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Fans of the sitcom "Give youth" do not needExplain who Angelica Kashirina is. Biography of the actress today is of interest to many. Do you want to know where she was born and studied? This and other information about the popular actress is contained in the article.

Angelica Kashirina Biography

Brief biography of Angelica Kashirina

The famous actress was born on January 241986 in the Bashkir city of Salavat. Her parents are doctors. At first they hoped that in the future the daughter would continue their business. But already at an early age, Angelica began to demonstrate acting skills. She arranged home plays and concerts. And at 6 years of age parodyed Michael Jackson.

At school, our heroine studied well. She also visited various circles, which provided her with a comprehensive development. In the senior classes Kashirin got carried away by basketball.

New life

Many teenage girls dreamed of a brilliantmovie career. Angelica Kashirina was no exception. Her biography as an actress began after her move to Moscow. A talented girl easily entered the GITIS. After 5 years, she was awarded a diploma of graduation.

Biography of Angelika Kashirina

Carier start

Where did the graduate of GITIS Angelica go to work?Kashirin? The biography of the actress indicates that she participated in numerous castings and screen tests. In the period from 2007 to 2010, she managed to appear in 13 TV projects, among them "Stepmother", "Adult Games", "My Fair Nanny-2" and others.

In 2008, Angelica received a proposalto participate in the musical "Promises, Promises". The girl agreed. At one of the performances she was noticed by the famous choreographer Yegor Druzhinin. Soon Kashirin starred in his film-musical "First Love".

In the creative piggy bank of our heroine there are also successful theatrical works. She performed the role of Vicky Smith in the play "Lucky Smith", directed by director Alexei Kiryushchenko.


Despite the successes in musicals and theater, Angelicacontinued to dream of a TV career. And soon luck to her smiled. In 2009, the channel "STS" arranged a casting for the project "Give the Youth". Kashirina went there. She managed to make the strict selection committee laugh. Professionals highly appreciated the resourcefulness and sense of humor of the girl. As a result, it was approved in the draft.

Continuation of career

Sitcom "Give the youth" brought our heroineAll-Russia fame. Participation in this project has become a kind of springboard in the development of film career. Kashirina participated in the show "One for all". There she played the role of Anna's student.

In the period from 2011 to 2014. Angelica starred in several TV series and feature films. Her roles were not the main, but they were remembered by the audience. In March 2014, the comedy series "Angelica" appeared on the screens. In it, the actress was able to fully reveal her talent. In the series, she tried on two images at once: a fat student and a slender beauty.


Now you know where she was born and studied, and also in which pictures Angelica Kashirina was shot. Biography actress indicates that we are a hardworking and purposeful person.

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