drain the swamps and populate them, but the land was poor. Now the canals are overgrown, and only birds, fish and water rats live in them.

pausal story of the Meshcheri side

Apparently, in the story, written by Paustovsky ("Meshcherskaya side"), the main characters are forests, meadows, lakes. The author tells us about them.


The Meshcher pine forests are majestic, the trees are tall and straight, the air is clear, the sky is clearly visible through the branches. There are also spruce forests, oak forests in this region, there are groves.

The author lives in the woods in a tent for several days,little sleep, but feels cheerful. Once he was fishing with friends on the Black Lake on a rubber boat. They were attacked by a huge pike with a sharp and durable fin that could easily damage the floating device. Friends turned to the shore. There was a wolf with wolves, as it turned out, her hole was next to the tent. The predator managed to drive away, but the camp had to be rescheduled.

the Masovian side of Mescheria is the protagonists

The lakes of the Meshchersky Region have different water colors, but more often black. It's because of the peat bottom. However, there are violet, yellow, blue and tin ponds.


Between the forests and the Oka there are meadows similar to the sea. They are hiding the old river bed, already overgrown with grass. It is called Prorva. The author every autumn lives in those places for a long time.

A small digression from the topic

You can not not insert the next episode into a summary. Paustovsky ("Meshchersky side") tells about this case.

One day an old man came to the village of Solotchesilver teeth. He was fishing for spinning, but local anglers despised the English fishing rod. The guest was unlucky: he broke off spoon-baiters, dragged snags, but he could not pull out a single fish. And local boys successfully caught on a simple rope. Once the old man was lucky: he pulled out a huge pike, began to examine it, to admire. But the fish took advantage of this procrastination: she struck the elderly man on the cheek and dived into the river. After that, the old man collected all his belongings and left for Moscow.

More about meadows

In the Meshchersky region there are many lakes with strangenames, often "talking". For example, in Bobrovsky once lived beavers, at the bottom Hotza lie morained oaks, Selyansky is full of ducks, Bull - very large, etc. The names also appear in the most unexpected way, for example, Langobard the author called the lake because of the bearded watchman.

konstantin the Pausi Meshcheri side

Old men

Continue to make a brief summary. Paustovsky ("Meshchersky side") describes the life of rural people.

In the meadows live chatty old men, watchmen,baskets, ferrymen. The author often met Stepan, nicknamed Beard on poles. So his name was because of extreme thinness. Once the narrator caught a rain, and he had to spend the night with his grandfather Stepan. Korzschik began to remember that earlier all the forests belonged to monasteries. Then I talked about how hard it was to live under the tsar, and now it's much better. He told about Manka Malavina - singer. Previously, she could not leave for Moscow.

a short retelling of the Mashera side

The native land of talents

There are a lot of talented people in Solotche, almost in everyhanging hang beautiful paintings painted by grandfather or father. Here were born and grown famous artists. In the house next door is the daughter of the engraver Fraudstina. Not far away - Aunt Yesenin, her author bought milk. In Solotche once lived icon painters.

My house

The narrator removes the bathhouse, converted to an apartment building. However, he rarely sleeps in the house. Usually he sleeps in a gazebo in the garden. In the mornings he boils tea in a bath, and then goes fishing.


Let us mention the last part, finishing the shortretelling. "Meshchersky side" (Paustovsky KG) shows that the author loves these places not for their wealth, but for quiet, calm beauty. He knows that in case of war he will defend not only his homeland, but this land too.

pausa Meshcheri side reviews

Brief analysis

In his work the writer tells aboutMeshchersky region, shows its beauty. All the forces of nature come to life, and ordinary appearances cease to be so: rain or thunder becomes threatening, birdlike chirping compares with the orchestra, etc. The language of the story, despite its seeming simplicity, is very poetic and abounds with various artistic techniques.

At the end of the work the author speaks of selflesslove of your land. This idea can be traced throughout the story. The writer casually mentions natural riches, much more he describes the beauty of nature, the simple and kind disposition of local people. And always argues that it is much more valuable than a lot of peat or wood. Wealth is not only in resources, but in people, "Paustovsky says. The "Mescher side", the analysis of which is considered, is written on the author's actual observations.

The Ryazan region, in which the Meshcherskaya side is located, was not the native land of Paustovsky. But the warmth and extraordinary feelings that he felt here make the writer a real son of this land.

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